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How to wear scarves in 9 different ways

Scarfs are one under utilized piece of clothing. Most of us rarely use scarfs excepts its Sunday. So, we look immaculate for Sunday service. There are so many ways you style your outfit with scarves. Most especially now that the temperature is becoming cooler. Some parts of the world are experiencing winter, other parts harmattan. Although, scarves are useful to keep warm from cold even in your office, they have fashionable use. Also, scarfs gives your outfit a new outlook. So, if an outfit is old or seemingly boring, style it up with a scarf. There are different type of scarves ; large blanket scarf, silk scarf (I love this type because it is colorful), Pashmina, square scarf etc. Irrespective of the type of scarf you own, Here is how to wear scarves in 9 different ways.

How to wear scarves as a Top

How to wear scarves

These simple 9 stylish ways to wear scarfs are perfect to make you look chic. Although I will only share the stylish ways to wear scarfs. I came across this demo of how to tie scarfs in different ways. So, its time to dig up your scarf from your closet and start dressing up your outfit with it.

Tie a silk scarf on your bag

If you you shopped for bags last year. You will notice that most of these bags were adorned with colorful silk clothing or cute toy. This can be replicated by using a silk scarf. For me, I love to tie the scarf as a bow in my bag. It adds color to the bag. It is a simple way to be stylish as it gives your look a lift. Also, it gives you’re a whole outlook with the silk scarf

9 ways on how to style your outfit with scarfs-silk-scarf-on-rattan-bag

Wear your scarf on Blazer

Blazers are always a staple wardrobe essential. Another way to dress sty wear scarf is to rock on your blazer. This look can be pulled off with any type of scarf. You can wear your pashmina scarf tucked into your blazer. This look is perfect for style as well as warmth. Also, you use a silk scarf tied as a bow with your blazer for a chic look.

9 ways on how to style your outfit with scarfs-blazer

Add color to your outfit

Vibrant block color scarfs, as well as silk scarf, are simple ways to add color to your outfit. Some of us have days where we just want to rock monochrome neutrals. Such days, you can complete your look with a solid color scarf. So, if you’re rocking a black dress, add a red or blue scarf to add color or contrast to your outfit. This gives your outlook a lift and chic look.

9 ways to dress stylish with scarfs

Scarfs on Beach wear

After my first time at Tarkwa bay beach, I am always excited to go on vacation to the beach. The serenity of walking on the shores of the beach is something to look forward to. Also, it is one of those times to get to wear bikinis or shorts to show off your beach body. You can wear a scarf along with your beachwear on your waist (like a Sarong) or as an added cover-up. It is very stylish. For those who prefer to be modest, it is a stylish way to wear beachwear with less to the skin to show off.

9 ways to dress stylish with scarfs-with swim wear

Scarfs with Jackets

Scarfs are also very stylish with jackets. A stylish way to wear a scarf on jackets can throw a solid color pashmina around your neck with each end in front and at the back. Also, this look can be pulled with a silk scarf tied in a bow for a chic look with either a leather, bomber or denim jacket.

9 ways to dress stylish with scarfs with denim

Long in front and belted

Another way to dress stylishly in scarves is to drape over your shoulder and belted. We all know that cinching the waist normally flatter the body. So, by adding a belt to this look brings your scarf to focus. You can rock a solid vibrant color scarf with monochrome neutral (black or grey) to style this look.

9 ways to dress stylish with scarfs-Belted

Drape your scarf

Another way to dress stylishly in a scarf is to drape it. You can use a large scarf or pashmina from your closet to achieve this look. The plus side is that you get to keep warm and be stylish at the same time. If your scarf is very large (blanket scarf) fold it into a triangle and drape it like a poncho. You can drape the scarf with your dress to look stylish.

9 ways to dress stylish with scarfs- as a shawl

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Swap belt for scarf

A stylish way to wear scarves that I am loving now is to wear the scarf as a belt. You can either use a small silk scarf or square scarf (that can go around your waist). You can use a silk scarf as a belt for your pants or skirts. Fold the scarf to make it thin (similar to the size of a belt) then pass it through your belt holes in your pants. You can tie in front as a bow or to the side.

Scarf with work wear

Scarves are also super stylish for work outfits. For some of us, the scarf is a simple way to dress stylishly for your cold. For warmth, pashmina, as well as the blanket scarf, is perfect. It keeps you warm at the office in place of taking in too much hot coffee or tea. If your aim of using a scarf is just for style, opt for colorful silk scarves. One stylish way to wear a silk scarf with your workwear is to wear it long with your blazer. Also, you can tie the scarf on your neck in a bow with your dress to look chic.

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