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6 Best stay at home outfit ideas you need in your closet


On a normal day, I shop more work outfit paying less attention to a stay at home outfit. This is because I only spend mostly on weekends at home. In which part of my Saturday is spent on my bed sleeping off the stress of the week. So, I can afford to stay in my sleepwear for two weekends on a row without noticing it. Anyway, now we literally stay all day at home due to the current happenings. So, I need to reorganize my closet by adding a more casual or comfy stay at home outfits. In this post, I will be sharing 6 best stay at home outfit ideas you need to add to your closet. Stay at home lovers, stay safe and stylish.

6 Best stay at home outfit ideas

The idea of stay at home wear is more of a casual or loungewear look. If you now work from home as some of us, you need a semi-professional look. For inspiration on what to wear while working from home, you can check out my previous post. Below are my 6 best stay home outfit idea to keep stylish while staying safe.


Bralettes are very comfy stay at home outfit idea you need right now. Personally, I love bralettes. It is stylish and seen as risque. There are several cool ways you can style your bralette as a stay at home wear. You can wear your bralette with shorts or a skirt or even layered in a mesh top. Whichever way you want, you also read my post on different ways to wear a bralette.

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Co-ord jogger set

Another stay at home outfit idea you need in your closet is a jogger set. Joggers are now a major fashion staple for leisure and casual outings. I love joggers as they super comfy. You can shop a jogger set for your stay home closet. Many online fashion brand has several types you can choose from. You wear your jogger set together or separate from other outfits. I love joggers because it can also be worn for daily run to get groceries or supplies.

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Pyjamas are almost everyone go-to stay at home outfit. Although, it more of a sleep in night outfit. You can wear as your stay at home staple. I love nice pyjamas set for lounging at home. But I strongly advise not to wear pyjamas while working from home. Personally, I am less productive in it. I will sleep more and work less. Moreover, you can wear pyjamas on a day you plan to stay in all day. More like a lazy or lounging outfit idea for staying at home.

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Ribbed Romper

Another stay at home outfit you to own is a ribbed romper. Rompers remind me of those days at the beach. I miss going out to have fun. Although, rompers are mostly worn for summer outings or vacations. It is a perfect stay at home outfit you can wear. You can wear rompers at home and also to run errands. I love the ribbed romper more for stay at home. It is cozy and stylish.

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Knit wear

Knitwear is one of my best casual go-to outfits. It is another stay home outfit idea to add to your closet. I love knits because it’s homely cozy feel. There are so many options to try out this summer. Knit jumpers, cropped knit top, knit pant set, knit dresses, etc. You can also wear knit as a work from home outfit. It is a nice outfit for a zoom meeting with colleagues.

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Sweat pants

Another work from home outfit you need in your closet is sweat pants. Most online fashion brands have an assortment you can choose from. It is a very cozy loungewear. You can wear it also for a casual outing. I personally love the sweatpant with crop cardigans or matching hoodie set. I can totally live in this outfit for days. I mostly recommend sets in lounge wear because it is versatile. You can switch your looks wearing either the bottoms or top with other outfits. Stay at home and stay stylish.

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  1. You’re right about looking semi professional when working at home. My most productive days are days I dress up in semi professional clothes like a blazer and joggers, this is something about waking up early and dressing up that makes the day productive.

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