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Fashion Girl holiday packing list, 20 travel essentials to Never Forget

Today, I’m here for the fashion girlies who might be confused about what should be part of their holiday packing list. I always tell people that what you pack can influence the mood for the holiday. Now the question is, what must be in my holiday box? 

With the excitement that comes with the holiday spirit, it would only be proper to pack the right travel essentials. Sometimes, the excitement gets you overwhelmed and you tend to forget some essential items. 

Trust me, being fashionable while on your trip is one of the best things you can do for your holiday. So, I’m writing this article as a reminder of your must-have packing list to stay chic and fabulous throughout your holiday. 

Holiday packing list

This fashion girl holiday packing list has gotten me through my years of travel. I never travel with these travel essentials for women.

A Pair of Comfortable Jeans 

How are you packing for a holiday with a pair of comfy jeans? The versatility of jeans cannot be overemphasized as you can wear them in many ways during the holiday. You can also pair them with any desired footwear to get your fashion funk on the way. All you need to do is to ensure that your jeans fit perfectly and you’re good to go!

Holiday packing list

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A Pair of Sunglasses

I’ve never understood how people travel without a pair of sunglasses, especially when traveling during the summer! Sunglasses are the starter pack of any vacation! These sunglasses will protect your eyes, but they also make your face pop. 

One tip I have to share is that you go for chic sunglasses instead of regular ones. Also, ensure that your sunglasses fit your face. 

Fashion girl holiday packing list

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Are you really going on a vacation if you have not packed your swimsuit? A swimsuit is a must for any fashion girls’ holiday packing list! 

I’m not here to make recommendations as there are lots of stylish swimsuits out there. One thing about swimsuits is that they have a way of making you feel sexy and more confident. 

Don’t hold back from picking a swimsuit that flatters your body!

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For an effortless and stylish look, pack a jumpsuit! It’s no wonder that this is a personal favorite for me. 

It’s a one-piece wonder that requires minimal effort but makes a maximum impact. Choose a style that suits your body type and can be easily accessorized. As a plus, they do not take up so much space in the box.

Little Black Dress

I’d honestly be so surprised if there is any lady or girlie who doesn’t own a little black dress! Its versatile nature makes it a must-have for any fashionista. 

The beauty of a little black dress is always surreal as it leaves you looking simple but chic at all times. Interestingly, it can leave you looking dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Travel packing list

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Cmon! Hope you’re not giving me a doubtful look while reading this. Of course, I would pack a scarf when going for a holiday as bad hair days wouldn’t take care of themselves!

There are times when bad hair days would want to ruin the fun, but a scarf comes in handy. I also love how it works as an accessory to give an uplift to outfits.

If you are still wondering why you need a scarf as part of your holiday packing list, learn more ways to wear scarves.

White T-Shirt

One of the commonest feelings bound to occur during a vacation is feeling like you have nothing to wear. You’re looking at your packed box but nothing seems right to wear at that moment. 

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to go for a white T-shirt. It pairs well with jeans, skirts, or shorts, you can also accessorize it with statement pieces as you deem fit. Basic T-shirts is a must have for my holiday packing list. So I have linked two colors that you need ASAP.

Travel fashion girl packing list

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Must have holiday packing list

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Statement Earrings

Talking about statement pieces, a statement earring is the one travel essential you must pack when going on a holiday. Even in times when you think you look casual, these statement earrings would add to your glam and cause heads to turn. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, these are the perfect items. 

A Jacket

There may be unexpected weather changes when you travel to a new place. It is why I always advise that there should be a jacket in your box. 

In addition, it adds an effortless cool factor to any outfit. So yes, it classifies as a stylish accessory for your outfit. 


Wouldn’t you want to show off your legs while on holiday? If you travel during the summer, you’ve gotten the perfect excuse to flaunt those legs and give yourself a confidence boost. 

Shorts are perfect for places with a hot atmosphere. They are perfect for casual outings and leave you feeling good about yourself. 

What to pack for holiday

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Tote Bag

I became a tote girlie some years ago and I’ve been hooked since then. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the confusion of trying to fit their outfit with the perfect bag. It is why you need a tote bag as it is almost always a perfect fit. 

It also has space to contain all your essentials. What matters is that you choose a tote bag that is aesthetically pleasing. 

Statement Blouse

A blouse may not be the first thing on your mind when packing for a holiday. However, when paired perfectly, blouses have a way of transforming your style. 

Blouses are also versatile as you can style them with shorts, jeans, and even skirts. So, ensure that there is at least one statement blouse when packing for a holiday. 


There was a time when I never understood why people always wore those big hats. But soon, I realized that they come in handy as accessories. 

So, hats are dual-purpose while on a holiday. They help protect you from the sun and also add glam to any outfit, transforming you from regular to unique. 

Stylish Belt

Do you know the wonders you can do to your outfit when you add a belt? Here is no reason why any girlie shouldn’t own a stylish belt. 

It gives a fashionable touch to your outfits and leaves you looking classy. By just adding a belt, you can take your style from zero to a hundred. 

Maxi Dress

It’s time to look like a big aunty by rocking a maxi dress! These dresses require minimal effort which is why they’ve become a favorite for many people. 

They also have a way of making you feel more feminine while still being comfortable. Every lady needs a maxi dress, especially when going on holiday. 

Midi Skirt

As a girlie, you need outfits that would leave you feeling and looking more feminine. One of such outfits is a midi skirt. 

It is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. You can rock a midi skirt with almost any top you desire and it is also not selective of footwear. 

Statement Necklace

Your accessory set isn’t complete if you do not own and pack a statement necklace when going for a holiday. I don’t know how it happens, but a statement necklace would always elevate your outfit. 

It leaves you looking classy and stylish. It is also a way of getting constant compliments if you do not mind. 


As much as you desire to be comfortable, you need to pack at least one pair of heels when traveling for a holiday. You never can tell, you might get invited to a dinner or any event that requires you to wear heels. 

Heels also transform your regular-looking dresses. I am not a heel girls. However, you need a pair of heels for a day out partying, for a date, or for going out.

New to heels, check out my post on the ultimate guide to shopping heels.

Comfy Lounge Wear

You also need to pack something comfortable for relaxing in your hotel room. The idea of packing fashion items isn’t always for others to see. It’s also to leave you feeling good while on your trip. 

Choose soft fabrics and stylish designs to feel both comfortable and fashionable. I love loungewear, especially jogger sets. They are perfect work-from-home outfits. Also, perfect for Netflix and chill.

This Linen pants from Banana republic is so chic. Perfect for lounging and still good enough if you need to dash out.

Travel essential for women

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Portable Steamer

To wrap it up, you need something that keeps your clothes wrinkle-free, which is why you must pack a portable steam. 

Time for a holiday? Grab your suitcase and let’s get packing! Other travel essentials for you to shop on Amazon are packing cubes, and travel bags, among others. Click here to check my Amazon store for travel essentials that I highly recommend.

Packing list for travel

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