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Jhalobia Parks and Gardens : Fun things to do this Private Park


As I continue to explore Lagos and all its recreational facilities, there is so much to discover. There are so many amazing recreational parks which some are free to access like JJTpark in my previous post.  The blogger’s hang out by TBA took place at Jhalobia parks and garden.

Unlike other parts of the world, recreational parks are now widely known as cool vacation spots. With recreational parks, you don’t really need to have fat bank balances. Also, the family size doesn’t matter either to enjoy a good time off from your usual routine.

Other lovely parks on my bucket list include; Muri Okunola park, Freedom park, & Ndubuisi Kanu park. Jhalobia Parks and garden is a beautiful park with lush landscape, green scenery, lovely arch as well as pines. It is located at airport road, Ikeja, Lagos state. It is a short distance from Hajj camp (NACO Bus stop) and Ajao estate.

Jhalobia parks and gardens is perfect for fun recreational activities,  parties like weddings, picnic with friends and video filming.

Where is Jhalobia Park located and the gate fee?

Jhalobia park is located close to Hajj campground bus stop off airport road Lagos. It is a walking distance of this bus stop.

The gate fee per person is 2000naira. Jhalobia park is one of the private parks in Lagos to visit. Unlike JJT park, you need to prebook your access and there is a gate fee.

Jhalobia park’s opening hours run from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday. While on Sunday, the park opens by 12pm. There are so many fun things to do at this park.

Things to do at Jhalobia parks and Gardens

There are a lot of fun activities as well as other lovely things which you can do at this breathtaking private park. Recreational/things you can do include;

  • Family Picnic: What comes to mind first as you walk into the park is a “picnic”. They have lush well-groomed green beds that can be converted for a merry time together with friends, boo, family, coworkers, or business partners. The garden has some lovely secluded mini huts, amusement facilities for kids, and an amazing landscape.
  • Weddings/Parties: There is a large tent opposite a row of mini arch suitable for a wedding aisle. The tent can host as many guests for your dream wedding. if you want a destination wedding without the troubles of traveling to other countries or draining your bank account, Jhalobia park is for you.
  • Hangout or team bonding activities
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot: The ambiance is a great photo backdrop
  • Content creation: Creators can visit this park for photoshoots or videos for their platforms
  • Couple’s hangout: Jhalobia park is a unique secluded park. Couples looking to spend time together could visit this park. You can have a picnic together or see a movie on Netflix as you pass time at this park.

There are other fun places to hang out in Lagos asides from the parks. One of such places is the Chinese village. I had a great time there trying out their food and taking it all in. Click here to watch my vlog on China town Lagos.

Jhalobia parks gate fee
Jhalobia parks and gardens

Brands that supported the Network and Chill.

There were so many freebies to cart away. And of course, we were fed fat by amazing brands as there was so much left to take home. The freebie includes a tote bag by the TBA group, a notepad from the beard gang brand, a Skin care regimen, and lots more.

Worthy of mention were the stylish outfit and accessories by Desire1709fashion.  I am still rocking my stiletto heels from her brand. The amazing brands include;

@tafe_organics, @sweenycupcakes, @moffin_options, @wilsonsjuiceco, @beeorganicx @all_buttered, @friesandflavours, @mybeardgang, @resthouse_foods, @clarascornerng, @desire1709fashion, @thriftstoreNG, @tdfoods, @mabelinigeria and @ahiajara.

It was a fun day out with the TBA brand. The brand will be another kind-of end-of-year get-together in December. It promises to be fun, everyone is welcome, especially bloggers. To book visit @thebloggeradvocate on Instagram for details.

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