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Zaful review: where to buy cheap women clothes

Zaful Review of Mini bags

I love budget shopping a lot. So, I am always on the lookout for online clothing stores for women that are affordable. Zaful is one of the best online stores you can quality yet affordable clothes for women. They offer clothes for women of all body types. Also, they sell accessories like bags, shoes, or hats you can shop for your closet. Zaful has some of the best swimwear or bikini sets you need for your summer. If you need where to buy cheap women clothes that are of great quality, opt for Zaful. I would recommend Zaful for its summery Zaful dresses, travel outfits, and of course bikini sets. I tested this brand, so, I will be sharing my Zaful review below. Also, you can use my discount code: HJDW to get 17% off your order.

Are Zaful and shein the same?

Most shoppers feel Zaful and shein are alike. Actually, both brands are different. However, in terms of affordability, Zaful is another site like Shein. They offer cheap clothes for women. Also, both brands have a plus-size section too. So, if you need Shein alternative, opt for Zaful.

Which countries does Zaful deliver to?

Zaful ships to all countries except some selected African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya. However, if you’re in Nigeria, you can ship to the US or UK and deliver to Nigeria using HOR logistics. You can click here to read my post on how to shop from the US or UK and ship to Nigeria. It takes about 3-5 working days to get the order delivered to you in the USA. However, this depends on where you stay in the US.

Zaful Review

Zaful website is quite easy to navigate. You can search for what you using the search box. Also, you can search from the categories for different options like Zaful Dresses or Zaful bikini sets on the website.

I love this website because of its collection of lovely travel outfit options. Zaful is also my go-to place to shop for bikini sets. They sell trendy swimwear pieces. So, if you need where to shop for a trendy swimwear outfit, check out Zaful. You can also read my post on the best summer swimwear trends to shop in 2021.

From Zaful, I bought a cow print bucket hat, a mini bag ( with trendy chain straps), and Bandeau high waist bikini set. Below is my review of the items.

Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is a summer must-have for 2021. I love this trend a lot. The bucket I bought from Zaful is a cow print hat. I love the cow print. It is of good quality too.

You can wear bucket hats to the beach on your swim dress or bikini sets. Also, you can wear a bucket hat with your casual outfits. I love to wear buckets as a beach hat. So, if you need a beach hat for your trip to the beach, a bucket hat is a great option. Click here to shop bucket hats from Zaful. Don’t forget to use my code to get 17% off your order.

Click here to shop for $8.52

Mini bags

Mini bags are another accessory you need in 2021. I love mini bags. They are super cute. This year is all about the chain straps on bags.

Zaful offers so nice pieces of mini bags you can shop for your closet. You can shop for mini shoulder bags, tote bags, and designer lookalike bags from Zaful.

You can wear your mini bags as a crossbody to run errands. Also, mini bags are chic for a date night too. My mini bag from Zaful is so beautiful. I love the bag as it is of good quality too. I wear it to work or as well as for casual outings. IT fits most of my essentials: nose mask, lipstick, mobile phone ( Of course), a pen or glasses, etc. Click here to shop for mini bags from Zaful.


Click here to shop for $21.99

High waisted Bikini set

The last item I bought was a Zaful Bikini set. It is a purple high-waisted bikini set. I bought a Large size in error. So, I will definitely gift it to a sibling.

The quality of the bikini set is great for its price. I would recommend you shop for bikini sets or Zaful swimwear for your closet. It is quite affordable and of good quality. You can wear this high-waisted bikini set alone or with beach coverups. Click here to shop for bikini sets from Zaful.

Click here to shop Zaful Bikini sets

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