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7 2020 fashion trends you should add to your closet

What will you be wearing this year 2020? Its a new year, so, its time to update your closet to suit the latest trends. This is not to say that we need to stop wearing last season trends. There are some stylish trends from 2019 that I will still be wearing. I am here for oversize classic white shirt, organza tops and waist bag. So, you don’t need a wardrobe overhaul to be stylish in 2020. Some of these 2020 fashion trends may already be a part of your fashion closet. All you need to do is to bring them out and rock for the year. Although, there are so many fashion trends that we will be seeing this year. Here I will be sharing 7 2020 fashion trends that you should consider adding to your closet.

Polka dots

We can all agree that polka dot is not going anywhere anytime soon. Polka dots are a timeless fashion outfit to own. It has been in trend for about two years now with a re-invention this year 2020. Polka dots is one of the 7 2020 fashion trends that I am loving. There are several ways you can wear polka dots. You can wear polka dots with denim or neutrals like white or black to dress it down. That does not mean you can’t wear vibrant colors with polka dot outfits. You can also mix or match it with other prints like floral print or stripes. Also if you’re a style maven, you can wear two or more (max of three polka dots) varying sizes of polka dots for a stylish look.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Polka dots

Chain link Necklaces

Another fashion trend that will be hot this year is chain link necklaces. Chain link necklaces are retro look from 90’s era. This year’s version are less heavy and more sleek. One way to dress expensive on a budget is to wear necklaces. So, if you’re looking to add to jewelry collection, opt for chain link necklaces. You can wear it alone or layered with other necklaces. Although, I will prefer to layer chain link choker with other longer necklaces for stylish look. Layering of necklaces is way to get several use of your necklaces.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Chain link necklaces

Short Suits

Short suits is another stylish trend for 2020. Unlike the classic pant suits that we are used to, short suits is taking over. I really love this fashion trend because its casual twist to wearing suit. Also shorts makes you look taller. Short suits are a versatile fashion outfit to own. You can get a lot of use from it. You can wear your short suit together or separately with other outfits. For a casual outing, I would wear a short suit with a strapless body suit & kitten heels.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Short Suits
Source: Pinterest


Who could that bralette will be a trend? Who wears a bralette as an outer wear? This year, bralettes are now meant to be seen (not just as an under garment). Bralette are crop tops made to look like an hybrid between a bra and sports bra. The good side is that it can be worn as a top or as an undergarment. Although I really love this trend but I may wear more for layering. There several ways you wear a bralette in a modest and stylish way. You can wear it in sheer tops or thin cashmere or with backless outfits.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Bralettes
Source: Pinterest

Zebra prints

Animal prints e.g. snake prints, leopard or zebra prints is also another fashion trends for 2020. I am particularly in love with zebra prints for 2020. Maybe because it is refreshing and new to me. Although other animals are lovely like leopard print which is timeless. I still prefer zebra prints above all animal print trend for 2020.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Zebra prints
Source: Pinterest


Pleats are also a timeless fashion outfit to own. It is also a versatile fashion outfit you will get use out of. For this year 2020, Pleats is now hotter than ever. Unlike the usual pleat skirts, this year trends is all pleats. I am in love the pleat dresses for this season. I am not into pleat as a fashion trend but the new twist to it is worth a try. So, if you love pleats add the all pleat dress to your fashion closet for 2020.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Pleats
Source: Pinterest

Puffy sleeves

Growing up as child in my country, puffy sleeves (shoulder pad) are mostly associated with a particular type of individuals. The goody two shoes ladies and all. So, for me back then, puffy sleeves were a no-no.(Yuck!). This year, puffy sleeves is one of the 2020 fashion trend you’d probably be seeing everywhere. The bigger the sleeves, the better. So, you can jump into the train and join in rocking the all pleats trends this season.

7 2020 fashion trends you should add to closet-Puffy sleeves

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  1. I loved pleated skirts in 2019 so I definitely think I’ll be sticking with the pleat trend this year. I’ve also got myself a puffy sleeve blouse and reckon there might be a few others joining it x

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