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Best Black Friday sales| what to buy on black Friday?

Best black Friday sales to buy

As a frequent online shopper, I am constantly on the lookout to save from my hauls. One of the ways I save on my fashion haul is by searching for the best black Friday sales. So, every year I start to get my wishlist together before the big day.

Black Friday is the craziest day to get the best deals on all categories of items. A lot of brands offer huge discounts- both online and in-store. I prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. I have also shared tips to help with online shopping like a pro. Black Fridays are always in the month of November. Many brands use this avenue to boost sales by offering discounts.

When is Black Friday 2022? Black Friday sales will commence on November 25 while Cyber Monday will be on the 28th of November. So in this post, I will be sharing tips on getting the best black Friday sales or Cyber Monday deals. Also, what to buy from the upcoming black Friday.

Why you should shop on Black Friday?

There are so many questions asked by shoppers to know if it is worth it to shop on Black Friday. Are items cheap on Black Friday? I will say yes. All brands are always competing to provide the best black Friday sales for shoppers. So, there will be so many price slashes and coupon codes that you can take advantage of.

Also, black Friday is an opportunity to shop for Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, secret Santa gifts for your colleagues, and holiday home decorations for the Christmas season. To get the best deals out there, do enough research to compare prices or brand offerings.

One website you can use is Honey. This site allows you to compare prices of items from brands to enable get the best deals. However, to make it easier for fashion shoppers, here are the places that I would recommend for the best black Friday sales.

Best black friday sales 2022

Tips for shopping the best black Friday deals

Many shoppers just hop on black Friday deals without planning. Just like every shopping, you need to make a list of what to buy on Black Friday.

Are you shopping for New year’s eve dresses, Christmas gift ideas, or Tech products for your home studio or office? Just make a list. Below are tips that will come in handy for you.

  • Make a list of what you need to buy from black Friday deals
  • Buy from brands that you’re familiar with offering discounts
  • Check the return policy of the brand. Online shopping is a hit or miss.
  • Make a list of similar brands you can shop in case your favorite brand sells out. i.e brands that sell similar items
  • Add honey chrome extension for Black Friday discounts or coupon codes. This extension surfs the web for the best deals for you to shop.
  • Seek ways tp earn as you spend. Honey can also help you earn cashback on some of your favorite brands.

Brands to buy the best black Friday sales this year

There are so many brands that offer great deals on black Friday. You can get discounts on fashion, electronics, etc. The best time to get discounts for tech items is during Cyber Monday sales. You can stock your tech gadgets like laptops, Mobile phone devices, accessories, vlogging kits, etc.

As earlier stated, shopping for black Friday is easier if you have your list of items you need. You can save items on your wishlist before black Friday. Brands tend to notify you of price drops on items saved on a wishlist.

Since we love fashion on this blog. Here are the best black Friday sales to shop in fashion and lifestyle categories.


Chicme is a trendy online fashion brand that I love to shop from. They offer stylish fashion pieces in categories like clothing, swimwear, accessories like bags and shoes, etc. Each year, this brand offers great Black Friday deals for shoppers.

You can also shop from this brand before black Friday. They constantly offer discounts and great deals for their shoppers all year round. The apex is black Friday of course.

Check Chicme fashion for work clothes for women, Fall or winter outfits, travel clothes for women, etc. I love to shop in chicme fashion a lot. They offer quality fashion pieces worth every penny you spend.

Best Black Friday deals

Jumia Black Friday deals

Jumia is an online brand that I also love to shop for fashion items. This brand is a host for a lot of sellers to showcase their products. One of the most competitive times to shop on Jumia is black Friday. The sellers on this platform in the need to drive traffic to their stores offer huge discounts during Black Friday.

Although Jumia has been able to dominate some parts of Africa like Nigeria and five other African countries. I love to shop for jumia black Friday deals, especially the electronics price slashes and of course fashion.

So, if you are like me who loves to start shopping for Christmas early. You can shop for your Christmas needs for your like kitchen appliances, a new TV set for your living room, or throw pillows for interior decorations. It is easier to shop when you download the Jumia app. This app makes it easier to switch between categories and brands to shop.

You can start saving to shop the best Black Friday deals on Jumia. I would not recommend you shop for your hair or wigs at Jumia. My experience shopping wig from a Jumia seller was not great. However, I love the items I have shopped for clothing and accessories. Especially, my ankara bag set. You can read my review of the ankara bag set I bought on Jumia.


Meshki is an Australian fashion brand that offers trendy fashion pieces tailored to your needs. I love this brand because they offer the best affordable party dresses or outfits. So, if you’re looking to shop lovely dressing for the prom, dinner, date night, or new years eve. This brand is your go-to brand.

Also aside from the party or glam outfit, you can also shop your basics, stay-at-home wear, loungewear, or work-from-home outfit. I love the loungewear options like work-from-home outfits. Since the pandemic, most of us work more at home for social distancing. So, If you’re in this category, shop the lounge or basics outfit for your closet. You can also read my post of stay at home outfit ideas.

Click here to shop black Friday deals on fashion on the Meshki website.

Best Black friday dresses

Click here to buy basic work-from-home dresses from Meshki


Another of the best black Friday sales to shop is from Zaful. Zaful is one of the best budget-friendly brands to shop for clothes and accessories for women.

It is my go-to brand to shop for travel clothes for women. I love their vacation outfit variations. Black Friday is one of the best times to get the best discounts on these categories.

If you’d be traveling on vacation for the holidays, you need to shop the best black Friday deals from Zaful. You get to shop the best swimsuit trends as well as vacation pieces at a huge discount.

Halloween Is Coming promotion
Halloween Is Coming


One of the best brands to shop for designer dupes is Aliexpress. They offer budget-friendly knock-off options for designer clothes for women, shoes, scarves, and handbags.

When it comes to designer dupes, I love to collect handbags. Tote handbags, Mini bags, baguettes, shoulder bags, beach straw handbags, etc.

If you love designer dupes as I do, take advantage of the Aliexpress black Friday sales to buy your favorite designer handbag dupes.


Ego shoes

Another site like Shein to shop for designer dupe shoes and handbags is Ego shoes. I love Ego shoes UK because of the quality of their product.

The quality is great for its price. If you need the latest fashion trends and designer handbags, check out ego shoes. They definitely have a dupe for the handbag on their website.

I will be on the lookout for black Friday deals from Ego shoes for my designer handbag dupe collection. I have so many on my wishlist that I can’t wait to shop.



Everything5pounds is my go-to fashion brand to shop for wardrobe must-haves for women and men. They sell nice basics and accessories all under 5pounds.

I also love this brand because they also offer occasionally 2.5pounds sales. Everything 5pounds also has a beauty brand too. I love their skincare options too. Take advantage of this black Friday deal on everything5pounds to shop your beauty products like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc.

Also, you can shop for your back-to-work essentials to get you started after the holidays are over.

Best Black friday deals to buy

Click here to shop everything5pounds 50% off sale

Fashion eyewear

As someone who occasionally works from home, I use my reading glasses to help keep my eyes fit. Although working from home is not easy peasy. I have to figure out work-from-home tips to help me stay productive while working from home.

Anyhoo, Fashion eyewear is one of the best brands that I would recommend for your reading glasses. Also, they offer prescription glass options to make working from home easy.

I love this brand because they offer designer variations of these glasses. So, you can choose to have your prescription glasses frames as that of a designer brand. Some of the designer brands you can shop for are Louis Vuitton, Rayban, etc. Take advantage of the black Friday sales to buy your sunglasses or prescription glasses for huge discounts.

Asides from Fashion brands, you can shop for the best black Friday sales on tech, home decoration items, and gadgets. Brands like Jumia, and Aliexpress offers black Friday sales on Gadgets and tech. So, you can shop for your cameras, accessories, mobile devices, etc during the black Friday sales.

Feel free to comment on other stores you shop for the best black Friday sales. You can recommend both online and in-store brands. Help someone save on shopping and live their best life on a budget.


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  1. These are some really awesome deals but one of the best deals of Black Friday that I came across is of PureVPN with 86% Off on a 5-year plan with a whopping saving of $568!! OoooF! Looking to spend more though.

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