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9 Best free things to do in Lagos || Fun things to do

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Lagos is a hub for tourism, fun, food and nightlife to remember. Since I moved to Lagos, I have been exploring as much places that I can. I have been to places that are free to access and other places that are paid. One of my best places so far is the Lagos beaches. My favorite is Lekki Leisure Lake. You can read my post post on Lekki Leisure Lake. This beach is not free to access though. The free things you can explore in Lagos are fun too. So, I will be sharing my 9 best free things to do in Lagos. These places are perfect if you need fun things to do on a budget in Lagos state. Also, these places are both on the mainland and Lagos island. However, if you’re on Lagos island, you can read my post on 10 best places to visit in Lekki.

Bogobiri House

Bogobiri house is a fun place in Lagos you need to know. It is also a free place to visit. There are so many fun things you can do. You can go sight seeing at the art gallery. Also, you can treat your self to a hearty meal at the bogobiri house bamboo restaurant.

You can also choose to lodge in their rooms. They offers are array of dishes from local dishes like Afam, banga soup straight from their Orisirishi kitchen. So, if you’re looking need a place for nice breakfast meal, bogobiri house is the place to be.

You can also shop for souvenirs for yourself at this place. This you can get at just beside Orishirishi kitchen or at the reception of Bamboo restaurant.

How do I get to Bogobiri House?

The next thing how can you get to bogobiri house. It is located at 9 Maitama Sule St, Ikoyi, Lagos. I normally just take a bike from Onikan to Bogobiri house. However, you can take a bus going to Awolowo road and stop at Raymond Njoku street. Bogobiri House is just a short distance from the street.

What kind of breakfast is served at Bogobiri House?

Bogobiri house has so many options of breakfast meals you can choose from. You can opt for as low yam and omelet or other intercontinental options too.

You can also get different options of drinks both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. I love the non-alcoholic options. ( for obvious reasons though).

Visit Lagos parks (Laspark).

Another free and Fun thing to do in Lagos is to visit any Lagos parks. There are so many parks in Lagos you can explore. However, for the purpose of this post, I will talk only on the free parks. During the pandemic most this parks were restricted. So, are parks opened in Lagos now? Yes they are. Most of these parks are now open for use.

MuriOkunola Park

Muriokunola park formerly known as clover leaf park is another place to visit in Lagos for free. It is one of the best parks in Lagos to visit.

Muriokunola is located close to Law school bus stop. There are so many fun things you can do this park. You can have a picnic, host wedding party or birthday shoot at this park. Most parks in Lagos do not charge to take pictures with phones. However, you need to pay a fee to take pictures with professional cameras. Parks are one of the best places to get married on a budget. You can click here to read my post other ideas to plan the best frugal (Cheap) wedding.

Other Lagos parks that you can access for free is Ndubuisi Kanu park and JJT park. These parks are located at Ikeja beside the Lagos state secretariat, a few distance from the famous ShopRite mall. I love these parks because they offer free WIFI especially JJT park. You can also visit these parks for your pre-wedding shoots, to host a party or picnic.

JJT park, 9 best Free things to do in Lagos

University of Suya

One street food in Nigeria that you can get any where is Suya. Suya is mostly sold at Night. However, there are some places in Lagos that you can get Suya during day. One of such place is the Oniru private beach. This private beach in Lagos offers a lot of finger foods inclusive of Suya.

There so many places you can get Suya in Lagos. This is because it is sold just by the street side. University of Suya at Ikeja, Allen bus stop is one the best Suya I have ever tried.

This place opens in the evening. They offers an array of Suya options from beef, gizzard and Special Suya. I love the special Suya because this is more like steamed options instead of the usual roasted Suya. Click below to Watch my vlog on University of Suya.

New Afrika Shrine/ Fela Shrine

Fela Shrine is another fun place to visit in Lagos for free. This shrine is known as the New Afrika shrine. In this place the yearly felabration take place. Hosted Yearly by his children. Aside the Felabration, you can visit the shrine just to enjoy good music and eat finger foods.

However, I would not recommend this place for Kids. This because most Lout lounge around this place to smoke. Although, the no smoking sign is bolding placed at Fela shrine. I enjoyed my visit dancing to Fela’s music. ( Actually I not really a fan of Highlife music, but my dad loves his songs). You can visit on Thursday night for free shows with Femi Kuti.

Nike Art Gallery

Do you love arts and crafts? If you do, you will get to see a lot of them at Nike art gallery. Nike art gallery is a four storey building full of arts and crafts. I love this place a lot. On my visit, I could get to really enjoy the arts. There are so many paintings and art works from the ground floor to the top floor.

Another thing I love is the craft furniture. Some of this furniture are made from wood, recycle rubber tyres and metals. You can shop for furniture for hotels or resorts from Nike art gallery. Also, if you can afford it, you can get the crafty furniture for your home too. Nike art gallery is free to access. You can walk from 8am and the closing time is 6pm.

Nike art gallery Lagos

National Museum

Another fun and free place to visit in Lagos is National museum. I can bet all the money in bank account that you never knew Nigeria has a national museum. This museum is at onikan, close to Onikan city mall.

National Museum is also free to access. However, most bloggers who has visited states that you are not allowed to take pictures or videos at the museum. You are allowed to take pictures in the compound of the museum. There are some art and crafts scattered around the building.

Okay guys, let’s get to why I couldn’t have access to this national museum. I just found out about this museum before the lockdown. So, I was excited to visit after the lockdown. I have tried thrice to visit this museum but told that their staff are at home. Only their bosses are allowed in. Hopefully, when we all get vaccinated or Miss Rona leaves, I will visit and definitely share my experience.

Lekki Art and Craft market

Lekki arts and craft is another of the 9 best free places to visit in Lagos. This place is a market for arts and craft items located at Elegushi road. Lekki arts and craft is not easy to locate. However, you can ask from the traders to direct you to the arts and craft market.

Lekki arts and craft market has so many beautiful items from fashion clothes, bags, crafty items like sculpted chess boards, crafty furniture and paintings too. The traders are the Lekki arts and craft market are very friendly. So, if you are not ready to shop, you can get their business cards.

Also, you can enjoy local dishes from the bukka at this market. I enjoyed a hearty meal from this market. You can also shop from Lekki arts and crafts market from your home. All you need to do is order to get the contact of the seller and get your orders delivered to you.

Lekki arts and Craft Market Lagos
Mini Bag delivered from Lekki arts and Craft market

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