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7 Cute ways to wear dresses with sneakers


One of the trends that I love is wearing dresses with sneakers. However, how can one tell what kind of dresses to wear with sneakers? Can you wear long or maxi dresses with sneakers? You can wear any of your dresses with sneakers. Whether bodycon, maxi dresses or mini dresses, they are a great option to wear with sneakers.

So, if you’ve yet to start styling your dresses with sneakers, girl you are missing! Here I will be sharing 7 ways how to wear dresses with sneakers right now. These ways are simple and effortless to style. Also, you can read my post on style hacks every woman needs to know for effortless styling.

How to wear dresses with Sneakers

What type of dresses goes with sneakers? Dresses with sneakers are now a thing as each year goes by. This year is no different. You wear any dress in your closet with sneakers. Here is how to style your dresses with sneakers for all occasions.

You can wear a dress with sneakers for a girl’s hangout, casual stroll, as an airport outfit idea, or as workwear for a weekend dress-down.

There are several sneakers to wear with dresses. You can opt for chunky heel sneakers or loafers. Whichever, sneakers you choose

Shirt dress + Sneakers

My best dress to wear with sneakers is a shirt dress. I love shirt dresses a lot. So, I get them in different styles. You can wear your button-down shirt dress or T-shirt dress with sneakers. Also, you can opt for a shoulder pad shirt dress with sneakers too.

A shirt dress and sneakers is perfect as workwear for women or as a casual outfit. So, if you need a simple way how wear dresses with sneakers, opt for a shirt dress and sneakers. Also, read other chic ways how to wear shirt dresses.

Summer dresses with sneakers

Bodycon dress + Sneakers

Another simple way to wear dresses with sneakers is with a bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses are my go-to dress as a petite lady. This is because it is super versatile and flattering.

You can wear your bodycon dress with sneakers. Add a shoulder bag for a more chic look. Also, since we are getting to the cooler months, you can throw a cardigan over the dress. Another option is to tie a cardigan on your waist for a more relaxed look.

How to wear dresses with sneakers

Maxi Dress + Sneakers

Maxi dresses are another outfit that goes well with sneakers. Although, styling Maxi’s with sneakers may seem a little above the ordinary. However, this style is doable.

You can style your maxi dress with sneakers for a casual outing. Also, can wear a scarf to the look for a more cozy look. For other stylish ways to wear scarves, click here.

Sequin dress + Sneakers

Another way to wear a dress with sneakers is styling a sequin dress and sneakers. Sequins are a stylish fashion piece to own.

You can either dress up sequins with heels or dress it down with sneakers. Add a tote bag for casual outings. You can also read my post on 5 ways to wear sequins during the day. I love sequins for weddings, parties, etc. However, from the post I shared, they are also perfect for day looks.

Slip dresses+ Jackets+ Sneakers

Another dress type that goes well with sneakers is slip dresses. You can bodycon slip dress or flared A-cut dress with sneakers for a day-out look. Also, you can add a tore bag or shoulder bag for a chic look.

I love slip dresses, especially bodycon slips for Petite and slim ladies like me. However, for a flared slip dress not so much. Add a denim jacket and bag to go with this look.

Dresses you can wear with sneakers

Best sneakers to wear with dresses

Ego shoes is one of the best places to shop for sneakers. I love their sneaker styles because of the chunky heels. This is so in style this year. Chunky dad shoes are super chic.

Also, it is super fun to wear dad sneakers with dresses. Below I will link some of my favorites from Ego shoes to shop and foam runners too.

Dresses that goes well with sneakers

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Best sneakers to wear with dresses

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Outfits with sneakers

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