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Best places to visit close to JJT park Lagos on a budget

When talking about parks in Lagos, JJT park is sure to come up in any conversation, especially as it is free to access. So it made sense to talk about best places to visit close to JJT park Lagos.

It is one of the most popular parks in Lagos, Nigeria, located in the heart of Ikeja. While this park is free to enter, they do not let you go in with anything breakable. 

Asides JJT park, there are other affordable options within and around. Whether you’re a local looking for new places to explore or a visitor wanting to experience the essence of Lagos without breaking the bank, I’ll be sharing some budget-friendly places near JJT park for you to explore. 

Best places to visit close to JJT park

Best places to visit close to JJT park Lagos

I have visited JJT more times than I count. This is my happy places plus it totally free to access. I even had a fun picnic at this park with my siblings. Click here to watch the vlog.


Popularly known as ICM, there is almost nothing you cannot find at this mall. If you are someone who loves to absorb the essence of scenery, I’ll say that this mall is a trekkable distance from JJT park. However, you can take a cab there if you do not want to break a sweat. 

This mall is also one of the largest malls in Lagos and is perfect for a budget-friendly outing. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of ICM, mainly because of the crowd. Even on weekdays, this place is always filled up. However, I am not surprised as it is affordable. 

It has numerous retail stores, a food court, and a cinema. It is an ideal place for shopping and leisure.


Well, this mall isn’t a trekkable distance from JJT park. However, it also isn’t so far away. If you would rather a mall with fewer people, this is the place to visit. 

Personally, I love the architectural structure of Maryland Mall as it gives off the vibe of a modern shopping destination. This mall offers a variety of shops, eateries, and entertainment options. It is an excellent spot for a casual day out, dining, or catching a movie. Even if you just want to feed your eyes and window shop, this mall is an excellent option.  

Kalakuta Museum

Many people do not know this, but this museum holds so much history and knowledge about the life of legendary Fela Kuti. It is safe to say that this is a museum to uphold his legacy. Furthermore, Fela’s tomb is next to the house, and the museum is managed by his son. 

It isn’t free to visit this place. However, the entrance fee is affordable. Kalakuta museum offers insight into Fela’s life, music, and activism.

Best places to visit close to JJT park Lagos

Ndubuisi Kanu Park

Just a few distance from JJT park is the Ndubuisi Kanu park, named after a former governor of Lagos state. This park serves as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although it is a public park, I love that it is always kept clean, all thanks to the Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency. 

The ambiance of this place is usually calm and peaceful. It is typically free to enter into this park if there is no event happening. The park has a lawn tennis court and basketball court as well. There are also snacks stands within the park for you to have something to much on. It is also a perfect location for picnics. 

Opebi Park

If you’re looking for another relaxing spot close to JJT park, you should try visiting Opebi park. It is also free to get into this park. Back then, my friends and I would often visit this place with books that we hoped to finish reading. 

It is a great place to unwind and build relationships with people. It is also a great spot to simply enjoy the outdoors. 

Alade Market 

I would often pass the signage to this market but I had never visited until people brought my attention to it. Yes, this market is the definition of affordable. 

Visiting this place gives you the opportunity of immersing yourself into the local market culture of the region. It is a fantastic place to shop for affordable clothing, accessories, and local produce. You are sure to leave this place with a bag full of items when you visit. 

Lagos Country Club

Yes, I know you might be giving me the side eye as country clubs would typically require a membership fee, and the same applies at Lagos country club. However, you can still get affordable day passes even as a non-member. If you are interested in sports and leisure, this is the right place to unwind. 

The Lagos country club has facilities like tennis courts, swimming pools, etc. It is also a great place for networking. 

The New Afrika Shrine

Is there anyone in Lagos who has not visited the new Afrika shrine? I always find it hard to believe when people say they have not been to this place due to its popularity. Even if you have not visited, I’m sure you must have heard about it.

This place is known for its live music and vibrant atmosphere. Entry is typically free or affordable when there are events there. At the New Afrika Shrine, you get to enjoy live performances and soak in the Afrobeat vibe. It is a great hangout spot. 

Ikeja Golf Club

Just like the Lagos Country Club, you can either decide to get a membership pass or affordable day passes as a non-member. Golf is a new hobby I picked up recently, and I would always want to create time to spend on a golf course. 

I can assure you that it is a very interesting sport that comes with an air of sophistication. Spending time at Ikeja Golf Club tends to be very relaxing. 

Bamboo Lounge

If you’re looking for a place with great ambiance and affordable meals that isn’t far from JJT park, this is the place to go. I remember stumbling upon their page on Instagram and saying that they have a beautiful space. Even when I visited this lounge in person, it wasn’t any different. 

I also love the sense of coziness I get when I visit this place. It is a great spot to relax and enjoy cuisines without having to break the bank. 

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