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Lufasi Nature park Lagos: 7 fun things to do

Lufasi nature park all you need to know and things to do

Another nature reserve on Lekki-ajah express way is Lufasi Nature park Lagos. It is a nature reserve built to preserve wild life from extinction as a result of Lekki penisula development. I had such an exciting time visiting LCC. So, I was curious to visit Lufasi nature park since they are on the same axis.

Little did I know that Lufasi Nature park is way farther on Lekki-ajah way. From Oshodi where I took off from, it felt like a journey of thousand miles. Coupled with the traffic around Osbourne road as well as intermittently. Interestingly, I had no idea how to locate this nature park.

Thanks to google, all I had to do was to input my present location to find this park. I had to do this so as to avoid a repeat of my experience trying to locate LCC. (I literally missed my way).

Lufasi park gate fee 2022

How to Locate Lufasi Nature park and Gate fee

It is quite easy to locate Lufasi nature park. Lufasi nature park Lagos is located at Majek 1st gate bus stop beside crown estate/ fara park estate. If you’re coming from the mainland like I did, simply board a bus to ajah. From ajah, take a tricycle going to awoyaya and stop at Majek 1st gate bus stop.

The nature park is just by the road side on your right. The gate fee for entry is 1000naira for adult and 500naira for children. Also, you can request for a tour guide for free at the park. On entry, one may not know that Lufasi park extends further inside. I explored every part of the park; mini zoo, Lake Nora, anthills, except Ekki forest.

Ekki forest is one part of Lufasi nature park that is rarely explored. That forest can give you chills. Even the tour guide stop close to the forest but never enter. So, I stopped my exploration at the entrance of Ekki forest just like anyone else. (My little sister was too scared to go into the forest with me).

Lufasi park also has some mini huts, stone seats, table tennis, football pitch as well as children playground. Some parts of Lufasi nature park is built like a mini village. One would think that some Nollywood village movies were shot in this park. Coupled with the thick forest , shrubs, ferns, anthills, and mini lake, it is perfect for shooting a movie.

Lufasi park gate fee
Huts at Lufasi park
Things to do at Lufasi park
Lufasi park opening hours
Lake Nora Bridge

What you need and 6 things you can do at this park

Lufasi park provides some entertainment facilities for sport and amusement for children. On other hand, for fun go with cards, board games etc. Also there is a food canteen available at the park but I can’t say if the food and drinks are expensive. You can opt to bring your own food and drinks to the park. Here are 6 things you can do at this park.

Engage in sport activities

Lufasi park is a fun place for sport lovers. There are available table tennis as well as football pitch . It is a great place for recreation and unwinding with friends while engaging in sporting activities

Hotels near Lufasi park
Table tennis

Family day out/Picnic

Lufasi park is a great place for a day out with your family. If you’re looking for a spot to hangout with your family, Lufasi park is perfect. The availability of amusement facilities for children will keep the kids engaged while you and spouse can have time out alone. Also, it is a good spot for get together or a picnic with friends and family. You can also have a team bonding with your colleagues at Lufasi park.

how to get to Lufasi park
Children playground

Horse riding

I visited Lufasi park quite late in the evening so I couldn’t enjoy the park that much. You can engage in horse riding at this park. The horse is saddled for this purpose. Horse riding is quite fun. Although, my first experience was at Omu resort but I didn’t ride it alone. This is for fear of falling off the horse. lol.

Shop at the art and craft store

Lufasi nature park also has a store that sells arts, craft and souvenirs. I really love artsy fashion pieces. The store has artsy jewelries like necklaces and bracelets for sale. So, you can shop for nice paintings and drawing as well as get nice souvenirs from Lufasi park.

Things to in Lekki Lagos
Paintings from Lufasi park
Hotels in Lagos near Lufasi park

Sight seeing of the mini zoo

Lufasi nature park is also a home for some animals both domestic and wild alike. Monkeys, domestic animals like goats, hens, and vulture. So, you can go sight seeing of the zoo animals.

Photo shoot

Lufasi nature is a serene environment with a beautiful landscape. This can serve as a beautiful backdrop for good pictures. You can take your pre-wedding shots, birthday or blog pictures at this park. Also influencer or brands can take good pictures to promote their brand.

Also read my post on Lekki conservation center Lagos: all you need to know and things to do. Free feel to share your experience if you’ve visited this nature park. You can also watch my vlog on another fun place to see in Lekki, Lekki Leisure Lake.

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