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How to create a work from home office setup on a budget

work from home office setup ideas

As a fashion blogger, working from my bed is so tiring. So, I needed to create a work from home office setup to make it easier. Plus, I also need to create additional work from home essentials for photography too.

You need a home office to help boost your productivity. Because working from home comes with so many distractions. Here are some of my best productivity tips to help enjoy working from home. This will also help you work better and deliver on your results.

Setting up a home office doesn’t need to be super expensive. How do I set up a work office at home on a budget? Also, how can you maximize your small space to create a work from home office setup?

Below are what you need to create a work from home office setup on a budget. Also, if you’re a full-time freelancer or your job is mostly done at home, click here for work from home outfit ideas for women.

Work from home office setup essentials

Mobile phone

There is hardly anyone without a mobile device these days. So, one of the first things you need is a mobile phone with good camera quality. The camera quality of your mobile device will determine the quality of the pictures.

I once used an android mobile phone with bad camera quality. All the pictures always come out blurry or not great. (both indoor and outdoor shots). I also opted to edit the pictures to make them better. However, the quality remained the same notwithstanding.***sighs**.

So, to set up your home studio, get a mobile phone that takes quality shots. You can opt for an iPhone or Android with great pixels. For my pictures, I use Samsung A50, 2020 model. I love the outcome of my shots and videos on this mobile phone device.

work from home office setup

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Natural Light

Natural light is one of the cheapest ways to get lighting for your photograph. For a great picture, you need light. However, getting a studio light and its other accessories is not cheap. So, for your home studio, opt for natural light. You don’t have to pay for it you know.

The room you want to use for the studio must have access to natural light that seeps in. So, you need a room with that at least two windows to allow light in. To take advantage of natural light, I take my pictures around noon to 4 pm. If I miss this time, I put off taking pictures till the next day.

Wall paper/ Background paper

The background of your pictures adds to the quality of it. You don’t want to take pictures at home with a messy background. I hate the color of my room wall painting. The color makes most of my at-home pictures turn out bad. So, I opted to cover up a section with a stylish background paper.

Since then, my content creation is going perfectly. So, for a good picture or video, get wallpaper for your room. Another affordable way is to simply paint your home studio room wall white. White makes every picture pop.

You can also opt for a vinyl white background paper or waterproof background paper. This you can use for product photography or use a background stand to hold it for portrait pictures.

You can get photography background paper from Amazon, Ali-express, or Jumia. I’ll link below an affordable background paper you can shop for your home studio.

best home office setup 2022

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Mobile phone Tripod

One of the challenges I faced as a content creator is taking pictures. I rarely have anyone to take pictures of me. However, to solve this problem, I opted for a mobile phone tripod stand.

I use to think that only cameras need a tripod stand. However, there are portable tripod stands you can use for your mobile phone device. If you’re your own photographer, opt for Tripods with Bluetooth remote control. This makes it easy to take shots using a remote instead of using your phone timer.

You can get tripod stands that are tall enough or short for desks. Mobile phone stands are affordable.

best home office setup for productivity

Click here to buy a mobile phone tripod stand

Photography Props

Another thing you need for your home studio to start running is photography props. Photo props add some style and creativity to your pictures. At home, you can add plants to your flat lays or to your wall background.

Also, you can opt for simple props like vintage games (board games), cards, crafty handbags (like rattan bags or statement bags), or hats. You can literally do anything as a prop for your photography even books. Get creative and have taking great pictures from the comfort of your home with props.

You can shop for photography props from the Lekki arts and craft market. Also, you can for props for your local market or online at Ali-express or Amazon.

Ring Light

Another most important work from home office setup essential for content creators is a ring light. Although, natural light is the cheapest option. However, for indoor pictures or videos, you need a ring light.

My ring light makes it easy for me to take clearer pictures indoors. Plus as a YouTuber, you need a ring light for video recording and for thumbnail pictures.

Kindly subscribe to my youtube channel for fashion try-on hauls, travel, and other lifestyle content.

best home office set up

Click here to buy similar 18inches ring light

Work desk and chair

An important work from home setup you need irrespective of the space you have is a work desk and chair. My productivity is now better since I have a desk and chair.

So, if you’re a freelancer or content creator, you need a work desk and chair to make your work easier. I recently got one of the best work from home desks and chairs from Jumia. It is so cool and aesthetically beautiful. The desk space is quite big.

You can fit in your desk plant, your laptop, planner, and a coffee mug.

best work from home desk

Click here to buy a foldable home office desk and chair.

A planner or analog board

Another work from home office setup essential is a planner or analog board. Personally, I love to use planners to jot my blog post and vlog ideas.

I also use my planners to put my thought together before writing a blog post or doing a video. So, you need a planner in your home office to help you with your productivity.


Before I started using a laptop, I use my mobile phone for blogging and writing. You need not get a laptop for you to work from home.

However, a laptop gives you a wider screen to work with, Also, it makes your work easier to do. I use an HP laptop for my work. It has most of the features that you require to work from home. Also, it is easy to get software that is compatible with this type of laptop to make my work easier.

Internet Connection with High Speed

As a blogger, I need high-speed internet connectivity to publish my blog post and upload youtube videos, TikTok, or Instagram reels.

Mobile data is slower as compared to Wifi or Wi-Fi. You need a great internet connection for work from a home office.

Most of my colleagues in my day job work from home at least 3 times a week. A slow network is super frustrating to work with. I use MTN wifi for my internet connection. It is super fast.

work from hoem office setup essentials

Click here to buy similar MTN wifi for your home office setup.

Indoor plants or flowers

Another work from home office setup must have are indoor plants. Your home office needs some beautiful interior decoration touch-ups.

I love to add desk plants to my office. You can also opt for indoor plants you can place beside your desk or just anywhere in your home office.

As a fashion blogger, you need these nice plants to add as props for your pictures. Also, to make your home office aesthetically pleasing. So, if you need home office setup ideas on a budget, these essentials will come in handy.

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