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New Afrika Shrine Lagos: Is it worth the visit?


The late Fela Anikulapo is an icon that lives on in our hearts. So, to immortalize him, his children kept his memory alive through the Kalakuta museum. You can read my post on all you need to know about the Kalakuta museum. Another such place to visit is the New Afrika shrine Lagos.

The New Afrika shrine Lagos is a re-incarnation of the famous old Lagos club founded by Fela. In this club, he did his performances. Also, as an activist, they talk about politics and other pain points of Nigeria’s leadership. However, the place was burnt down in the 1970s by the government. I recently visited the New Afrika shrine in Lagos and here is all you need to know before visiting.

New Afrika Shrine Lagos: Location and Gate fee

New Afrika shrine is Located at NERDC road, Agidingbi, Ikeja. So, if you want to visit, take a bus to Ikeja along. From Ikeja under the bridge, take a bus going to Agidingbi, stop at the technical road bus stop. It is a walking distance of this bus stop.

The New Afrika shrine is open all days of the week. Also, there is no entrance fee. However, you will be required to use your nose mask before access.

Although, tourists are mandated to use their nose masks before entry. It is not really a requirement because my sibling and I were the only ones using masks on my visit.

Also, the Shrine is accessible to people of all kinds. I almost left because there were all sorts of individuals there. You are free to do anything you want as far as you don’t hurt others.

If you can’t bear the fumes from cigarettes that were everywhere, this place is not for you. I can say that I inhaled the highest cigarette smoke of my life.

The sad part is that you can see clearly the no smoking sign in strategic places. However, it is not an issue at this shrine.

The New Afrika Shrine Lagos

Things to do at New Afrika Shrine Lagos

New Afrika Shrine is a theatre for musical performances. As you all know two of Fela’s sons are into music like their father. The eldest Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti who is just like their father in his kind of music.

Below are some things you can do on your visit.

  1. Treat yourself to some African dishes at the NAS Kitchen: The restaurant is just inside the New Afrika shrine. I did not try out the dishes though. However, if you would love to eat while enjoying the music of Fela at this Shrine, check out NAS Kitchen. Aside from the restaurant, you can also get finger foods like suya or drinks at the bar. I went for the suya and a yogurt drink for about 1500naira ( suya-500naira, yogurt-1000naira). I have never seen such a thick yogurt in my life. It was a struggle to pour its content into my cup. Lol.
  2. Attend Felabration: The yearly celebration occurs at the New Afrika shrine. This is to celebrate Fela by hosting a lot of music performances you’d love. Felabration occurs in the week of Fela’s birthday in October. So, if you want to have a fun time at this shrine, attend Felabration. Also, you can attend type weekly performances by his sons. Seun Kuti plays every last Saturday of the month while Femi Kuti plays for free every Thursday. I would recommend you visit the New Afrika shrine on these days to enjoy the shows and get the best out of your visit.
  3. Shop for Souvenirs: I love to shop for souvenirs whenever I visit a place. So, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get something for myself and my family. I bought a bracelet for a friend. You can shop for artsy gifts at the souvenir shop in the Afrika shrine. Most of the items are affordable too.
Fealabration at the New Afrika shrine Lagos

The yearly Felabration is so much fun in Lagos. So, if you need a reason to visit the New Afrika shrine in Lagos, go for Felabration. Click here to book affordable hotels in Lagos if you need a place to stay in Lagos.

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