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Best Cheap Luxury hotel in Lagos: Boss hotels and suites


There are so many fun things to do in Lagos state Nigeria. So, it is not surprising that there are so many hotels too. Lagos has different types of hotels that can fit any budget. You can opt for a luxury hotel or a budget friendly hotel. Boss hotels and suites is one of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to lodge. I stayed in this hotel yet got great value for my money. This hotel is quite new and offers affordable luxury stays on a budget. You can get a standard room for one night for just 10,000naira per night. Also, it is a bed and breakfast hotel which is a plus.

So, if you need the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay, opt for boss hotels and suites.

Boss hotels and suites: Hotels in Lagos to know

There are so many cheap hotels in Lagos you can stay. So, if you are Lagos, you can be sure of affordable hotel to stay. One of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay is Boss hotels and suites. Boss hotels and suites is located at 14/18, Oseni Agoro street, Oshodi Isolo.

How to locate Boss hotels and suites is quite easy. You can take a bus to Oshodi Express, Then take another bus to Mile 2. Alight at Barlette bus stop, take a bike to boss hotels and suites. The road on bike to this hotel is not so great. However, if you’re driving, it is still quite good.

Best cheap luxury hotels in Lagos

Types of Rooms

Boss hotels and suites is one of the best cheap luxury hotels you can stay in Lagos. They offer 3 different types of room; Executive, Deluxe room and Signature suites.

I stayed at the Deluxe room that cost 10000 naira per night. All their rooms can allow up to 3 guest. However, in my case we were 4 guest in my room. The bed is quite large to fit in all of us. (Well my siblings and I are quite slim). So, if you want to stay at boss hotels, you can only come with 3 guest per room.

There are several perks offers to the room. You can their menu for you to make orders of food for your room. Also, you can use their laundry services with the price list available at the rooms. This service is perfect if you need to stay longer and do your dry cleaning with ease.

I love the Deluxe room I stayed in. It is so beautiful. Also, the hotel uses a key card to access the room as well as to put on the light. I felt secure in the room as it can only be opened from inside without the key card. So, any one who want to access the room have to knock.

My only issue with room is that the TV only shows old movies. I wish I could use my own Netflix on their TV but don’t know how to work it. The room has a cupboard to put in your things. Also, the bathroom offers a warm and cold bath. I love that they provided a detachable shower so you don’t wet your wigs or braids. Click here to book your reservation. You can also make your reservation at the hotel reception.

Other Facilities at Boss hotels and suites.

Boss hotel and suites offers free wifi to guest. Also, the room has a couch and table so you work with ease in your room. They offer complimentary breakfast to all guest. However, the breakfast meal is one per room. So, if you’re more than one in the room, just get breakfast for others.

Boss hotels and suites has a Bar and lounge area accessible to guest. Also, it has a restaurant where you can get food too. I got Asun for my siblings just inside the hotel compound for just 500naira per plate. So, if you love finger foods, you will love it there.

They have a night club available at Boss hotels. So, if you love to club, you can easily go to their night club to have fun. There is also live music performance you can enjoy at this hotel. So, if you need an hotel to stay in Lagos on budget, opt for Boss hotels and suites. It is one of the best cheap luxury hotel in Lagos to stay. However, if you are close to Ikeja, you can stay at Kelsey Greene villa. You can read my post on Kelsey Greene villa one of the best hotels to stay at Ikeja on a budget.

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