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Where to shop the best designer dupes in 2022

Every lady needs a statement fashion piece in her closet. Undoubtedly, luxury fashion pieces are a way to make a statement. However, we all know that buying luxury pieces can cost an arm and a leg. And not all of us are privileged to have enough to splurge on luxury items. Personally, I drool over luxury pieces but my love ends with seeing them on the runway. This is because owning luxury fashion items that costs between 800-2500 USD will eat deep into my pocket. Dupes on the other hand is a great alternative for designer-inspired fashion pieces for a fraction of the price. So, you get to own designer-inspired pieces at a price way less than the retail price of the designer item. This post is a round list of where to shop the best designer dupes in 2020.

Where to shop the best designer dupes

There is so many fast-fashion online brands that sell designer dupes at a very affordable price. My personal favorite is shein. Shein is my go-to fashion brand for all my fashion needs from accessories, jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc. They also sell trendy designer dupes which I love especially the bags.

One of the bags I have always wanted to own- the Balenciaga-inspired dumpling bag, I got it on shein. Although the bag is a mini bag with two straps: a leather and chain link. This bag I can wear as a shoulder bag for work or a handbag for a date night.

Another designer dupe bag I bought from shein is the Dior Inspired Saddlebag. The saddlebag trend is such that has been here for two years now so it is slowly becoming a staple. I love Dior bags but I can’t afford this brand yet. So, shein offers designer dupes for Dior-inspired bags. In my last dupe haul, I bought two of the Dior-inspired dupes and I hope to own more. You can also check out my post for a review of my haul of shein.

The last designer dupe bag that I bought from shein is a Prada inspired multi-pochette bag. Multi pochette bags are huge this year as most designer brands are cashing in on this trend. I love all the multi-pochette bags, especially the Louis Vuitton multi-pochette accessoires bags. They are so chic. You can wear multi-pochette bags as statement pieces for your outfit.

Other places to shop designer dupes

Another place you get designer dupes is Etsy. Etsy is an online brand for affordable fashion and lifestyle products. You can lovely designer dupe bags, shoes, etc from Etsy. Also, Etsy offers pre-loved designers that at less price, if you prefer to shop designers instead of dupes.

Fast fashion sites like H& M, Zara, and Top Shop are other best places to shop for designer dupes. These brands offers designer dupes off the runway. So, for trendy designer dupes, shop from these brands.

Best places to shop designer dupe bags

Shop the best designer dupes handbag or lookalike in 2022 below

Shop Bottega Veneta Pouch bag

Buy Vanity designer dupe bag

Drew Top Handle Mini Grab Bag In Purple Faux Leather

Click here to shop Jacquemus Mini Bag

Vega Knotted Strap Grab Bag In Khaki Green Faux Fur

Click here to shop Single Knot bag

Designer dupe hand bags

Buy Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Bag with coin purse

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