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Bogobiri House Lagos: Fun things to do and know


Bogobiri house is one of the finest and most affordable boutique hotels you need to know about. It is also known as the ancient birthplace of Uthman Dan Fodio. I read about this place from a blogger’s post. However, I put off seeing this place because I presumed that it is just a hotel. Bogobiri House Lagos is more than a boutique hotel as they offer other unique experiences. So, if you are not lodging, you can still visit this place. I love the artsy outlook and bamboo craft of the Bogobiri house. If so if you’re an art lover, definitely visit this place. Below are things you need to know and fun activities you can do at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi.

Bogobiri House Ikoyi Lagos restaurant

Bogobiri House Lagos, Location and entry fee.

Bogobiri house is located at 9, Maitama Sule street, Ikoyi. From Obalende, you can take a bus going to Awolowo road and stop at the nearest bus stop (Grillo), which is a short distance from Maitama Sule. Also, you can opt to take a bike for 300 naira to Bogobiri house at Maitama Sule street.

I prefer to use bikes because the driver will drop you just in front of the building. Bogobiri house architecture and artsy look stand out in this estate.

Bogobiri House Lagos gate fee

How much is the entry fee to Bogobiri house Ikoyi?

Just like said earlier, Bogobiri house is a boutique hotel. However, you can visit it for free any time of the day. If you’d prefer to Lodge, click here to book your stay at Bogobiri house for under $70 per night. Compare prices via trivago already linked for the cheapest prices. The prices are available on the website.

Bogobiri house offers other services to their lodgers which include free wifi services, airport pick-up, and paid vacation services. So, If you’re looking for an affordable honeymoon destination, opt for Bogobiri house Lagos.

Fun things to do at Bogobiri House Ikoyi

There are a lot of fun activities and things you can do at Bogobiri. Below are some of the places to explore and things to do.

Visit the Art Gallery

Bogobiri House Ikoyi is a home for art lovers. This you can tell from the design and decorations. I love the colorful gate, stone wall with the name inscribed, sculptures, and crafts. This you will see as you explore this place.

However, you can visit the Nimbus Art gallery to see the paintings and sculptures. They have so many lovely paintings displayed at this gallery. So, you can explore the paintings freely at the gallery. Although, the gallery is currently undergoing renovations. The renovation work ongoing is quite fast and will be concluded in no time.

Bamboo Bar and Restaurant

The first place that most tourists to Bogobiri’s house enter are the Bamboo bar and restaurant. On my previous visit, I never knew that this place is a restaurant/bar. The roof and bar are made of bamboo giving an African touch. You can enter the bar freely to sit. The staff is very cordial so you need not worry about being hassled to buy anything.

You can order intercontinental and local dishes or drinks. I enjoyed a hearty meal from the Orishirishi Kitchen. This kitchen offers a variety of dishes like breakfast meals for as low as 2,750 naira (dried fish stew with boiled yam. You can also opt for seafood for 6000 naira and above.

I opted for a local African dish ( Banga soup and semo) for 2500 naira (plus beef, goat meat, or fish). Although, the semo was quite small. So, if you have a large appetite, you can request for more semo. I really enjoyed my meal as the Banga soup was tasty.

If you prefer intercontinental dishes, you can also opt for them. You will be given the menu to make your choice of meals. So, you can choose the meal of your choice based on your pocket of course. Also, you buy their drinks too. I took Chapman for just 1500 naira at the bar.

There are expensive or cheap drinks at the bar. The menu will also be provided for you. I wish I could try out their Italian red wine though. However, the attendant could not guarantee that it was non-alcoholic wine. So, if you drink alcohol, you will have so many drink options to try out at Bogobiri House Lagos.

Bogobiri house Lagos

Orishirishi Kitchen and Stone bar

Bogobiri House Lagos has an Orishirishi kitchen that makes the most delicious African dishes you can think of. The interior decoration of the kitchen is lovely. You can order and eat your meals at Orishirishi kitchen directly. Also, you can check out the stone bar beside the kitchen.

At this kitchen, Bogobiri host some of its events. There is also a band that guest artists use for their performances in the kitchen. So, you can enjoy a hearty meal and get entertained at the same time.

Orishirishi kitchen also has a rich cookbook. There you can learn how to prepare Nigerian delicacies for your family. If you want to learn dishes aside from your tribe, definitely buy this cookbook for your use. The comprehensive cookbook cost 25,000 naira. You can also shop each delicacy you want to try out on the Orishirishi page on their website for as low as 1000 naira (preorder). The price is worth it as the book is packed full of so many dishes to try out.

Bogobiri House Lagos restaurant

Shop the Gift Shop

Anytime I explore a new place, I love to shop for souvenirs for myself and my family. Bogobiri House Lagos also has a gift shop at its reception in the Bamboo bar and restaurant. You can shop for Ankara bags, raffia bags, craft cups, beaded jewelry, and the Orishirishi cookbook.

Also, you can check out the art and craft stores close to the gallery. They have an assortment of African fabrics, custom-made handbags, jewelry, and leather fashion products. I love their Adire ready-made wear a lot. I sell adire fabrics too but the Adire dresses are made of silk. However, the price depends on your ability to haggle prices. I bought my dress for 2500 naira.

You can pay for items at the Bogobiri house with your card or cash. However, the sellers at the arts and craft store only accept cash or transfer. If you’re looking for another place to shop for more options of Nigerian arts and crafts, visit the lekki arts and craft market.

Things to do in Ikoyi Lagos

BRT Roof Top

Another part of Bogobiri house you need to explore is the BRT rooftop. The entrance is painted with the color yellow typical of Lagos buses. I love the rooftop. It has some paintings, historical pictures, and sculptures and the best part for me is the furniture. All the chairs are unique and artsy.

On the rooftop, a lot of events also take place. One of such is the live music fest on Saturdays’. It starts from 7 pm till dawn. You can enjoy a live performance from artists all night. The live music fest is free to attend every Saturday. Other events that place at Bogobiri house include the open mic on Thursdays, Freedom hall, and Tuesday Taruwa- Spoken word.

Bogobiri house Ikoyo BRT Rooftop

Book a stay

Bogobiri House Lagos has lovely rooms you can book for yourself. They offer planned activities for their guest for extra fees. Also, as stated earlier, they offer free wifi, chauffeur services, etc. So, if you’re just coming into the country and need a place, book bogobiri house.

As content creators, you can visit this place to take good pictures. Also, if need a secluded place to work, you visit the bogobiri house. If you need a romantic getaway or a brief holiday, opt for this house. Staying over at Bogobiri lodge is top of my bucket list vacation spot. I will definitely share my experience on the blog.

Also, you check out my sister’s channel for a tour of Bogobiri’s house.

Bogobiri House Lagos Gift shop

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