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Always Ditching Travel insurance? These 5 reasons will convince you otherwise

Have you been thinking of where to visit for your next trip? Probably, you’re already making plans with your friends on the trip for the summer. Never knew the importance of getting travel insurance until I had a bad experience.

Have you ever lost your luggage in transit? Also, have you been a victim of theft? Travel insurance’s importance cannot be overemphasized. Stop ditching travel insurance as you plan your trip. You never know, life has so many uncertainties.

This has been the situation between me and my friends for some weeks now. The talk of getting travel insurance keeps coming up as we make plans for the trip and I’ve been singing its importance in their ears. 

Understandably, the concept of travel insurance doesn’t have so much rave in our home country. However, it is really important to always think of getting travel insurance while planning your trip

Budget friendly travel insurance

Why do you need travel insurance?

Wondering why you need travel insurance? Here are some reasons:


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Lost bags

Have you ever been in a situation where an airline lost your bags? While I’ve never had this experience, I’m been in many situations where the airline forgot my bags or took the bags to another location. 

You can imagine how frustrated I must have felt in such situations. One minute, I’m excited about my trip, the next minute I can’t find my bags and everything goes south. I am stranded and begin to spend extra money on clothing and other essentials that were in my bag. 

I was a victim of this situation twice before I learned about getting travel insurance. With travel insurance, you do not need to feel so much loss when your bags are lost or forgotten. This insurance will cover the amount you need to spend on getting new essentials and would also cover the loss you’ve incurred from the lost, forgotten, or misplaced bags. 

Of course, no one hopes for airlines to misplace or forget their bags. However, these are some unforeseen circumstances that could happen when traveling. Hence, you need to have travel insurance. 

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Flight delays

If I’m to do a headcount, I’m sure you know someone who has been a victim of flight delays, or you may have even been a victim. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had my flights delayed and how I’ve had to spend long hours at the airport, especially when it concerns local flights.

I’ve also had people talk about flight delays with international travel. One of my friends was excited to share how her travel insurance came in handy the day she had a flight delay. For her, her insurance covered the amount she spent on food while she had to wait for her flight. 

These flight delays may also lead to you missing a connecting flight. In such a case, travel insurance would also come in handy as you it gets to cover all new expenses that you would incur. 

Trust me, you’ll be in a sour mood if you have to go through such an experience without travel insurance. 

Medical emergencies

It was interesting to know that travel insurance can also cover medical emergencies while in a new country. Whenever I travel, I’m also praying not to have any reason to visit the hospital or have a medical emergency. Being that I’m in a new city, the environment is unfamiliar, and I know that I would spend more on medicals. 

I remember when one of my friends traveled and fainted while on a tour. She had taken something that didn’t sit well with her body system and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, she had travel insurance and it covered her medical bills. 

When I saw the amount she had to pay, I was thankful she had travel insurance as it would have taken a hit on her bank account at the moment. Medical emergencies can spring out from the blues. Therefore, you need to be prepared to combat it if it happens. 

Hotel extension

It’s easy to say that you’ve planned your trips; you’re leaving on a specific date and you’re sure to be back on a certain date. But from experience, I can tell you that situations can arise that would need you to extend your hotel stay. 

It could be that you’re feeling unwell and a medical expert has said you shouldn’t move when you intend to travel. You’re advised to rest for some days before you embark on your journey. Of course, you would need to extend your hotel stay. 

Another reason could be that your flight was delayed or canceled and you need a place to sleep pending when your flight would move or the issue would be sorted. So, you need to extend your hotel stay. 

These are unplanned scenarios and you did not fit them into your travel budget. You would start panicking if you do not have travel insurance. But those with travel insurance would be more relaxed as they know that they are covered. 

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Flight cancellation

Flight cancellations are more common than you can imagine with thoughtful reasons. Often, a flight gets canceled due to weather conditions. When the airline sees that the weather isn’t friendly, they will cancel the flight instead of risking the lives of passengers. In such a case, we can all agree that the right thing to do was to cancel the flight. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the passengers wouldn’t be negatively affected in one way or the other. When your flight is canceled, you’ll need to look for where to stay, buy food, moving personal itinerary, etc. Your pocket would have to pay for all these if you do not have travel insurance. 

Some airlines may be nice enough to do something on their part. However, it would be best to have flight insurance that bears most of the burden or you wouldn’t like the receiving end. 

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Passport loss

The trauma that comes with losing your passport is one that can be so draining. It is even worse when you lose your passport in a foreign country. When this happens, you will encounter delays and it can put a huge dent in your pockets. 

Now, if you have travel insurance, it can assist you with the cost of getting a new passport. This way, you do not need to deal with the stress and trauma of getting a new passport from your pocket in a foreign country. 

For your peace of mind, you need to have travel insurance while planning your trip. 

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  1. This was so useful to be reminded just how much travel insurance can cover (beyond medical emergencies). I think it is an essential part of travel, and as you said, it helps provide a bit of peace of mind and assistance if you ever need it.

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