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5 easy ways on how to fix your credit fast


Your credit is very important to your financial health. So, you need to keep a good credit score at all times. How can you fix your credit score fast? Here I will share how to fix your credit score fast.

A bad credit score can hold you back from getting that mortgage or buying a new car. You can also read my post on what you need to know to buy a house during the pandemic. According to forbes, you need an average of 710 for have a good credit score.

However, life happens, your credit score may fall below that. This may be a result of so many unpaid loans, student loans , maxed out credit cards or loss of job. How do you repair your credit step by step? Don’t worry you can still repair your credit score. Here are 5 easy ways on how to fix your credit without hassle.

How to fix your credit score

You need a good credit score whether you want to opt for a mortgage or a salary Overdraft. How can I fix my credit score? The below steps will help you fix your credit by yourself.

Check your credit report often

What is the first step to fixing my credit? The first step is to review your credit report. Yes, you need to check this report to know what to fix. So many people do not pay attention to their credit score until they need it. I have instances where a lady had to fix her credit score to be part of a big corporation board. Why wait till then?

Ensure you know your credit score. Also, review this score often. This may you can fix error or improve this score when it drops. Don’t wait till you need to buy a house or need a huge loan for your business before you care about your credit score. Ask for your credit report and review it often.

how to fix your credit

Paydown on outstanding debts

Another of the 5 easy ways on how to fix your credit score is to pay down on outstanding debts. I know that this may not be easy. If you had the funds, you will not borrow and be in debt. However, you can improve your credit score by paying down on your debts.

One way, you can pay down is to try and raise funds. You can do this by getting a side job or selling off old things. The funds raised you can use to pay down on your outstanding debt. In this way you get to reduce your credit used and boost your credit score. You can also go on a tight budget to free up cash to allow you pay your debt. A sound debt management plan will also come in handy, learn more.

Pay your bills on time

Another easy way how to fix credit score is to ensure you pay your bills timeously. My finance is now easy to manage since I ensure that bills are paid on time. A famous youtuber recommended this method and I have been loving it.

As soon as I earn, I make a budget and pay up all my bill on time. In this way, you will be on time with your bills and avoid been chased by debt collectors. Plus, less financial stress on you. So, you can work with whatever is left after paying these bills for the month.

One mistake you can make is for your debt to get in the hands of collectors. This impacts negatively on your credit score. To avoid this, pay your bills timely and ensure your loan obligations are met.

How to fix my credit score

Avoid applying for loans you don’t need

Another great option on how to fix your credit is to avoid applying for your loans you don’t need. The age of social media and the need to please others may make you live above your means. Don’t borrow money to travel or hangout with your girls. This is a wrong reason to go into debt that may affect your credit score.

A colleague at work went into huge debt because he borrow a loan to go an international trip. Yes, the peer pressure force him to do this. However, he could avoid this by living within his means or saving towards such trip. So, if you need to fix your credit score, only borrow when you need it . Also, each time you borrow, lenders carry out a credit check on you. Ensure you borrow what you need and avoid loans when you don’t need it.

repair credit score fast

Pay off High interest debt quickly

Every loan comes with its own interest. One the reasons loans are sometimes difficult to manage is because of its interest. Some loans are softer with low interest while others are of high interest. So, a great option on how to fix your credit is to pay off high interest loans first.

The interest on a new loan is higher on the first few months. So, a good debt management plan is to pay down on new loans to reduce it tenor/ interest. In this way, you will improve your credit score and help you pay less on interest too. So, if you need to repair your credit score, try these 5 easy ways on how to fix your credit score without hassle.

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