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Temu Influencer program: Earn up to $300 free products and extra income

Temu lifestyle brand is the next big thing to follow. This brand is making waves to take over for affordable products in categories like fashion, gadgets and lifestyle. The sweet part is joining the juicy Temu Influencer program.

They offer both Temu affiliate program if influencing is not your thing. However, as a Temu influencer you get to enjoy so many perks. Also, if you need ways to earn more money for your influence, Temu Influencer program is just right for you.

You get to shop for your favorite items in all categories at insanely cheap prices. Also you can use Temu discount codes to save more while shopping.

Temu Influencer program: You need to join ASAP

As an influencer too, I am always looking for ways to build my influence and of course earn extra income. We all know that getting brands to enlist influencers is not easy.

However, as an influencer irrespective of your follower count, you can easily sign up for Temu Influencer program. Although, this program is only available at the moment to US and UK influencers. However, there are plans to expand this reach to other influencers globally.

What are the perks of being a Temu influencer? What do you stand to enjoy from joining this brand.

Benefits of Joining Temu as an influencer

Whether you’re joining as an affiliate marketer or as an influencer, these are the perks.

  • Up to $100,000 commission a month. You can of course sell more than that. The more you promote and sell, the more you earn
  • Up to 20% Commission on referral’s order ( New users sign up to Temu platform).
  • Up to $5 for every referral download & login ( New users only)
  • Your referral will get a $100 coupon bundle & 50% off via the app as gift for new users. These coupon bundles can be used by your referrals to shop more on the platform.
  • And of course a $5 welcome gift.

However, if you choose to opt to sign with your platforms like facebook, instagram, Pinterest, twitter as an influencer, you get to enjoy more benefits. As an influencer, the above applies plus you get up to $300 free products across all categories.

So, your niche doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a travel blogger looking to market travel accessories or a tech guru marketing affordable gadgets, this just right for you.

Temu influencer program US

Categories Available to Temu Influencers

As stated earlier, there are several categories available to influencers to promote. You can promote any item that you love and use.

For example, I love fashion but I also a mom. So, I will definitely talk about fashion and kitchen appliances that helps make my life easy. It can be kitchen must haves that makes it easy to meal prep for the week.

So, as a Temu influencer, you are open to several categories to promote.

How do I sign up as a Temu infleuncer?

As stated earlier, you can easily sign as a Temu influencer if you have the below platforms.

  • Youtube: You can promote products either in your long form content and youtube shorts
  • Facebook: If you have a facebook page, the better. However, with your facebook profile, you can share and promote to your friends and family
  • Instagram: Perfect if you love fashion and for food. People are always looking to shop outfits or enjoy new experiences on instagram. As a travel blogger, instagram is perfect to share temu travel accessories and travel clothes.
  • Tiktok: We all know this platform is quite easy to use.
Temu Influencer program

How can you sign up? Click here to Sign up for Temu influencer program. You can easily sign up as an influencer on Temu with google sign or simply create an account.

When you successfully set up your account, you can start promoting and earning ASAP. Easy right!. Feel free to leave your comment below on your experience and things you have shopped from Temu. Let me know in the comments if you want a Temu clothing or accessories review.

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