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Best Airbnb in Lagos Nigeria || Jade’s Court Apartment

Airbnb is a great option if you need a short stay on your visit to Lagos state Nigeria. Is Airbnb better than hotels for travelers. Of course yes, there are so many reasons you should opt for Airbnb instead of hotels. One of such reasons is that you get enjoy more space, cook what you want & other amenities. Personally I love to opt for Airbnb because I get to enjoy a home away from home feel. I get to cook my own food. This is great more so, during this pandemic. You can also read my post on other hotel alternatives that are cheap for your travel. I have stayed in some Airbnb in Lagos, Jade’s court apartment is my best Airbnb in Lagos Nigeria I would recommend.

How to book Airbnb?

You can book for an Airbnb in several ways. One of such ways is to book directly from Airbnb website. Their site is very easy to use. You can book a short stay up to 30days or more on this website.

All you need to do is to search for apartment rentals around the place you want to stay. However, if you are in Lagos, I would recommend Jade court apartment, Osbourne.

Tips to before you book Airbnb short stay

Unlike hotels, Airbnb are listed homes or apartment you can rent for your travel. I love this option because you can choose an entire apartment ( that take in as many guest, this is usually stated by the host) or shared homes.

My first tip is to read reviews of other lodgers that stayed on the home you want. This tip also applies to any form of online shopping. You need to read other people’s feedback to actually know if this property is as described.

I usually shy away from homes with no reviews. The one time I gave one of them a chance, I regretted it. So, I would recommend you go for a rooms with great reviews as a first timer. Also, ensure you liaise with the host clarify on his listing. I booked a private room with no reviews recently. On the last minute, after chatting with host, I discovered that it was not private afterall.

So, talk to the prospect host before booking your stay. You can also click here to read my other post on tips to book Airbnb as a first timer.

Jade court Review|| Best Airbnb in Lagos Nigeria

Jade court is one of the best Airbnb in Lagos Nigeria you need to know. It is located at Kwara street, Osbourne Foreshore estate, Lagos.

Jade court is an apartment hotel. So, if you need a place for short staycation in Lagos with a home & hotel feel, opt for Jade court. I love this place a lot.

The rooms are ensuite. This means that you have shared sitting area with other guest. However, you room itself is private and self sufficient.

Best Airbnb in Lagos Nigeria
Facilities and Amenities at Jade court Lagos

Below are the amenities that you get to enjoy as a lodger.

  1. A private room ensuite with TV, and dressing table. Your room also comes with cupboard for clothes
  2. A private bathroom with a bath tub. The water comes with a heater option. So, if you need a warm or cold bath, you can regulate it yourself.
  3. A shared sitting room space. This I rarely used because I love the room a lot. You can have access to all the sitting space in your block. My room was upstairs but I was able to use the ground floor sitting room and that of my floor. Also, you can use the dining chairs if you prefer to use them to eat.
  4. Jade court also provides a gym facility on ground for all guest of the place. So, if you love to keep fit, opt for this apartment hotel. The gym is free to use.
  5. You can get food in the guest house delivered to your room. Also, you can choose to eat at the restaurant at Jade court. I love their meal as it quite affordable. However, you can bring in your own too.

I totally enjoyed my stay at Jade court. So, I would recommend this place if you need an affordable luxury Airbnb apartment in Lagos. You can click here to book your stay at Jade court Lagos Nigeria from hotellook.


Places to visit close to Jade court Lagos

Jade court is located in Ikoyi Lagos. Here are a list of fun things to do from Jade court.

  1. LCC (Lekki conservation center): You can visit the Lekki Conservation center at Tippa bus stop Lagos. This place is perfect for nature lovers. You can also enjoy the canopy walk at LCC. I would recommend this for anyone. However, if you’re afraid of height like me, this may seem daunting but worth the try.
  2. You can spend a day enjoying art at the Nike art gallery
  3. Go shopping for nice art and crafts souvenirs or fashion pieces at the Lekki arts and craft center, Lekki. This is located at Oba Elegushi road, Lekki phase 1.
  4. Enjoy a hearty meal of local and intercontinental dishes at Bogobiri house Lagos. Bogobiri house is also a fun re-creational place you need to know. You can go visit for enjoy the art, eat sumptuous local dishes or enjoy the weekday life band. Click here to read more about Bogobiri house Lagos.
  5. You enjoy a day at the Lagos beaches like Atican beach, Oniru private beach, Laguna beach or Landmark beach. The beach is one of Lagos’s best recreational place to know. You can click here read my post on 10 best places to visit in Lekki Lagos on a budget.

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