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Top 10 fun things to do in Lagos state Nigeria

We all have a need to relax once a while. The hustle can be stressful sometimes. Asides my day job that takes all of my time, I still find to explore and have fun. Here are 10 fun things to do in Lagos state on your visit.

Each year, I ensure that I have fun, reset and just relax for a few days. This habit has made me more productive in my daily task as well help avoid burn out. Unlike before, the global pandemic has kept us all indoors. Now you can choose to have in Lagos beaches or hangout some of the best restaurants in Lagos.

Local travel restrictions has been lifted in Nigeria. But recreational centers are gradually re-opening in the urban city. Yet, I am optimistic that soon the world will be safe again.

Fun things to do in Lagos

There are so many places to visit for recreation in Lagos state. Personally, I am yet to explore many for vacations in this state. Lagos state is close to the Atlantic ocean so it an array of beaches you can explore. You can read my post on top 5 best beaches you need to visit in Lagos state. Asides the lovely beaches, you can also visit art galleries, museum, recreational parks both free and paid entry fee. So, if you’re planning to visit Lagos, here are my top 10 best places to know and visit.

Best things to do in Lagos

Lekki conservation center (LCC)

Another fun thing to do in Lagos is to go on a canopy walk at the second largest canopy in the world at LCC. Lekki conservation center (LCC) is a nature reserve located at Tippa bus stop, Lekki. If you are such that enjoy adrenaline rush or love drills, this place is for you.

One the best side attractions of LCC is the Canopy walk. I am indifferent about my experience of climbing this canopy and wouldn’t recommend it if you fear heights. Another fun activity available for children the tree house climbing for teenagers. I would recommend you that you allow your children try it out. This will help them boost their confidence and overcome the fear of heights like I have.

There are other options for those who prefer not to go climbing, the family park. The family park is so much fun . You can have a picnic with your family, play games or enjoy finger foods this park. To access LCC, you need to pay an entry fee of 1000 naira per adult and 200 naira per child

Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja, Lagos

Another of my top 10 best places to you need to visit in Lagos is Kalakuta Museum. This museum is the house of the late Fela Kuti, with lots of memories and pictures of life , family and travels well preserved. It is located at Gbemisola street, Ikeja Lagos. There is always a tour guide available to walk you through the house at no added fee.

Fun things to do in Lagos

My best part of this museum are the paintings that tell so much about this legend. You will be allowed to take pictures in the building except the room of Fela which is usually locked but you can see its content through the glass wall. The added side attraction for this museum is access to the roof top bar which you need to book before hand to have access. And of course you need to pay 1000 naira per adult to have access to see this museum. You can also read more about my experience visiting Kalakuta museum.

Tarkwa Bay beach

My round up list of the top 10 fun things to do in Lagos cannot be complete without Tarkwa bay beach. This is one the neatest and finest beaches in Lagos Nigeria. Although is an artificial man-made beach, this beach is so beautiful and looks natural. Tarkwa bay beach can be accessed through a boat ride from CMS or Victoria island for 1000-1500 naira per person for a round trip.

The view on my way to the beach via CMS boat ride is something I look forward to each time. This is especially the Eko atlantic city view, so breathtaking and beautiful. Tarkwa bay beach entry fee is for a token of 200 naira which was free at a time.

best private beach in Lagos

Omu Resort

Another fun things to do in Lagos is to spend a day at Omu resort. Although it is a long trip from mainland and quite a distance for those living on the island. It is located at Bogije, Lagos state. There are so many fun activities you can do at this resort for free like a ride in the swings or pirate ship or you visit the mini & aquarium.

There are also fun paid facilities and activities you can enjoy at Omu resort Lagos include horse riding, quad biking , kayaking or paint balling etc. Aside the lovely recreational facilities, you also do team bonding or picnic at this park. The offer group game activities by their staff to engage you and your family in exciting games. The gate fee is 3000 naira per adult. You can also check out Omu resort website for more details on their services.

Eleko beach

Eleko beach is another lovely beach located in Lagos. It is one of my top 5 best beaches you need to visit in Lagos. I love this beach because it is like a private resort located a few distance from La campaigne tropicana. It is free to access but you need to pay a fee to use the private huts.

On my last visit to Eleko beach, I stayed at Lil Zanzibar hut, a serene secluded hut. You can swim in the mini pool in the huts. However, you will not be allowed to swim in the beach because it is too deep to avoid drowning. You can also play board games or have a picnic at the Eleko beach. Also, for content creators, this beach is perfect to take great pictures or pre-wedding shoots. Horse riding is available at Eleko beach at a fee.

Freedom Park

Another great option of fun things to do in Lagos is to enjoy the cool breeze at Freedom park Lagos. Freedom Park is a lovely recreational center located beside St Nicolas hospital, Lagos island. This park is the former prison used during the colonization era. So, after independence, it was converted to a park for recreation.

You can visit this park to see the art, the former prison cells, the touch of old British architecture still maintained. My best view of the park is the small bridges and fountains, it is so beautiful. Although some of these old structures are poorly maintained. The best park of freedom park is the nightlife you can enjoy especially the weekend and the food too. The gate fee is 200 naira.

Freedom Park also has some businesses in the park. I love the enye lifestyle store that sells African arts, fabrics, and crafts. You can shop rich African fabrics, jewelry, and souvenirs from this store.

Johnson Jakande park (JJT park)

Another best place you need to visit in Lagos is Johnson Jakande Tinubu park also known as JJT park. I love this park because it close to shoprite, the government offices and Ndubuisi Kanu park. Personally, I love to go to this park to unwind and explore other parts of Ikeja.

There are so many things to do for fun at this park. You can book the huts for a get together, have a picnic or use the ambiance for a photo shoot. Also, you can get food to eat at this park or simply get it from shop rite, a few distance from the park. There is a children playground for your kids to engage them while you have fun at this park. Entry fee is free plus you get free access to the wifi of JJT park.

Lufasi Park

Lufasi park is a nature reserve located at Majek 1st gate bus stop beside crown estate. It is a very long trip from the mainland to this park but if you live on the island, not so far. The park is just beside the road so it is easy to find. Entry fee is 1000 naira per adult and 500 naira for children. I love the ambiance of this park , lovely pine trees with cool breeze.

So, if you need fun things to do in Lagos, explore nature at Lufasi park. This place is super cool and fun. There are so many activities you can enjoy. Also, sight seeing of this park alone is fulfilling too.

If you love sports, Lufasi park is perfect for you, it has football court, tennis tables among others fun sport facilities. I am not sport person so all I did was sight seeing. You can walk all around the park through the ponds, anthill, monkey cages, huts, wooden bridge and ekki forest. Personally, I would not recommend you go into the forest although there are no warning signs at the entrance.

Lufasi park also has a children playground for them to have fun. I love to get lovely souvenirs when I travel, there a shop in Lufasi park to get jotters, art and crafts and paintings for home decorations.

Suntan beach, Badagry

Badagry city is at the outskirt of Lagos state, Nigeria. There are so many exciting places you can see at Badagry like the museums, and many beaches. One of such beaches you can visit is Suntan beach. Suntan beach is just N50 tricycle ride from Badagry roundabout. So, if you live in Badagry, the beach is a stone throw for you. However, It is a long trip from within Lagos to Suntan beach, badagry- like a full day trip.

If you want to explore other parts of Badagry asides Suntan beach, you can opt to stay in airbnb. You check airbnb options close to the beach or around Badagry to a short stay. The gate fee is 500 naira per adult. You can use any of the huts available at the beach at no added cost. Things to do at this beach include horse riding (500 naira) , picnic, or photo shoot.

Suntan beach is a must see of the top 10 fun things to do in Lagos that are budget friendly. Asides Suntan beach, there are several other best things to do in Badagry Lagos on a budget.

Jhalobia parks and Garden

Another lovely park to add to the list of fun things to do in Lagos is Jhalobia park and garden. This park is lovely secluded private park located at Hajj camp ground , airport road, Ikeja. Entry fee is 2000 naira. I love this park because of the serene environment and lovely garden.

Although some of the building in my opinion needs renovations, the garden is always cared for. You use this park for meetings, hangouts, team bonding and parties. If you are content creator, you use this park for photo shoot, product photography, or pre-wedding shoots.

Lagos is a fun filled places with great night life, restaurants to eat and interesting places to visit. So, if you’re visiting Lagos, add this top 10 fun things to do in Lagos on a budget. Feel free to comment other fun things to do in Lagos that you’d want me to check and review for you guys. Bye!

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