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14 Super Chic Dressing Room Decor Ideas

Having your own dressing space is the ultimate luxury. Every woman loves to have a unique and beautiful place to store her shoes, clothes, and accessories. After all, who will not want their everything systematic. It makes dressing up in the morning an easy task. Moreover, it is a place where every woman spends a lot of time, either putting on make-up, styling hair, or getting ready. Thus, it is an integral part of your daily routine. A dressing room may be of different style and size but what matters the most is it should be elegant. Below are 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas you need to try out. If you need bedroom dresser decor ideas for your room or need to know how you can decorate a dressing room, read on. Also, if you’re look to buy a house of your own, read my post on what you need to know to buy a house during a pandemic.

Dress Up the Dressing Room Walls

Are you tired of looking at the blank walls of your dressing room? If yes, then it is time to dress up your dressing room walls with beautiful art pieces. You can either hang hair wall art, costumes-related wall art, etc. These art pieces enhance the dressing room aesthetics. Hang an oversized wall art or smaller art pieces in a group to grace the walls. They will add a style to your dressing room.

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The Dressing Table

Another unique design of dressing room decor is adding a stylish dressing table. The dressing table is undoubtedly an essential piece of a dressing room. You can pick sleek and glossy furniture items for creating an impact or curved silhouettes for imprinting a feminine look. Another option is light-hued woods. It gives a lady look to a dressing room, but for adding depth and contrast to the room schemes, use masculine darker woods. Whatever style you choose, make sure to check the quality of furniture. It is ideal to look for furniture designs with exquisite hardware, ample storage, and beautiful linings. Those pieces ensure a long lifespan.

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Storage Space

The key behind every dressing room storage idea is to check out your storage needs. So, you need to figure out your storage needs. Then you can decide which dressing room storage idea is suitable for you. 

  • Open Plan Storage: You can customize it as per your needs, and it works well with a built-in dressing room design.
  • Hidden Storage: The storage space which is not fit to the wall and with curtains or doors gives a trendy look.
  • Double Height: Floor-to-ceiling storage makes proper use of every bit of a tiny space you have. It is an ideal option for storing bulky winter clothes.
  • Cabinets: Cabinets can transform the entire look of the dressing room. You can make different cabinets for different items, such as shoes, heels, etc.
  • Shelves: Shelves compliments a lot with your dressing room design. They are suitable to store your folded clothes ideally.
  • Drawers: Drawers are an excellent option to store bulky foldable clothes, and smaller ones can be good to keep small items.
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Light Up the Dressing Room

Lighting is an essential part of the dressing room. Although natural light is the best choice, high-quality led lights are the best alternative if you do not have large windows. They will illuminate the room perfectly.

They enable you to try different outfits and check them in proper lighting. You can also arrange table lamps on your dressing table. Pick out 1 or 2 table lamps for a uniform effect. It will also add mood and luxury look to space.

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Create a Focal Point

A dressing room is incomplete without a mirror. If your mirror is significant in size and position is proper, it would be great. It will make getting ready an enjoyable and easy process and creates a focal point in a room.

If you hang full-length mirrors above the dressing table, it will make a beautiful backdrop. Moreover, it will allow you to cross-check your looks from top to toe. In addition, you can use magnifying cosmetics mirror for close-up product application. Fix your mirror until you have your table and seat at the perfect height for you. It will make getting ready an easy process.

Grooming I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art
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Use Trays

The best way to keep every item organized on a dressing table is to keep them in trays. So you can keep them in the same order you use the thing while getting ready. Keep different trays for make up and jewelry so that they do not get tangled up in drawers. If you do not want to use trays, store them in a jewelry box with different compartments.

You will feel satisfied and calm when you see every item neatly placed in order. It will add a great look to your interiors.

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Ceiling Look

Make a style statement in your dressing room with cool dressing room ceiling designs. You can choose bold colors for the ceiling and combine them with large pendant lights. It will indeed look striking and eye-catching.

Some of the colors you can choose for the ceiling are deep red, purple, orange, green, or yellow. They will make your dressing room look outstanding.

Wall Colors

There will be quite a minimal part of the walls visible in the closet space with dressing table, closet, and other items. So, it would be best to choose a light soothing color or decent wallpaper pattern for a dressing room wall.

The lightandsoothingcolorswilllookpeacefultoyoureyeswitheverythingflashyinadressing room. Some colors you can choose for the dressing room are light blue, off-white, light grey, or light pink hues.

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Laundry Basket

A dressing room is a place where you change clothes and get ready. So, it is the ideal spot to place a basket for dirty laundry. Once you change your clothes, store the dirty clothes in that basket to get them washed later.

Dressing Room Seating

It takes hourstodoimpressivemake-upandgetproperhairstylingdone.Soitiscrucialtofinda seat that looks not only fantastic but also comfortableto sit.

Ideally, stools are the best options for dressing areas as you can tuck them away neatly after use. If not, then pick a seat that is short in stature and padded. If you want some support, choose chairs with backrests.

You can also pick chairs with no arms and silk underneath. They are one of the best solutions for dressing room space.

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Freshen Up the Dressing Room with Plants

Another of the 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas is to add plants to the room. To add a personal touch to a dressing room without going over the top, place houseplants and flower vases. You can pick a real house plant or bouquet of fresh flowers if you like to tend them timely.

If not, you can decorate the dressing room with fake flowers and plants as they do not need any maintenance. Pick jade plants, spider plants, yucca, peace lilies, or aloes. They are pretty easy to take care of.

You can also place peonies in a vase. They are beautiful flowers and last a long time in a room. They freshen up the dressing room and add a lively touch too.

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Create a Collage of Sentimental Photos

Pick out some of your and your family’s photos and make a collage with them. Then, hang them on the dressing room wall to make a memory wall and add a homey and lively touch.

If you do not want to make asinglecollage,youcancreateagallerywallbydisplayingmultiple photos with different frames.Display them in rowsfor a more free-form effect.

For adding vintage effect in your dressing room, hang up black-and-white pictures. They will add elegance and style to your dressing room.

If you do not have much vertical space, frame your best photo and place it on an open surface. For example, your vanity is the best option to seta framed picture.

Hang Colorful Drapes

One of the best ways to add texture and color to your dressing room is by hanging colorful drapes. It is best to choose the color of drapes that compliments your dressing room wall and accessories.

For striking and everlasting effect, hang long drapes from top to floor. It will add an elegant look as well as transform the whole look of your dressing room. So, if you a super chic idea for your dresser room, add colorful drapes.

14 Super Chic Dressing Room Decor
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Organize Accessories on a Pegboard

One of the 14 super chic dressing room decor ideas is to add pegboards to your walls. Pegboards are best to transform the walls into decorative storage space. You can sort out your favorite accessories and hang them up with pegs and hooks. You can also organize your scarves, belts, or purses on a pegboard.

It is a beautiful way to display your favorite items and create an attractive and eye-catching wall décor. So, if you need to add style to your bedroom dresser room, add pegboards for an organized look.

Final Words

As you can see, there are various solutions to design a dressing room that suits your personal style. Therefore, it is essentialtounderstandyourneedsandconsidersettingupanidealdressing room.

Place simple and elegant furniture in the dressing room as it creates a significant impact on the interiors. To create a good aura, use furniture with a natural timber finish.

Last but not least, experiment with your dressing room spaces. Do not restrict only to conventional typologies and incorporate some items you might need. Then, at last, make it practical and stylish.

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