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5 Best things to do in Badagry Lagos

fun places in Badagry

Badagry Lagos is a fun place to visit in Lagos. Asides from the obvious road traffic and bad road, there is so much to see. I have been exploring new places in this part of Lagos. And I will say I am so impressed. So, here are my top 5 best things to do in Badagry Lagos.

These places are fun and affordable too. So, if you need places to visit in Badagry on a budget, check out these places. Also, you can read my post on other 9 free and fun things to do in Lagos, Nigeria.

5 Best things to do in Badagry- Visit Gberefu Island, Point of no return

Although this place holds so many memories of slavery yet it is a fun place to visit. Geberufu Island, also known as the point of no return is located at Badagry. If you are looking for the list of beaches in Badagry to visit, definitely check out Gberefu Island. It is top of my recommendation of 5 best things to do in Badagry.

How can I locate Gberefu Island? Take a bike from Babadgry roundabout to O2 bar. Then you will ask where to take a ferry ride to Gberefu island. A ride cost 100naira per person.

Also, you take a short walk from the Badagry slave trade museum to the ferry spot. There you can take a ferry to point of no return island.

Gberefu island is a small community. There are some resident villages on this island. The entry fee is 200naira per person. Also, you can shop for souvenirs for yourself.

It is a very long and stressful walk down to the beach of Gberefu island. This path is where the slave masters took the slaves to be shipped off abroad. You also get to see the well that the slaves were made to drink from which they lose their memories. Some say this place got its name because any slave that got to this island, never comes back home. Yet, this place is one of my top of 5 best things to do in Badagry, Lagos.

Whispering palms resort.

This is another of the 5 best things to do in Badagry on your visit. This resort is located at Ajido road, Aradagun bus stop, off Badagry expressway.

Although, this resort is supposedly a beach. However, it is not a beach after all. It is close to the waterfront where there are lounge chairs to relax and unwind. Also, you can partake in water activity like boat pedal ride. This ride is quite similar to kayaking and it requires 4 people to take the ride.

Another fun activity you can do is to ride a bicycle close to the villas. These villas are available for lodging for as low as 20000naira per night. The bicycle ride is quite fun.

The entry fee to whispering palms resort is 1500naira per person. This fee guarantees you at least 2 paid activities; boat ride and bicycle ride. However, you can partake in other free-to-access activities like swimming, playing tennis, snooker, dart, golf, etc.

Best things to do in Badagry Lagos

Badagry Slave trade museum

This is my least favorite place to visit in Badagry. Why is it so? This is because of the horrible tale of the ordeal of the slaves back then. However, a visit to Badagry is incomplete without visiting this historic place.

Badagry slave trade museum is a few distances from O2 bar. On my visit, I shared a ride with some documentary reporters for free.

The entry fee for a tour of the museum is 500naira per person. Like all museums I have visited in Nigeria, you’re not allowed to film the museum. However, I was able to get some pictures in the compound of the museum. We got to know that the slaves were not all blacks. There were white slaves that were captured and sold back.

The story that caught my attention was that of the woman that killed herself and her children so as not to be made slaves. Why would someone prefer to die than to be a slave? The inhuman way in which the slaves were treated was enough reason for her to commit suicide than to be treated less than human.

Budget friendly things to do in Badagry Lagos

First storey buiding

Another of the 5 best things to do in Badagry is to visit the first story building. It is a few distances from the Badagry slave trade museum.

This building houses the first translated bible by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther. Also, it has the first well in Nigeria.

Suntan Beach

Another of the 5 best to do in Badagry is to visit Suntan beach. This beach is the first and the cheapest beach in Badagry that I visited. The entry fee to Suntan beach is 500naira per person.

On my way to this beach, I had a hearty yam and egg meal at a local buka in Badagry. You can take a tricycle of 100 to the beach. This beach is a very popular beach in Badagry Lagos.

At this beach, you can have access to the beach huts for free. Fun things you can do at Suntan beach include horse riding, playing soccer at the beach bank, or playing board games with your friends. This beach is also perfect for pre-wedding shoots.

Visit Gberefu Island ( Point of no return)

This island was named as the point of no return as any slave that got here is shipped of overseas. Now a tourist attraction to many, this is a budget friendly beach in badagry to visit.

So if you a place to a explore after seeing the slave trade museum, it only make sense to visit Gberefu. It is a very neat beach with its architecture building still intact.

The entry fee to this beach is ridiculously cheap. How do I get to gberefu island? You take ferry ride to cross over to this beach, then take a bike to the point of no return beach.

You can also opt to trek. However I don’t recommend this as it is a very long walk to the beach. I couldn’t help asking frequently, “Are we there yet?”. The while experience was fun and I enjoyed my stay.

Fun things to do in Badagry Lagos

Best places to stay in Badagry Lagos

The road to Badagry Lagos is quite terrible. Although, it still under construction for a while now. So, I would recommend you stay at Badagry to enjoy a full day out.

One of the best hotels in badagry I would recommend is Rolling kings hotel. This hotel is quite new and very popular. The room at this hotel is about 12,000naira per night excluding breakfast. However, you can eat at the restaurant or order food in your room using the intercom.

Also, you have free access to the pool area as a resident of the hotel. The thing that stood for me at this hotel is their customer service and the pleasant attitude of the staff. Even when I really needed a towel from them, I waited for as long as it took just because of the attitude of their staff. Click here to book similar hotel in Badagry, Lagos.

So, if you’re at Badagry Lagos, here are my top 5 best things to do at Badagry. Another fun thing to do is to go sightseeing around O2. They have some of the artsy and old house that you’d love. Also, you can visit the Badagry slave market too.

Places to stay in Badagry Lagos

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