How to shop for clothes on a tight budget?

I love to shop for new clothes for my closet. The feeling of getting a new cloth or accessory is inexplainable for me. So, I can’t wait to wear it or style it. However, shopping for clothes cost money. So, I have learnt several ways to shop for clothes even on a tight budget. Here are my top 5 tips on how to shop for clothes on a tight budget. These tips will come in handy if you need revamp your closet on a budget. Also, if you need shop for new clothes for yourself for several reasons. It could be due to seasonal changes ( Autumn/Winter/Summer shopping) or body changes ( weight gain or loss). This year I lose a few pounds and most of my clothes do not fit as much. So, I had shop for new clothes too even on tight budget.

Shop for what need

One of the best ways on how to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop for only what you need. It is impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing new trends to jump on. The sad thing about shopping trends is that they are volatile.

What is on trend this season may go out of trend in no time. So, it is just advisable to only what for clothes you actually need. Also, you can go through your closet for pieces you can style in your closet. You can also read my post style hacks you need to know in 2021. If you must shop, check your closet for what you really need to shop.

So, if you are shopping you already have an idea of you need to shop. For example, you need more bottoms for you tops, shop that instead shopping random clothe for your closet.

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Buy cheap clothes online

Another way on how to shop for clothes on a tight budget is to buy cheap clothes online. One way to do is to shop sales sections instead of paying full price. Where can I buy cheap clothes online? You can shop the 5 dollar store for trendy pieces for your closet on a budget.

These types of stores offers trendy and classic pieces on a budget. So, if you need to stock up your closet on a budget. Shop for cheap clothes online. This will help you save on shopping as well shop on a tight budget.

This option is also perfect for shopping seasonal fashion pieces too. So, if you need to refresh your closet or add new pieces on a tight budget, buy cheap clothes online.

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Shop off season

One way to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop off season. Start shopping for summer clothes during winter. So many brands are either offering sales or doing clearance for these clothes. So, they sell them cheaper unlike during peak season.

Summer is that time that we go on holiday. So you will definitely need to shop sexy swimsuits for women for your closet. Who doesn’t love to show off their beach body? To save on these swimwear, shop them during winter or Autumn. You will get to shop it cheaper unlike during summer.

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Go thrift shopping

I love to shop for thrift clothes. Another easy way to shop for clothes on a budget is to shop for thrift clothes. They are very affordable. Also, you can score name brands or high street fashion brands from thrift stores. It is one easy way on how to be fashionable on a low budget.

However, to shop thrift you need to pay attention to the clothes. Check very well for any fault or stains. Although some of the stains may be easily fixed. Like broken zips, loose seams etc. However, some of the fault may be too bad to fix. You can also read my ultimate guide to thrift shopping.

Shop more Basics

Basics are a must have for closet. Unlike Trendy pieces, they serve you for long time. So, shop on a tight budget, opt for more basics than trendy clothes.

You need basic likes tank tops, body suit, T-shirt, denim pants or shorts, etc. in your closet. These basics makes it super easy to dress up daily. So, you need more basics that can you longer in your closet than trendy clothes. Also, shopping basics help you reduce your need to constantly shop for clothes. So, if you are constantly on a tight budget, opt to shop for more basics for your closet.

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