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6 Back to work outfit ideas to make dressing for the office effortless


The holidays are now over. I couldn’t wait for all the planning and partying to be over. Now it’s time to get back to work. What are the best back-to-work outfit ideas for 2023? Here are the best work outfit ideas you need right now.

I have been shopping for new clothes for work. Work dresses, pleated skirts, print outfits, etc, are great back-to-work outfits you need right now. Below are some of my favorite back-to-work outfit ideas to buy right now.

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As a working professional, your typical work week may involve an early morning rush with little time to get coffee. Also, you may get home late and exhausted to start planning your outfit. A simple workwear outfit idea you need in your closet is a dress.

Dresses are so easy to wear with little styling effort. All you need is to add a necklace or wristwatch and a pair of heels to start your day. There are so many options of dresses you can choose from. Midi dresses, bodycon, stripes, or A-cut or belted dresses.

Personally, I love bodycon dresses or belted dresses. These types of dresses make it easy to look put together. So, I opt for dresses that flatter my frame. They are so many options; floral dress, stripes, or bodycon.

work outfit ideas

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Another outfit you need to get back to work is a structured blazer. It is a versatile outfit you can wear on casual tops, tee shirts, or bodysuits as workwear. So, with a blazer, you can easily transition your casual wear to a work outfit.

A blazer on a dress or tank top makes it easy to transition from work to party wear. All you need is to switch your flat workwear to heels and statement jewelry.

For your back-to-work outfit ideas, go for vibrant color or pattern blazers for your summer work wardrobe. This adds a touch of color to your workwear.

Cute work outfit ideas

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Turtle neck top

A turtle or roll-neck top is a staple wardrobe piece for your workwear. I love this outfit because it is so versatile. You can get a lot of use from a turtle neck top. Moreover, it is classic wear. As workwear, you can wear it with so many bottoms.

You can wear your turtle neck top with a midi skirt, maxi skirt, or pants. You can also wear it with denim pants as a business casual outfit. Turtle neck tops can be layered with a blazer to keep you warm at the office. I really love layering my turtle neck top with a blazer. It is stylish as workwear.

Best work outfit ideas

Basic wears

Basic wear is very useful as workwear. They are also essential and versatile pieces you need in your closet. The basics are bodysuits, tank tops, tee shirts, jackets, etc. We all need this basic outfit for both casual and workwear. One of my best basic outfits is a bodysuit.

Bodysuits are like onesies. It is versatile. You can get as many books as you want with a bodysuit. For work, you can wear a bodysuit with a blazer or jacket. Also, there is a stylish bodysuit you can choose from that are super easy to style ad workwear. I would recommend shopping for bodysuits as part of your workwear staple.

Other basics you need as workwear are well-structured pants, denim pants, midi skirts, bodycon skirts, button-up sleeve shirts in as many colors as you want, and of course pleats. I love pleat skirts. Also, pleats are huge as a part of the 2020 fashion trend. You can also read my post on 2020 fashion trends you need to jump into.

What to wear to work for women

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Shirt dress

Another of the 6 back to work outfit ideas you need right now is a shirt dress. A shirt dress is a classic fashion piece to own. You can shirt dress both as a workwear or casual outfit. A shirt dress is not really classic Monday wear if you’re working in a firm that is strict on dress code.

I also work in a firm with a strict dress code. Since the rule is always less strict on Fridays, why not? You can wear your shirt dress to work on Fridays or Thursdays as I do. For me, a striped button-up shirt dress is classic workwear.

work outfit ideas for women

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Knitwear is always a look for me. I love knit outfits because of their cozy feel. You can wear your knitwear either as a work or casual outfit. Also, for those of us working from home, you can wear knits for your zoom meetings. For your workwear or work-from-home outfit, you can shop knit tops, dresses, or sweater tops.


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