10 tips on how to plan the perfect last minute vacation

Every time makes a perfect time to go on a vacation. If you know me, you’ll know I can hop on a last minute vacation anywhere. It could be for leisure and could also be when I am stressed. Yes, I use vacations as my therapy sessions. 

My friends see me as a vacation expert and always come to me for ideas and tips when planning for a vacation. Likewise, they often ask me for advice on preparing for a last-minute vacation, last minute vacation deals, and packages. I’ll share some of these tips in this article. 

Sometimes, it could be that going on vacation wasn’t in your plan. But somehow, you’ve decided to go on one, and you need to know what to do when planning the vacation. 

Your vacation could be a road trip, or you’ll be traveling via air. If you’re planning for a road trip, check out my article on things not to forget

Now, check out some of the tips below to enjoy your last-minute vacation

Tips on planning the perfect last minute vacation

If you’re a first-time traveler, you’ll also need to know tips to ensure you do not encounter hitches. 

Below are some tips on planning a last-minute vacation:

Check your budget

How much do you spend during your vacation? It would be unreasonable to plan a holiday without a budget. And, the budget for your vacation shouldn’t be your survival funds. Instead, it should be spare funds that you can do without. 

Your vacation budget determines the location you will choose for the holiday. For example, you suddenly have free time from work and think you deserve a vacation. So, you want to plan a last-minute vacation but do not know where to visit. Your budget is what allows you to decide on such a case and seek out last minute trip deals. 

Knowing your vacation budget ensures that you do not choose a place you cannot afford or make plans that exceed the available funds. Therefore, one of the top things you need to do is to create a budget when planning for a last-time vacation.

Now that you have a budget, the next step is to figure out how to get the funds for your travel. It could be from savings you’ve had. This is super useful when you’re planning a trip. Click here for other ways to save money for travel easily.

Are last minute vacations cheaper?

Read travel reviews

So, you have checked your budget and picked a place for your vacation. Maybe you’ve found the best last minute packages or deals. But, are you sure that the area is worth visiting?

I once visited a region that wasn’t fun and regretted it throughout the trip. After that event, I vowed never to waste my money visiting a place without doing due diligence. Thus, I advocate that anyone planning for a vacation should check out what others are saying online about the area.

By checking out these travel reviews, you can tell if the place is worth visiting or not. In addition, these reviews will help you make an informed decision to ensure that you do not have any regrets. 

You’ll be wrong if you are not checking out reviews before traveling to your location. On my Youtube channel, I share reviews on places visited, hotel experiences, and other travel tips. Do well to subscribe.

Check for popular attractions

The fact that you are planning a last minute vacation means you may not have had time to dig deep into what the city has to offer. However, that you want to go on vacation means you want to have fun. So, you’ll need to check out popular attractions in the city or region. 

How can I find last minute weekend getaways or last-minute all-inclusive vacations? All I do is search for last minute vacation travel deals near me or trips that I can easily hop last minute. Many times, these trips are well organized. You get to enjoy the best attractions with minimal input from you.

One such travel group that I love to use for these is GetYourGuide. Check them out for all your travel deals.

You can visit popular tourist attractions even if you cannot explore all the area offers. I know how heartbreaking it can be to visit a new place without exploring, and I do not want you to go through such an experience. 

So, even if it is only three to five locations you can visit, you should try to do so. You will learn more about the region and have a swell time through this. 

Book your hotel

Where will you stay when you travel for your vacation? Experience has shown me that it is always best to book a hotel before traveling to avoid certain circumstances. 

For example, you could plan to stay in a specific hotel when you arrive at your destination. However, you see that the hotel is fully booked when you get there. In such a case, you’ll be disappointed, destabilizing your plans. Then, confusion sets in, and it seems like all your vacation plans are scattered. 

For this not to happen, it is best to book your hotel ahead before leaving for your destination. Accommodation is a core issue for any traveler; you can get other hotel alternatives.

Decide whether you’d be staying in a hotel, hostel, or Airbnb. If you’re a solo last minute traveler, I would recommend you book hostels. They’re cheaper and you get to make new friends. Click here to book your stay using Hostelworld.

What is the best site for last minute vacation deals? If you’d prefer hotels, Trivago is one of the best sites to get last minute hotel deals. Click here to book last minute hotel deals using Trivago.

last minute vacation packages or deals

After all, it is always best to have options. If you are staying in an Airbnb, I have an article where I compiled some tips for first-time Airbnb travelers.  

Be flexible with your plans

I often hear my friends say they do not need help when planning for a last-minute vacation as it isn’t their first time traveling. They believe that they have enough experience since they have traveled before. 

But, allow me to tell you that realities can change at any time. The fact that A worked for you the last time does not mean it will work for this vacation. Therefore, I always advise people to be flexible with their plans when planning for a last-minute vacation.

Everyone must understand that change is constant in life and that the world is a dynamic, moving train. So, you need to be open to changes and be ready to stay flexible when the need arises. You may struggle to accept these changes initially, but it is a gradual process. 

Be open to accepting help

Asides from being flexible, one must also be available to receive support, especially when planning a last-minute vacation. That it is a last-minute vacation gives room for you to become overwhelmed. Therefore, you must be open to accepting help to ensure it does not happen. 

In this case, accepting help could be getting someone to help with your flight booking, accommodation bookings, and even helping you pack your travel bags. All these may seem like minor duties, but they make a person eventually overwhelmed with the traveling and planning process. 

Once you are open to accepting help, you will see that everything becomes more manageable. Yes, you might want to cross-check things later, and that is perfect. But ensure that you are open to accepting as much help as possible. 

Pack for your trip

When do you pack for your trip? I can tell you that I used to procrastinate a lot at a point when it concerned packing as it was something I felt was stressful. Therefore, you will see me packing for my trip a night before my departure or on the said day. 

I can assure you that packing late costs me a lot as I always forget things and would spend money replacing them when I go on my trip. But then, I started forcing myself to pack early, and it started paying off. 

Now, you can imagine how horrible it would be when you have to pack late for a last-minute vacation. You are sure to under-pack and leave essentials. Therefore, it is best to start packing once you know you are about to embark on a last-minute vacation. 

You can check out my travel essentials to pack for women to make it easy to pack last minute. Doing this allows you to keep checking your bags and adding things you may have forgotten. 

travel packing list for women

Ensure that you have the correct documents

Once you plan a vacation leaving your home country, you will need valid traveling documents. Such documents include but are not limited to your international passport, vaccination cards, and others. Therefore, it is always best to cross-check these documents before you embark on your journey to avoid embarrassment. 

It will be handy if you have a particular folder to keep all your essential documents. This way, you do not need to go through much stress when you need these papers, and you can be sure that they are in a safe space. 

If you notice that your documents are outdated, you should update them. Else, you’ll be risking it to travel with outdated papers. It is always good to have everything in check than to later have regrets that may taint your vacation. 

Don’t try to compete with anyone

 I often see some people trying to compete with others when they are planning their vacation. Instead of focusing on their traveling purpose, they begin to check out what others are doing. Then, they make their plans to be like the others. 

It is wrong to try and compete with anyone when traveling. Your vacation plans should be unique to ensure you enjoy them fully. Once you begin to try and indulge the goals of others, you’ll see yourself spending more money, and it wouldn’t be as enjoyable as you may have imagined. 

I always tell people that no one is in this life to compete with anyone, and it also applies to vacation plans. 

Channel a fun mindset

Your mindset is crucial for any trip. Some people feel down when they have to plan for a last-minute journey as they feel it is impromptu. But, the timing of the planning shouldn’t affect the fun you should have on the vacation. 

Once you know that you have to go on any vacation, you should channel a fun mindset so that you can enjoy your trip and make memories. I also advise that you try to document your journey in one way or another so that these memories can last for a long time. 

Vacations do not always happen regularly for some people. So, once you have the opportunity, enjoy that you go on that trip with a fun mindset. 

FAQ about planning last minute vacations

Are last minute vacations cheaper? Yes and No. Sometimes you get to find cheap last minute travel deals for flights, hotels, or vacation packages. Other times, the prices may be higher as compared to planning earlier.

Is it better to book vacations last minute? For me, I will say it depends on you. You need to de-stress and going on a random trip may be your best bet. Other times, you can’t help but travel last minute for an emergency or work trip.

Why are last-minute flights expensive? of course airlines look forward to these. They make such spaces available for businessmen and for urgent trips. In this way, they make more for fast-track services.

How to find last minute vacation rentals? One of the best sites to get the best last minute vacation rental deals is Trivago. This is my go-to platform to book last minute rentals. They offer hotel deals as well hotel alternative rental options.

Travel resources you need to book your last minute trip

  1. Book your flight tickets: Click here to find cheap flight tickets for your travel.
  2. How to find the cheapest hotel or last minute vacation rentals: Click here to book your hotels for your last minute travel using Trivago.
  3. Hotel alternatives: If you’d prefer other hotel alternatives, click here to book a hostel for your last minute trip.
  4. Don’t forget your insurance: One of the most important things you need for travel is insurance. As much as I am last minute planner, I take my insurance seriously. Click here to get your insurance ready for your trip using insubuy.
  5. Hop on vacation packages: Preplanned vacation packages take the stress off while going on a last-minute trip. These travel tours have done the work of getting the side attractions together for you. All you need to do is to join the group and have fun. Click here to book your last minute vacation packages on GetYourGuide.
  6. Earn Cashback on your last-minute travel deals: Sign up for WayAway plus membership for just $49.99. You earn cash back using this platform to book your last minute flight tickets, vacation packages, and vacation rentals. Use my code for Trendsenstylez for 10% off your membership sign-up.

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