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Top 10 Best online stores for fashion on a budget

Like of most of us ladies out there, I love to shop. So, I am always looking out for trendy pieces to snag for my closet. If you follow trends like I do, fast fashion brands are constantly churning out trendy pieces we all want. However, constant shopping means more money out of your savings. If one is doesn’t pay attention to this, it can go overboard. So, if you want to shop much without cleaning out your balance, read my post on how to develop guilt free spending habit. Anyways, in all my shopping, I love to shop on budget. I prefer to shop for my closet online mostly. This is because I don’t like the hassle. Here are a list of my top 10 best online stores for fashion on a budget.


One of the most affordable online website you need to know is shein. This brand offers a lot of trendy pieces on a budget. Asides trendy pieces, you can also shop for designer dupes from big brands like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton etc. You can also read my post on other places you can shop for designer dupes.

Shein is the first fashion brand for women that I shopped from. I love the trendy pieces I bought from them. There website is very easy to navigate.

They cater to women fashion, men, kids and home needs. I love their women fashion section. You can shop for accessories, dresses, beach wear, tops and sets. They also very affordable too. You can get fashion pieces for as low as under $10.

Shein also has a plus-size section you can shop from. So, if you’re looking for an online fashion site that is affordable and caters for all types of body types, shein got you.

Shein ships items world wide for fee. However, for orders above $49, it is shipped for free worldwide. You can read my review on my shopping experience on shein. Although Shein ships world wide, there are some fashion pieces that can only be shipped to selected countries like US , Canada or UK.

My designer dupes from shein does not ship directly to Nigeria. So, I had to ship it free to a US address before onward delivery to Nigeria. You can read my post on how to shop from US or UK and ship to Nigeria with ease.

Designer dupe bags from shein


Etsy store is another online fashion store you need to know. This store is a large marketplace just like Amazon or Aliexpress. They offer products for fashion for all categories women, men, children etc.

I love to Etsy store for it’s personalized products like paintings, home wares and customized jewelry. I love my name necklace that I bought from a seller on Etsy store.

The customer service was great. Even when my parcel was shipped wrongly, the seller sent another necklace to me.

Etsy store shipped worldwide. So, for Nigeria, you will receive your order at the nearest post office. You can also read my review on my necklace.

Top 10 best online stores for fashion-Name necklace Etsy store
Name necklace “Maggie” from Etsy


Chicme is an online retailer for women’s fashion. You can shop for trendy women clothing’s, accessories, and beachwear. I love their print collections as they are so beautiful. If you’re looking to add trendy prints to your closet, shop from Chicme.

They cater to women’s fashion for all sizes. So, if you’re on the curvy side, check out their curvy section. One of my go-to knit outfit I got from chicme store. I love it so much that I wear it a lot.

The customer service of this brand is great. They respond promptly to queries. Also, they ship for free for orders above $89 worldwide.

You can also look for their sales, coupons, holiday deals to save on your shopping. Some of these deals are seasonal too. Currently, there are deals for spring outfits. So, if you are looking to shop for your spring /summer closet while saving some money, head over to Chicme.

In as much as they cater to women’s fashion needs, you can only shop causal or party looks from this brand. So, if you want to shop for your office outfits, Chicme is not for you.

Top 10 Best online stores for fashion- Chicme
Dress from Chicme

Yoins (Your inspiration)

Yoins is an online fashion brand you can shop on a budget. Their website is easy to navigate and made into sections. They cater to the fashion needs of men, women, and curvy women.

If you’re looking to shop for your everyday fashion needs, shop from yoins. I love their stylish fashion heels. However, the heels were not true to size. One of the heels was wobbly on my legs. There was no balance at all. (I love heels but this was worst).

A tip for shopping their heels is to read reviews of other shoppers. Also, ensure that you understand the size chart (EU or US) before you purchase.

However, their clothes are true to size for me. I am a petite woman (size 6) and I don’t have issues with their outfit. So, if you’re looking to shop for everyday outfit on a budget, shop from Yoins.

Pretty little thing

If you are looking for the latest trendy pieces for fashion girl, pretty little thing is your go-to. This brand caters solely to women of all sizes. You can shop for clothes, activewear, swimwear, accessories, co-ord sets and jewelry. Also, they sell self-care products to maintain to glow as a woman.

I love this fashion brand as my go-to for the latest fashion pieces. Although I am yet to write my review of my purchase, I am impressed by the quality on a budget.

I love the dupe heels that I bought from this brand. The heels is a pair of strap heels in pastel blue color. I love that I can wear it for work or casual outings. So, if you’re looking to add some heels to your closet, I would recommend pretty little things.

Also, I bought an anklet from this brand. It is a gold and unique anklet. I love it so much that I wear it as an anklet or bracelet. (It all depends on my mood).

My only issue with shopping with this brand is that they don’t ship worldwide. So, if you are in some parts of Africa, Nigeria inclusive, you have to ship to the US or UK first. Overall, I love the trendy vibes of their fashion outfits and accessories.

Ego shoes

Another brand on my top 10 best online stores for fashion is Ego shoes. I just got to know this grand late last year after watching some YouTube videos about them.

This brand offers affordable designer dupes for accessories like shoes, bags, glasses of a lot of bane brands. With them, I don’t have to worry that I can’t afford designers yet. Who doesn’t want the real deal?

Anyways, I love this Uk brand for the affordable designer dupes. I have shopped a bag from them and I am waiting to see how it looks. (Excited! Watch out for the review)

They ship worldwide for a fee and offers free shipping for orders above $99.

Forever 21

I have always wanted to shop from Forever 21 since forever. (Lol- finally did). It is an affordable online fashion brand that you need to know. They sellclothingss and accessories for women and men of all sizes.

If you’re looking to shop outfits for your wardrobe to last, shop forever 21. I love to shop this brand for basic for my closet. You can shop for both casual and work outfits from this brand. I love their outerwear options you can easily use to layer your outfit. I hope to snatch a shaket soon from this brand.

Forever 21 also does not ship worldwide. So, for those of you in Africa, you can ship to other countries before your own country.

Yes style

Yes style is an Asian online fashion brand you need to know. I love this brand because they offer affordable pieces for all categories. You can shop for men, women, and children for clothes, accessories, and beauty products.

To get an extra discount on your purchase asides those on the site, you can use my code: STYLEZ20 to get 5% off. This code will not cost you, it is just to save you some money while shopping on their site.

You can shop for your everyday outfits from yes style. I also love their backpack collections with unique designs. However, before you shop any item from their website, please read reviews of other shoppers. This because there are several vendors on their website so you need to ensure you get the best items.

Also, if you can shop self-care products and other lifestyle products from Yesstyle. All you need to do is to go to that section of the website to get what you need.

Yesstyle does not ship worldwide. However, you get free express shipping to United State for orders above $49.


Meshki is another online fashion brand you need to know. It is an affordable luxury brand that sells women’s clothing only. You can shop for casual dresses, sets, loungewear, party outfits, and classy robes on a budget.

Meshki is your go-to brand if you want to a taste of luxury on a budget. I am in love with the current 90’s campaign featuring thigh-high slit dresses, halter neck, etc.


Another online fashion brand for women to shop on a budget is missguided. It is one of the brands that I check out for trendy fashion pieces for my closet. Also, they are quite affordable too.

You can shop for your everyday look from this brand. I love the structured blazer options of this brand. They make me want to spend all my money.

Missguided is solely a women’s fashion brand. They sell clothing, accessories and beauty products for women.

I love this brand because they also have so many discount codes for their shoppers. So, you can save while you shop. Also, they offer discount codes for student shoppers too.

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  1. This is a great post. I didn’t know of some shops but i’ll try. Meanwhile, i can agree with you that Shein is my number one when it comes to fashion and budgeting.

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