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Best Travel resources

I love to travel and explore the world. So, I have decided to share my tested and tried travel resources for you guys. Here are the best travel resources that I used to plan my trip.

These travel resources details tools , travel apps or websites that I use. I will cover options to book the cheapest hotel deals and save on accommodation. Also, I will share my best travel resources for budget friendly flight ticket options. You can also check out my post on how to find the cheapest flight tickets to anywhere in the world.

Travelling solo can be a little boring. As you may have to experience places alone or have no idea of places to explore around you. So, I will be recommending the best tour groups to help you explore the world. Whether you’re a budget traveler or enjoy luxury travel.

So, lets dive into these travel resources.

Best travel resources: Solo or group travel

I have experienced the both of these world. Which do you prefer, Solo travel or group travel? Solo travel is my go to as an introvert. I love me an alone time. However, I have dabbled into group travel and I find them to be fun. Below are my best travel resources to make your trip exciting, budget friendly and fun.

How to find cheapest flight tickets for your travel?

We all know with the world inflation, flight ticket prices are on the high. That is not to say that you cannot score cheap flight tickets for your travels. One of my best travel resources to book affordable flight tickets is

This is a search that curates the available flights from the cheapest to the highest price. You can sort based on direct flight, round trip or cheapest flight ticket. I highly recommend for scoring the cheapest flight deals there is.

How to find the best hotels that are budget friendly?

One of the most expensive thing to plan my trip is typically hotels. I have high taste, so I don’t like to stay at shabby hotels. The best travel resource for booking the budget friendly luxury hotels is

I highly recommend you use trivago to find your hotels whether it a trip to Africa, Europe or Asia. is to my go to. I love their robust options. Click here to book your hotels on

Whenever, I feeling frugal or want to cut cost on hotels, I opt for hotel alternatives. My favorite hotel alternative I highly recommend are hostels. You get to enjoy a community, have fun and stay at your destination for way cheaper. Hostels are my go to options to use as a solo traveler. Here you get to walk in community, make new friends and keeps you safe.

One of my favorite travel resources to book hostel is Hostel world. This website host a lot of hostel options around the world whether for your trip to Africa, Asia or Europe. You ae covered. Also it is very cost effective too. Click here to book your stay on HOSTEL WORLD.

You need travel insurance

Many of us travelers always ditch travel insurance while travelling. Travel insurance is a must have travel essential you need before you embark on your trip. Insurance is very important incase of eventualities.

There are stories of people losing their luggage’s, Falling ill or any other incident may occur. You need to put insurance in place for your travels. There are so many advantages of having travel insurance in place, Click here to learn more.

One of my favorite travel insurance to use is Insubuy. Insubuy offers the best available insurance policies not just for travelers. It is perfect for international students, exchange visitors, travels within and outside USA. Their robust insurance policy makes them the best in the market. Click here to sign up for Insubuy travel insurance.

Save on travel and Earn Cash back with WayAway

What about an all inclusive travel option? WayAway is my favorite tool to plan my trip Effortlessly. The fun part is you get to earn cash back on your travels whether on hotels, flight tickets or Airport transfers etc. When you sign up for WayAway membership for just $49, you get to enjoy the below.

Cash back rates on Flight tickets, hotels, hostels, airport transfers, tour experiences among others.

  • Flight tickets up to 5%
  • Hostel World up to 6%
  • Airalo up to 12%
  • GetYourGuide: 8%
  • Kiwi 10%

So, If you’re yet to sign for WayAway membership, what are you doing? Enjoy the best travel deals while earning money doing what you love. Click here to sign up for WayAway membership.

Language barrier can be a bummer but Google translate is a must have

Girl, you need to be prepared for Language barrier if you are visiting a place that doesn’t speak English. English is a universal language for most countries. So many of us English speaking travelers may struggle in countries that don’t speak English Language.

My first international trip was to the republic of Benin and Girl it was hard. Some of the locals can’t speak English at all. So, I read a blog that the traveler used google translate, applied it and it worked like magic.

All i did was to write what I need in English and play it in French. This helped with my room booking and commuting too. So if you’d be traveling to ASIA, India, Germany among others, you need google translate. This is the best travel resource ever.

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