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5 Easy beach coverup outfit ideas you need to know

Beaches are my go-to place to unwind from the day-to-day stress. The cool breeze, the sandy bed, and the coconut water that I get to sip are what I love. However, for a beach outing, I need to dress for the occasion. There are so many outfit ideas for the beach in which bikinis are top on the list. However, not all of us want to show much skin at the beach. So, to be stylish and still wear bikinis, you need a beach coverup. Beach coverups are an easy way to dress modest while rocking your bikinis at the beach. You need not invest in a beach coverup outfit as some of your outfit in your closet can do the job. Here are 5 easy beach coverup outfit ideas you try out on a budget.



One of the easiest beach coverup you need to know is the Sarong. Sarong is as simple as using a scarf to coverup your waist down. All you need is a simple floral or silk scarf to tie on your waist. You can also read my post on how to wear scarves in 9 different ways.

You can wear sarong for both your bikini set or one piece swimwear. I love the sarong as it super easy. Also, it afordable. You can either use a large scarf you already own or buy a scarf from your local stores.

Button up shirt or Jackets

Another outfit you can style as a beach coverup is a button up shirt. This you can wear as an outer wear for your bikini or onesies for a modest beach look.

You can opt to use your over size shirt, borrow your boy friend’s shirts or denim jackets as a beach coverup. So, if you’re looking for a beach cover up on a budget, look no further than your closet.

You can shop for jackets or shirts from missguided. I will link my favourite shirt I have been loving from this brand.

Beach Coverup outfit ideas-  button up shirt


Kimono is another beach coverup outfit idea. It is a staple wardrobe outer wear essential you need. You can wear your Kimono as as an outer wear for your bikini set or one-piece swimwear. If you’re looking to shop for stylish swimwear for your closet this summer, shop from Zaful. Use my code exclusive code HJDW to get 17% off your order from Zaful. Also, for extra 15% off your cart use ZFSHOP. This brand offers stylish and affordable swimwear options for women of all sizes.

I love Kimonos. For a beach day out, I would recommend a kimono coverup with florals and breezy feel. This will instantly put you in the mood of vacation.


Crochet Dress

Crotchet outfit is a fashion trends that I love. It is top of my bucket list fashion outfit for this year. Back in high school days, I weave crochet to pass time at my mother’s store. I only use crotchet wools to make hand bags. Now I am loving the idea of crotchet outfits. There are so many options like bags, socks, bonnet, tops, shorts, dresses etc.

I love a mini crotchet dress as beach coverup idea. Crotchet dresses are stylish and gives more of beach vibes. You can wear a crotchet dress on your bikini set or one-piece swimwear. It gives a sexy peekaboo vibes to your look.

If you can make your own crochet dress, you can wear it as a beach coverup. However, if you can’t make crochet, there are brands you can shop from.

One of such brands is Mikun stitch. Mikun stitch is a black owned Nigerian brand that makes trendy crotchet outfits you can shop for your closet. You can check out her instagram handle @Mikunstitch to see other styles to shop. I love all the styles and you too will love them.

Crotchet Dress from Mikun stitch.

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