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5 fashion statement pieces to elevate your outfits


Fashion statement pieces are stand-out pieces you need in your wardrobe. They are the first thing people notice as soon you enter a gathering. Statement pieces make it easy to style your outfit effortlessly. Do statement pieces have to be expensive or luxurious? You may ask. Of course not.

You can make a statement with your jewelry or just a piece of outfit that just stands out. So, to help you dress stylishly and make a statement in your dressing. Here are 5 fashion statement pieces you should buy in 2020.

Statement Belt

Statement belts are a must-have wardrobe essential for women you need right now. Although personally, I rarely use belts because I prefer my pants or skirts to fit. However, statement belts are a simple way to make your outfit pop with less effort.

You can style a basic top and pants with unique statement fashion belts for women. Statement belts include those with large buckles, belts with waist bags, or prints like leopard, zebra, or polka dot belts.

Bold color accessories

My best fashion statement pieces are bold color accessories. These are bold color handbags, sneakers, or pumps. A simple way to elevate your basics is with bold color accessories. You can add these accessories to your outfit as a pop of color. You can also go all out by using your shoes for color blocking. You can opt for print on shoes like polka dots, or zebra prints on shoes as a statement piece.

To make a statement with your shoes, opt for a nice pair of leopard print loafers or vibrant neon colors to complete your look. This will make you stand out and of course, make a fashion statement.

Pastel color Blazers

Pastel blazers are versatile must-have fashion statement pieces you need RN. I love blazers as a working professional as it is an easy way to dress stylishly for your cold office. However, I prefer long blazers in pastel colors. They are statement pieces you can wear to dress up your outfit in a subtle yet stylish way.

You can wear your long blazers with a dress, with matching color pants or a skirt as a suit. There are several ways to wear blazers for work or casually. You can wear blazers for the red carpet or simply as a regular going-out outfit.

Colorful silk Scarves

Another fashion piece you need to make a statement is scarves. Scarves are a useful statement accessory you must invest in for your closet. You can elevate your outfits with scarves. There are several ways to wear scarves with all the outfits in your wardrobe effortlessly.

You can wear scarves as a belt, a neckerchief, a subtle tie or to add color to your bag.

Statement Bags

Statement bags are another best fashion statement pieces you need to buy ASAP. I love good statement bags. Statement bags can be as simple as designer dupes or a bag with a unique structure. These types of bags make your outfit stand out.

You can wear a simple dress and add a statement bag to it to take the outfit up a notch. Most of my statement bags are designer dupes. Dupes are affordable designer brands more like designer lookalikes or replicas. So, you get to use some of your favorite designer brands for way less. I will link some of my favorites for you to buy below.

Best Fashion statement pieces to shop

Statement pieces are a must-have for every lady. I am always on the lookout for options to shop whenever I am online. Below are some of my favorites to shop. Trust me you’d need them.

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