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10 work from home essentials you can’t do without

Do you have the essentials that make working from home enjoyable? What products do you need to work from home? Here are the best work from home essentials you can’t do without. These essentials will keep you motivated and boost your productivity while working from home.

Working from home has become the new flex of the day. Many friends quit their jobs because they are looking for remote work. There is so many work from home jobs out there like blogging, freelancing, social media management, etc. But, of course, you can’t blame them; the pandemic introduced us to the work-from-home system. And seeing that it can work, many people have gravitated toward it. 

But is working from home really all glitz and glamor? 

I always tell people that the best way to enjoy working from home is when they have certain essentials. These tools would make working from home more enjoyable. Aside from my day job, I also work from home on weekends. These work from home essentials makes it easy to balance blogging with my day job effortlessly.

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Best Work from home essentials

If you work from home, you will agree with me that these work from home essentials for your home office is priceless. They make working from home easy. Your productivity will be on the high as you deliver on your task whether as a freelancer or a remote worker.

1. Speakers

Nothing beats playing good music at your home. Unfortunately, working from home means you do not get to interact physically with your colleagues. And this gets boring. However, working with music would let your flow with the work. You would even lose track of time as you work. 

I always advise everyone to have a work playlist. It makes you get into the work mood. Having a speaker enables you not to have the music directly in your ears. Instead, it serves as background noise that keeps you company as you work. 

Even if you have to move from your workspace to your kitchen, you have something that keeps the ambiance high. 

2. Powerbank

Now, you may be making a face about this essential. But can you always depend on having an uninterrupted power supply? There is always a need for a backup, and that’s where a power bank comes to play. 

I’m not talking about the regular power bank. Instead, I’m talking about those heavy power banks that can power your laptops. For example, you can get a 120,000 MAH power bank. 

I’m sure you want to avoid a situation where you’re missing meetings and stand-ups because your laptop battery is dead. You would seem unserious when you begin to give such excuses. With your power bank, you’re good to go. 

3. Fast internet or WIFI

Another of the work from home essentials that should be the first on the list is a fast internet connection. Without the internet, working from home isn’t possible in any way. All the zoom calls, responses to emails, and Google Meet are engineered and powered by the internet. 

So, you should look for a trusted internet provider and get their wifi or install their internet in your house. I’m not here to recommend any internet service provider as that would be based on your preference. However, it would be best to do due diligence before picking any internet service provider. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose one that has unstable internet and gives you heart attacks. 

4. Blue Light Glasses

So, you would almost always be in front of your screens, from your laptop to your desktop to your phone, etc. It is impossible not to stare at your screen always when you work from home. Therefore, it would be fitting to get blue light glasses. 

These glasses help to protect your eyes from blue light rays. The fact that you work from home doesn’t mean that you should destroy your eyes. Even when you meet an optician, they’d always say you should protect your eyes when working with computers. 

Working from home is good. But I don’t want to hear that anyone has eye issues because of it. 

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5. Sticky Notes

Another of the work from home essentials you need is sticky needs. Some people get carried away with the fact that they work from home. Thus, they become distracted and forgetful. It would harm your work and may even cost you the job. But you can avoid this from happening when you have sticky notes. 

These sticky notes serve as physical reminders of your to-dos. So, when you have them in your workspace, you can always look at them and know what to do that day. 

I sometimes find myself constantly playing with my sticky notes when I need to take a break. So, you can see that they serve dual purposes. 

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6. Adjustable Standing Desk

By now, most of us know that a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for trouble. Staying inactive puts you at risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Yet, for as long as we can remember, we’ve been told to maintain an active lifestyle. An adjustable standing desk is another of the work from home essentials you can’t do without.

When you work an office job requiring you to stare at a laptop screen all day, this may seem impossible. With an adjustable standing desk, this can be avoided. In addition, the desk is designed to allow you to work while on your feet. 

Health benefits associated with standing include strengthened leg muscles and a reduced formation of blood clots; remember, health is wealth.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones/Earphones

You may not be fortunate to live in an area where you can enjoy peace and quiet regularly, or maybe you live with noisy people. Understandably, being around a lot of noise can wreak havoc on your focus and affect your productivity. 

One way to get around this is to purchase noise-canceling headphones or earphones, whatever you are comfortable with. With these, you can block out all distractions and enjoy music while you get work done. It’sIt’s a win from every angle.

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8. Laptop Desk

Houses with ample room space are often expensive except in remote areas. Most work-from-home stations involve at least a desk and chair; what happens when your home is enough to accommodate this?

Laptop desks are portable desks that can be set on your lap. With one, you can fit your laptop and phone. Of course, the bigger the desk, the more you can fit on it. The great thing about these is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your living space is. If you can fit, it will too.

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9. Desk Organizer

Desk organizers are a must-have of the work from home essentials for people who tend to have a lot of items on their work desks. However, when in a cluttered room, it is difficult to find anything, and it could slow you down. 

The same thing happens with a cluttered work desk; you find it hard to locate that important document or even your pen. Using a desk organizer makes it easier to access anything you need when you need it. 

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10. External Hard-Drive

When you work from home, many files and documents are stored electronically. You may already save these files on a cloud-like One Drive or Dropbox. However, there is no harm in having a backup.

Imagine needing to access an important document online, but you can’t because you have no internet or their server is down. With an external hard drive, you only need a USB cord to access your documents whenever you want. 

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Now that you have your work from home essentials settled. You need to also dress for success. One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to dress for lounging while working from home. It makes you feel quite lazy especially if you work in pyjamas. So, to boost your productivity while working from home, dress for work with these work from home outfit ideas.

Feel free to comment on other work from essentials or accessories you use. Let’s learn together.

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