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How to wear turtle neck tops| 5 Cute outfit ideas


Do you think styling turtle neck tops are hard? Turtle necks are always in style year in out. It is a perfect outfit for fall and can transition easily to winter. What should you not wear with a turtle neck? Here are some of the best ways to wear turtle neck tops effortlessly. You can also check out the latest fashion trends to keep updated on what to buy or NOT to waste your penny on.

Even as a fashion enthusiast, there are some fashion attires that I sometimes ignore. Not because they are not fashionable but because one needs to put a lot of effort into styling. 

There are some clothes you cannot afford to rock shabbily, and a turtle neck is one of those outfits. If you ask my friends, they wouldn’t say that wearing a turtleneck is one of my top styles. Yet turtle neck tops are my go to for keeping warm in my cold office.

However, I have come to understand that fashion is encompassing. I am not a fashion enthusiast if I shy away from some clothing items. 

So, I dedicated a certain period to wearing and styling turtlenecks. Trust me; it was a funny period of my life. But I’m glad to have taken that decision as I know how to rock my turtle neck when the need arises perfectly. 

Worry no more if you have been struggling with how to wear turtle neck tops, I’ll be sharing some styling options below. 

Stylish turtle neck tops

How to wear turtle neck tops

Turtle neck tops are the perfect airport outfit ideas you need right now. Although this is solely dependent on where you’re traveling to. If you need what to pack for a trip to Europe or UK, you need turtle neck tops for fall or winter.

However, if your destination is Africa, you can go for turtle neck tops that are lighter. Check out other outfits to pack for a trip to Africa.

Anyhoo, below are the best ways to wear turtle neck tops.

Opt for turtle neck dresses

One thing to note is that I’m not particularly eager to conform to societal standards, which reflects my dressing style. Regarding fashion, there is always the chance to explore and think outside the box. 

So, during the period when I was experimenting with turtlenecks, I decided to try out some turtleneck gowns. People will first think of a turtleneck top whenever a turtleneck is mentioned. It is the commonest turtleneck we see around, which is not surprising. 

However, you can find turtleneck gowns in stores if you check. You are usually not looking out for such dresses, so you can easily skip or not come across them. 

During my turtleneck trial period, I bought a handful of turtleneck gowns. I was happy I could rock these gowns for casual and official purposes. 

These gowns are your regular gowns that come with a different neck style. You can go the extra mile and add a belt for styling effect. I also love that turtleneck gowns are not selective in terms of shoes. So, you can rock these turtle neck dresses with sneakers, boots, slippers, or a pair of heels.

With a blazer/jacket

Another way to wear a turtleneck would be by adding a blazer or denim jacket to the outfit. Now, I do not know what type of turtleneck outfit you own. It could be a top or gown. But, irrespective of the turtleneck type, you can always wear a jacket. 

Before I started my turtleneck trial period, I was bothered about dressing to work. I wondered if wearing a turtleneck would be limiting as I did not want it to seem like I was repeating the same style to work daily. 

One way, I wore a turtleneck top with culottes pants and decided to throw on a blazer. My initial thought was to wear just the top and pants. But when I looked in the mirror, I noticed that the jacket add-on changed my entire look. 

I was feeling myself that whole day and loved the extra swag, bounce, and confidence the outfit gave me. Since that day, I always have it in mind and tell others to add a blazer when dressing with a turtleneck outfit. 

Although turtleneck outfits are not my typical style, I have also worn a turtleneck gown with a jacket and looked amazing.

Cute Turtle neck tops

With Pants

In my earlier point, I mentioned wearing a turtleneck top with culottes pants. Now, you can style your turtleneck top with any pants you desire. It could be high-waist trousers, palazzo, or culottes. The type of pants you use on your turtleneck top depends on your preference. 

Understandably, there is always the initial fear of not knowing how you’ll look if you decide to wear a turtleneck top. But I assure you that you will look gorgeous when you style a turtleneck top with pants. 

If you want to pull off an official look, you should up the look by wearing heels. It gives an inevitable classy upgrade to your looks. However, you can wear cute fancy slippers if you’re going for a casual look. 

I recommend you wear a fitted turtleneck top when you want to rock it with pants. It ensures that it brings out the shape of your upper body and still makes you look attractive. 

Irrespective of your body shape also, you can go for this look. Make sure you whip out your cameras and take pictures, as you’d be too attractive not to have one. 

Turtle neck tops on jean pants

The most casual wear to wear a turtleneck would be to wear a turtleneck top on jeans. Here, you do not necessarily need to bother about fitting. 

If you decide to wear a turtleneck on jeans, I will take it that you’re going to chill and hang out with people. So, you can tuck in the top or even fly it out. Whatever you choose is dependent on your preference. 

A turtleneck top would go perfectly, whether high-waist or mom jeans. You can go the extra mile to add a bucket or beach hat and sunglasses to step up the look. 

I love that you do not need to do much when wearing a turtleneck top on jeans. It is one of those outfits that you do not need to overthink. 

For instance, your friends text you to meet in 10 minutes without prior notice. Instead of panicking and overthinking what to wear, pick your favorite jeans and rock your turtleneck top. 

I also love that turtleneck tops come in varieties. You can get a long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and even sleeveless. Therefore, you can have options and pick your favorite turtleneck top and wear it on jeans. 

With a high waist skirt

This one is for my corporate babes out there. Nothing screams boss lady more than wearing a turtleneck top with your high waist straight skirt. A certain air of authority surrounds you when you wear this look, as it also commands attention. 

There is also a chance for flexibility when you rock this style, as you could add a scarf as a necktie. You can also wear a jacket or even a belt to make the look more adorable. 

Oh, make sure you do not forget your jewelry in the process to make the look pop. You can also rock this look if you’re about to sign a contract. It may be the winning charm for you. 

Some friends have fallen in love with this look, and they have not gone back ever since. You would always see them with a mini or midi high waist straight skirt and their turtleneck tops ready for the day.

A bonus tip on how to wear turtle neck tops is with Jumpers. I love how I paired a turtle neck top with a jumper dress from Rinsta. Click to read my review of Rinsta and all the Y2k fashion you can get from this brand.

Turtle neck tops

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  1. I have never come across My Graceful Place before but I will definitely be checking them out! Especially because it sounds like their customer service is excellent! I love your sweater also your skirt is beautiful!

  2. This outfit is so cute! I am also a fan of turtlenecks, wouldn’t mind more of them in my closet. I also soooo love that skirt, I would love one!

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