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Personalized name Jewelry shopping guide || Etsy store


A major fashion need that people pay less attention to is jewelry. It is so easy to put a stylish look together without wearing Jewelry. I also fall into this category sometimes. We all know that it is not every day that we feel like dressing to impress. Personalized name jewelry is one fashion trend that you need in your fashion collection. You can treat yourself, boo, friend, or buddies to this type of jewelry. There are several types you can add to your collection from necklaces, rings, & bracelets. So, if you are looking to hop on this trend, here is a simple guide on shopping for your personalized jewelry.


What is a personalized jewelry?

Personalized jewelry is that which has a special meaning to the recipient. It can be their name, initials, name of someone dear, or a lover. This type of jewelry is very popular and a trend for 2020.

So, if you’re looking to get something special that will resonate with your recipient. Gift them personalized jewelry. However, before shopping for such jewelry for anyone. You need to know them and what will resonate with them. For example, if I want to shop for a name necklace for a bestie, I need to know what name she would like. So, I can opt for her name or that of a loved one to be made on the jewelry.

How to wear a personalized jewelry?

It is not uncommon for women to jewelry than men. However, personalized jewelry can be is unisex. You can gift it to both men or women. Also, children can wear this type of jewelry. So, you can give your child or your friends and family members children this type of jewelry.

There are several options you can choose for personalized jewelry. It can be gold ( rose gold or white gold), silver, or gold plated. I prefer gold plated jewelry. You can choose name jewelry, bar jewelry with name engravings, or simply monogram (Initials of the name)

Personalized jewelry can be worn on different occasions. You can wear it for work or a casual outing. Also, you can wear it for a dinner date or night out with friends.


Personalized name necklace I love because I can layer them with other necklaces. To get the best out of layering my necklaces, I layer necklaces of the same color. Also, you can layer a thin name necklace with a chain-link necklace for an edgy look.

Asides from necklaces you also layer your personalized name bracelets with your wristwatch. Also, you can layer your name bracelet with other bracelets for a chic look.

Where to shop

There are so many jewelry stores online and in store, you can shop for personalized jewelry. All you have to do to order is add your preferred name or choice in your cart.

The jeweler will make it your taste. I love the fact you can play with different font styles for your jewelry. Also, you can choose to shop for engraving writings on your jewelry.

One of the best places to shop for personalized jewelry is Etsy. Etsy is an online fashion and lifestyle retailer that hosts a loss of vendors. Also, the jewelry is very affordable between $25- 150 dollars. It depends on the value of the gold or karat or details requested for your jewelry.

Etsy online brand is easy to navigate to shop your own jewelry. All you have to do is to type into the search box “Name jewelry or personalized jewelry”. Also, you can search with more specific terms like ” name necklace or monogram bracelets”. You can shop for any jewelry of your choice by adding to cart. At check out, you need to provide the name or letter of your choice.

I love to shop for personalized jewelry from Etsy shop. Although my recent jewelry was stalled due to the pandemic. It still came in good time. Also, I will be sharing my experience shopping my name necklace and the brand.


Name necklace review || Etsy shop

I love to hop on trends that are timeless like name jewelry. Although, it not advisable to shop trends because they fizzle out fast. I shop my personalized name necklace on etsy from MyPictureNecklace brand. This brand sells hand crafted jewelry to meet your needs.

There was an hitch in my purchase. My order was shipped to the wrong country. However, after reaching out to the seller. He offered to give me a refund or re-send the jewelry. I love this seller because his customer service is great. Response time is also fine within 1 working day.

I opted for the second option. My jewelry arrive within two weeks at the nearest post office. I love my name necklace because it is so easy to style. You can wear name necklace for casual outing, a date, to work or to the beach. Luckily, the black Friday deals are rolling out this month of November. So, you can take advantage of the black Friday deals to your own personalized name jewelry. Also, you can read my post of where to shop the best black friday deals in 2020 for your fashion needs.

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