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Best Restaurant in Lagos: Farm City Lekki Lounge

Lagos is the hub of recreation, business and fine dining. There are so many places you can eat in Lagos. This city has so many restaurant to choose from that offer unique dining experience. So, what are the best restaurant in Lagos that offer take-out, delivery and eat-in? One of my restaurant you need to know is Farm city Lekki Lounge. This Lounge is so perfect, with an ocean view and fine dining options. However, you would expect that such fanciful restaurant will so expensive. This is not the case for Farm city Lekki. They offer food options that are quite affordable too. What’s catchy for is the ocean view. I love it, eating and enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. That’s priceless. So, if you need a place to dine, check out Farm city Lekki.

How to get to Farm city Lekki Lounge?

Farm city Lounge is located at 15 Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1. The restaurant is very accessible. It just by the road side. On my visit I had a free ride to and fro. However, this restaurant is quite famous and by the road side. Hardly will anyone miss it.

What are the best places in Lagos that deliver?

Farm city lounge is a very beautiful restaurant. So, if you need instagrammable places to dine in Lagos, opt for farm city. You can order your food from them online and get it delivered to you. Also, you can dine-in or order take out from them.

I love this restaurant a lot. It has a lovely view of the ocean close-by. You choose to sit in the lounge on the sea or inside the restaurant itself. The whole idea is beautiful.

I love their customer service too. My colleagues and I were made comfortable on our visit. You can choose what you from the food and drink menu. This menu are readily available on each table.

Farm city offers so many variety of food from local African dishes to intercontinental dishes. Since it was my first time, I ordered chicken and chips with Farm city special smoothie. I love the smoothie a lot. There are several options of smoothies you can choose from too. However, I would recommend trying out the Farm city special smoothie.

They also offer alcoholic drinks too. My colleagues took Jameson. We all had a laugh when one of my colleague asked me if I cared for Jameson. All I could say was, “What’s Jameson?“. Lol.

Farm City Lounge Review: Best Restaurant in Lagos

Farm city is one the best places to eat in Lagos Nigeria. The food is quite affordable. So, if you need place to eat in Lagos on a budget, go to Farm city Lekki. Also, I would recommend Farm city as one of the places to go on a date too.

I left farm city at 8pm. However, they are open from 8am to 2am. So, if you need to enjoy Lagos Night life, go to Farm City Lekki. I wish I could stay late but I live on Lagos mainland.

I would rate their food an eight. The ambience, the food, service and drink for me are just great. I was impressed too. Did I mention that their barbecue fish was fire? Although, it took a while to be ready. This is freshly made on request. So, if need a place for group hangout or team bonding, definitely check out Farm city. Also, read my post on the best hotels in Ikeja Lagos if you need a place to stay in Lagos.

Best restaurant in Lagos

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