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15 Best hotels in Nigeria that are budget-friendly

One of the major costs to factor in while traveling is hotel accommodation. Although, you can skip spending much on hotels by seeking hotel alternatives that are budget-friendly. This could be passing a night at a friend’s place or couch surfing.

I love to stay in hotels that are budget-friendly while exploring different places in Nigeria. So, here are my recommendation for the best hotels in Nigeria to stay on a budget. You get to enjoy a feeling of luxury without breaking the bank.

One hotel that I stay on my visit to Ilorin while exploring the best thing to do in Ilorin is the Princess luxury hotel. I found it on a listing in Ilorin. You get to stay in a neat luxury room, enjoy buffer breakfast inclusively, and enjoy Friday nightlife at the club. of course, it made the list below.

However, some people have contacted me asking for budget-friendly hotel recommendations across Nigeria. See, I love it when people create fun for themselves. Taking a vacation doesn’t always mean that you must leave the country. Visiting another state or city also counts!

For those who think it’s already late to plan a vacation, let me tell you that it’s not. There is still time to plan the perfect vacation, even if it’s last minute. 

Best Hotels in Nigeria to stay

So lovely people, I’ll share some of the top budget-friendly hotels in Nigeria, cutting across different cities. 

Princess Luxury Hotel Ilorin

 Ilorin is one of the most underrated cities in Nigeria, but it still stands as a tourist home. If you’re looking to escape your everyday chaos, you can spend some time in Ilorin. 

This hotel is one of the top standard hotels in the city. But, the first time I learned about the hotel, I thought it would be pricey. So, imagine my shock when I saw the affordable prices. It is one of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in on a budget.

This hotel is giving!

It has everything you need in a hotel, including a swimming pool. I also love that you can cancel your bookings free anytime. Click here to book your stay at Princess Luxury hotel Ilorin.

Best hotels in Nigeria
Gym at Princess Luxury hotel

Liberty Guest House Obudu

Obudu cattle ranch is one of the top tourist attractions in Nigeria. Located in Cross River State, I see many people and families eager to spend time at this resort during the holiday. From its serenity to the weather condition and much more, including the cable cars, Obudu is a place you’d love to visit. 

However, lodging at the ranch can be expensive. So, you can opt for this budget-friendly hotel close to the resort. In addition, staying at this place allows you to interact better with the locals. Are you planning on attending the upcoming Calabar carnival? Liberty Guest house Obudu is a perfect place to stay while you enjoy the carnival. You get to visit the ranch and enjoy the carnival at the same time.

What is the date of the Calabar carnival? Calabar Carnival is a yearly event that takes place in December. It is a festive event that runs from December 1 to December 31st. So, if you need a fun festive event to attend, opt for the annual Calabar Carnival.

Although it is a budget-friendly hotel, its standards are still high. For example, all its rooms have ACs. 

His Grace Hotel Ibadan

Ibadan has fast become a favorite place for many people to spend their holiday. You’d often find Lagosians opting to visit Ibadan due to all that it has to offer. 

I also have many things to say about Ibadan like fun things to do in Ibadan as well the best food hotspot. I have many stories, from train rides to other fun adventures. And I can tell you that Ibadan is a fun place to explore. 

His Grace Hotel has to be one of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in on your visit to Ibadan city. It gives you the comfort you desire and allows you to access other areas of the city easily. 

Happy Planet Hotel Enugu

If I could relocate to any other city in Nigeria, Enugu would be one of my top choices. Back then, I had friends who wanted to do their NYSC in this city, saying it would be a wonderful experience. I only understood the hype of this city after I visited it. 

Enugu is one of the cleanest and most peaceful states I have visited. Happy Planet Hotel is located within GRA in Enugu. Happy place hotel is one of the best hotels in Enugu to stay on a budget. So, it is a no-brainer for it to be added to the list of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay. This hotel has delightful staff and is also easily accessible to various areas in the city. It’ll only take a few minutes to go from this hotel to ShopRite Enugu. 

Whispering Palms Badagry

For a resort, Whispering Palms Badagry is one of the top budget-friendly hotels in Nigeria. It is one the best hotels in Nigeria suitable for a honeymoon on a budget. When people think of resorts, it’s normal to believe they are expensive. After all, we are all used to getting exorbitant prices for most of these resorts. However, Whispering Palms differs as it offers affordable prices. 

If you’re looking to stay at this place, you’ll always have activities to do. It is a fantastic place to spend your holiday and enjoy yourself. You should also check out the slave trade museum at Whispering Palms.

Budget Friendly hotels in Nigeria

Seymour Hotel Nnewi

If you’re looking for a town that immerses you in the Igbo culture in an incredible way, Nnewi is the place for you. It is one of the underrated cities in the eastern part of Nigeria. 

The locals of this city are friendly, and it has an upbeat environment. One of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in Nnewi is Seymour hotel. Seymour hotel is at the heart of the town and gives you access to many locations, including Roban stores. Have you been to Nnewi if you have not heard of or visited Roban stores? 

Seymour hotel offers you comfort at the most affordable rates you can think of.

Kelsey Greene Villa Lagos

Kelsey Greene villa is one of the best hotels in Lagos strategically located close to the international airport. I can’t pinpoint it, but there’s something about this hotel that endears you to it. You’ll feel so comfortable when you’re in this place that you wouldn’t want to leave. 

It is located in Ikeja, which is accessible to the mall and other places. For a hotel in such a strategic location, one would think that this place would be expensive. However, the contrary is the case, as their prices are affordable compared to other hotels. 

It is a hotel that gives you all the feels you need, and you’d enjoy your stay there. Click here to book your stay at Kelsey Greene villa, Ikeja, Lagos.

District Hotel Uyo

Some people would argue that Uyo is the cleanest city in Nigeria. I want to avoid arguing about this as it isn’t the article’s aim. However, this hotel is one of the best hotels in Nigeria you’d get for a budget-friendly price. 

I encourage people to visit Uyo during the holiday as it is peaceful. You also get to enjoy local delicacies and other local entertainment. 

Not a shade to Lagosians, but you’ll not experience traffic in Uyo. If you ask around, many people would also recommend District Hotel. If you want to enjoy your stay in Uyo, you should lodge at this place. 

Atican Beach Resort Hotel

What do you think about staying in a resort for your holiday? I wouldn’t mind such baby girl treatment as I am sure to have the time of my life. 

Yes, some people would say that resorts are expensive. However, there are some affordable resorts, and the Atican beach resort is one. Atican beach is one of the most beautiful and best hotels in Nigeria to stay in Lagos.

I love that this place is beautiful and gives me good spots to take pictures. It also allows me to enjoy my quiet time and indulge in many other activities. It also allows you to mix with other people, and the food on the resort is alright. 

Gomays Plaza Hotel Calabar

There was a time when there was a lot of buzz around Calabar being the tourist destination of Nigeria. The city has announced that its annual Calabar Carnival is back this year. It has been on hold since covid in 2020. 

So, if you’re looking for a place to spend your holiday, consider visiting Calabar. Gomays Plaza is one of the hotels with budget-friendly prices and still gives you quality and standard services. In addition, it is strategically located near nightlife and food areas. 

When people think of Calabar, the Obudu resort comes to mind. However, it is best to remember that Obudu is about an 8 hours drive from Calabar. Therefore, when you’re in Calabar, you should visit places like the Christmas village and Marina Resort. 

Ocean View Villa Tarkwa Bay

Again, I am here to debunk the thought that all resorts are expensive and out to wreck your pocket. If you keep having this mindset, you will deprive yourself of the fun you could have enjoyed by visiting these places. 

Ocean view villa is a budget-friendly hotel in Nigeria that is obsessed with its customers. Their goal isn’t only about your money, but they are out to ensure you are comfortable. So when you lodge at this place, you will believe that they have your best interest at heart and out to ensure that you get value for your money. 

The ocean view is one of the top luxury hotels in Nigeria to stay on a budget. It is recommended if you’re in a group as the cost per head is cheaper. You get to enjoy the beach view as well as spend time at Tarkwa Bay beach for free.

Rolling Kings Hotel Badagry

Those who have been to this place would concur that the fun is unlimited. It is best to keep an open mind when visiting this area. It is close to many bars and restaurants, and you can enjoy exploring these places. The hotel staff are also friendly and always on standby to help you with any issues.

Rolling kings hotel is by no doubt one of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in Badagry. I had a terrible experience in the previous hotel I booked online, so I switched to this hotel. It was worth it.

The hotel is also beautiful and has a swimming pool. However, with all the hotel offers, it is shocking to see its prices are fair and affordable. Well, I am not complaining, and I highly recommend it!

Best hotels in Badagry Lagos

Jade’s Court Lagos

From the name of this place, you can already tell that it is a fancy place to stay. Yes, names can be deceiving, as some places with posh names do not live up to expectations. However, the difference is the case at Jade’s court, as it lives up to whatever expectation you might have. 

I’ve been to this place several times, and it’s always a pleasant experience. There are games to play as a visitor in this place, and you also interact with others. Jade’s court is a home away from home for all lodgers. 

Affordable hotels in Lagos Nigeria

Landmark Resort Hotel

There is no need to look for any other hotel to stay in when you visit the landmark beach. This resort hotel is an excellent option, and it comes at a fair price for a resort. So, if you need one of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in Lagos, definitely go for Landmark hotel. It allows people to partake in lots of fun activities. I always tell people to do a sleepover whenever they go to Landmark resort. Do you plan to explore all the fun in a day? 

There is a calming effect whenever you stay at this hotel. It allows you to be free, calm, and have peace of mind. You will surely have a pleasant stay here, including friendly and receptive staff. 

Hartford Hotel Port Harcourt

Bole and fish is the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think about Port Harcourt. No matter how much I’ve eaten, my tummy always has space for PH bole and fish. 

The buzzing city of Port Harcourt always has me excited. As someone who has spent most of her life in Lagos, Port Harcourt is similar to Lagos, and I love its local delicacies. I also enjoy the nightlife in Port Harcourt. If you’re not careful, you can finish all your money while in Port Harcourt due to its exciting lined-up activities. 

Hartford hotel is one of the best hotels in Nigeria to stay in on your visit to Port Harcourt. It is strategically located close to the fun things in Port Harcourt.

Therefore, this hotel helps you save money as it is one of the budget-friendly hotels in Nigeria. 

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