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How to shop from US and ship to Nigeria

How to shop from US and ship to Nigeria

Shopping from online stores in the US or UK to Nigeria is sometimes impossible. I love to shop online fashion brand for most of my outfit. However, the cost of shipping such item to Nigeria is expensive. Also some of these online brands do not ship directly to Nigeria. I had to let go of a lot of lovely fashion pieces due to shipping restrictions to Nigeria. In order to get lovely fashion items abroad to Nigeria, I came across a lot brands. Some of them were so expensive- I regret using them to ship to Nigeria. You can read my review of MyUs shipping. However, I have also enjoyed shipping to Nigeria from US at a cheaper rate. This post will cover how to shop from US and ship to Nigeria at an affordable rate using Horlogistics.

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How to ship to Nigeria Using Horlogistics.

There are countless trendy pieces I had to let go of because there are no shipping options to Nigeria. Brands like Amazon, I rarely shop from because of the cost of shipping. Sometimes, it is higher than the item I want to purchase. One brand that has made shipping easy and less expensive to Nigeria that I love is Horlogisitics.

Horlogisitics is a logistic company that ships items both locally and internationally. They offers their services to online shoppers as well as e-commerce business that ships globally. Their platform is easy to use. All you need to do is to create a profile through their website.

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So, to shop online from UK or US brands, they will provide you a US shipping address. This you will get from your dashboard- Check out assistance. All you need to do is to use the provided US address as delivery address on the website you’re shopping from. Most times shipping to US from online fashion brands are free. So, I only have to pay for shipping from US to Nigeria. They brand will ship your item to Horlogistic handling office in US.

P.S. Always write your name/horlogistics along with the US address and mobile number while shopping online. This makes it easier for your brand to be identified and batched.

Tracking of items are also very easy. You can reach out to their customer service via mail with the tracking number of your product. Response is usually at least 1 business day.

The cost per shipping is per weight of the item. Also, you are to pay a handling fee of 5000 naira. You can either choose a pick up option if you stay in Lagos or door delivery. I love using this brand for shipping to Nigeria. This is because they make shopping from US so seamless and cheap. So, I get to buy anything I want online without any hassle.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All information provided are my own personal experience with this brand.

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