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10 Best Restaurants in Lagos that are Budget friendly

Best restaurants in Lagos

Hello Foodies! For you to be on this article, I’ll assume you are a foodie like me. So when I’m not busy, you’ll find me exploring food hubs, trying out unique delicacies, and absorbing the ambiance of some of the best restaurants in Lagos. 

As a tourist, one of the things I enjoy doing when I visit new places is to try out their various local delicacies. Not only does it help me connect better with that region, but it also allows me to learn new recipes. 

I’m writing this for my Lagos people as I’m here to share some of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos with you. Many people find it hard to believe you can get cheap restaurants in Lagos. 

People often joke that stepping out in Lagos can wreck your bank account. But if you’re a foodie, the restaurants I will share would not cause much damage to your bank account. 

Now, what I want you to do is to take note of the affordable restaurants in Lagos that I’ll be sharing and ensure to explore them. After all, it will be a waste of my effort if I share and you do not visit them. 

In no particular order, some of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos are:

KOS Lagos, Ikate

I would say that the location of this restaurant is strategic as it is on Elegushi beach. This location has a steady inflow of visitors, and people are sure to enter this restaurant. 

Many restaurants are on Elegushi beach, so the location doesn’t make it unique. Instead, what makes KOS outstanding is its ambiance and affordability. Once you step into this restaurant, you get a warm feeling and wouldn’t feel like leaving. 

Visiting this place was one of my best experiences at Elegushi beach. Despite the rowdiness of the beach, I could find solace in this restaurant and enjoy the best local cuisines. 

When entering any food place on a beach, it’s normal for one to be scared of the amount as these people tend to hike their prices. However, it wasn’t the case at KOS, as their prices were fair. I also loved that they had different food options and their Jollof was giving!

China Town Restaurant, Ojota

Located inside the popular Chinese Village Ojota. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lagos. If I had my way, you would find me at this restaurant almost every day as they’ve won my heart with their sumptuous meals.

It’s one thing to find a Chinese restaurant, but another to get a Chinese restaurant that gets the recipe right.

Finding this place was like finding a treasure, and it was surprising that they didn’t have exorbitant prices. I know you may doubt me when I say it is one of the most affordable restaurants in Lagos, especially as it is a restaurant on the Island. 

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant near Ikeja, go to Chinatown. Where can you get the best Chinese cuisine except among the Chinese themselves?

If you’re looking for a big restaurant, you will be disappointed when you visit this place. But if you need a cozy restaurant with excellent, affordable, and enjoyable Chinese dishes, you will love to eat at this place.

I give them their accolades for bringing this gem to Lagos city.

Cheap restaurants in Lagos

Farm City, Lekki

Again, I am here to convince everyone to be firm believers that there are affordable restaurants on the Island of Lagos. For those who are used to the food scene in Lagos, I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised that Farm City is on my list. 

It is inevitable not to be satisfied when you eat at Farm City as they are overly generous with their food portions. However, when you pay for food at Farm City, you are sure that you’ll be getting value for your money. 

I am used to eating at the branch at Lekki. However, Farm City Lekki also has an outlet on the mainland in Ogudu, and people have concurred that it is the same way. 

As I type this, I am dreaming of their pepper soup and nkwobi. 

La Branco, Gbagada

La Branco is a hidden treasure in Lagos that you wouldn’t find unless you intentionally searched for it. The way I stumbled upon this restaurant was surprising, but I bless the day I did as I’ve saved lots of money by eating there. 

Aside from its affordable rates, another thing that attracts many people to this restaurant is its outside space. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor dining while eating La Branco.

I’ve tasted almost all the dishes served at this restaurant, and I can tell you there are no bad meals! Visiting this restaurant is worth every dime spent. 

Affordable restaurants in Lagos

Ofada Boy, Surulere

Are you already salivating at the name of this restaurant? Then, you will drool more when you see this place’s menu and price list.

It’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends as it’s appealing to the eyes, and you can take great pictures at this restaurant. Although Ofada Rice is the main highlight of this restaurant, they also have other delicacies. 

One of my favorite things about this place is that they sell palm wine. Everyone would agree that finding original palm wine in an urban city like Lagos is hard. So, discovering that they have it at this restaurant was endearing. 

So far, so good; no one has ever had any negative reviews about this place. And undoubtedly, it is on my list of top affordable restaurants in Lagos. 

Chop Bar, Ajah

 I wouldn’t say that this restaurant is extraordinarily exquisite. After all, that is not the aim of this article. But if you are looking for a cheap place to eat in Lagos, Chop Bar has its doors open. 

There is a relatively chill and laid-back ambiance at this place. You are sure to meet people and even make new friends if you desire. Their menu is also well-packed, ensuring you have varieties.

If you have a budget when visiting this place, I can assure you that you wouldn’t exceed that budget. It is one of the top affordable restaurants in Lagos.

La Mango, Ikeja

I love many things about this restaurant, and if I start listing them all, I doubt this article can contain them. However, this is one of the top restaurants on the mainland that I can recommend to anyone.

That this restaurant is affordable doesn’t mean it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. It meets your requirements if you are looking for a place that gives exquisite vibes. 

In addition, I also love the fact that it is easily accessible for those on the mainland. When you talk about the mainland, people always say that Ikeja is a central location, and this restaurant is in Ikeja GRA. 

Aside from their food, they also have unique cocktails that make you want more. I’m sure you will love their menu as I did.  

You can also check out other fun things to do in Ikeja after a hearty meal at La Mango.

The Nest Hub, Yaba

I’m yet to understand how this place has been able to pull off an affordable menu with all it offers. The first time I visited The Nest Hub, I felt it would be expensive and was almost ready to leave without eating anything. 

But I was impressed when I saw their menu and prices. When I compared their prices with other places, I could tell I was getting the correct value for my money. 

I could recommend many options when you visit this place. But if you are a seafood lover and going to this restaurant with friends, I recommend getting the seafood platter. 

The delicious meals make it easy to lose track of time at this place. This restaurant should be on your list of affordable restaurants to visit in Lagos. 

Romantic restaurants in Lagos

Bernadines, Ajao Estate

Bernadines is the perfect definition of a restaurant you should visit if you do not want to break your bank account. It is one place that allows you to get a deserved treat for a minimum amount. You can visit this place alone or with a group of friends. 

Unlike some restaurants that do not have parking spaces, you will find a place to park if you drive to this restaurant. And I love that it has meals for everyone’s taste. It is hard to go through their menu without seeing something you love. 

It also has an upbeat ambiance that lifts the spirit when you visit it. 

Oeuvre Bistro, Ogudu

If you are looking for a way to impress me, sponsor me to Oeuvre Bistro. If you did not know, pastries have a special place in my heart, and I have various options when I visit this place. 

Whatever budget I take along when going to this restaurant is usually sufficient. The ambiance is also set right as there is provision for karaoke. Through this, you get to interact with others and have fun. 
It is one of those places that penetrates your heart, and you’ll find yourself making return visits.  

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