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Best places to visit in Lagos: Jaekel house Lagos

As i continue to explore Lagos, I am awed by its beauty. There are so many places yet to be seen. My bucket list keeps growing of places I want to see in Lagos. So, one of the places on that list is Jaekel house Lagos. It is formerly the home of first head of the Nigerian railway corporation.

Also, the building is now a museum that houses rich historical fact about Nigerian railway corporation. So, if you’re looking for one the best places to visit in Lagos on budget, opt for Jaekel house. You will love it at Jaekel house. I will also link my Jaekel House youtube vlog so you can see the place. Kindly subscribe and like the video.

Here is all you need to know before you visit Jaekel house Lagos.

Where is Jaekel house located?

Jaekel house is located at 17 federal road ebutte metta. This hidden gem is inside the housing quarters of Nigerian railwy corporation. You can get there by taking a bike from entrance of Nigerian railway quarters. I walked from Tejuosho complex close to the NTA television station office, the quarters is just opposite. So, if you get to the entrance, a bike cost 100 naira per person. The bike guys doesn’t carry two passengers on their bike. ( I can’t say why).

The road to Jaekel house in the quarters is not tiled so, you should expect a bumpy ride. Also, it is quite dusty. However, I would recommend taking your car to avoid the dust. I love the retro architecture of Jaekel house.

Jaekel House Lagos

Entry fee for Jaekel house & things to do.

Jaekel house Lagos is free to access its gardens. However, if you want to see its museum, the fee is 1000naira. A tour guide will give you a tour of the house. Jaekel house is a one-storey building and the museum section is upstairs. Our tour guide for the day was an elderly man.

The picture that caught my attention is that of the white man that lived in this house. He and his family lived in Jaekel house while he was the head of the corporation. Also, you get to see the railway tracks as they run in Nigerian map. I love the train project that we hope to have in Nigeria someday. It makes me wish for the fast trains of Japan. We will get there.

The museum also has some unique stones, some preserved part of the old rail way and old land phone. You know that kind of land line phones that was used in the 80’s. I was thrilled to get to see it stored at this museum.

After our tour of the house, we were also given a tour of the rail pieces outside in the compound. One such item is an old coach that was used during the colonial era for supervision. The coach was ridden by black slaves from one part of the country to another. I wonder how they survived in the cold or heat. This is because this coach was not covered.

Jaekel house Lagos also has a cottage behind where some of the workers stay. The cottage is quite unique and beautiful. Our tour guide says that Jaekel house is about 120years.

Best Places to visit in Lagos

Fun things to do

There are so many interesting Lagos events that takes place at Jaekel house. I haven’t attended any because I don’t know when it occurs. Like famous Jollof festival that took place in 2017 hosted by eat drink Lagos brand. Asides a tour of the museum at Jaekel house, you can do the below.

  1. Photoshoot for content creation: The retro vibe of this place is unique. The building is over 120 years and it looks amazing. You do your content photoshoot for clothes or product. Also, you can do your pre-wedding shoot at Jaekel house.
  2. Host an event: The compound is quite large for fun event. So, if you’re looking to plan an outdoor event, opt for Jaekel house. You can also spend time relaxing and having fun at this house.

So, if you’re looking for the best places to visit in Lagos, opt for Jaekel house Lagos. Other places you can visit in Lagos on a budget are Jhalobia parks and Garden, Oniru private beach or Omu resort.

Jaekel House Gate fee

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