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5 common airport wardrobe mistakes to avoid


It is not wrong to want to look fashionable at the airport. We all want to look our best in a new environment. First impression matters right!. The sad part about a bad airport dressing is that you may hold up the check-in line. Or worse still make yourself uncomfortable all through your flight. I would also share my personal mistakes on my first flight. As always, I wanted to look my best. So, I wore a tight-fitting mid-riff dress. Oh God!, I was practically adjusting the outfit all through. Also, I was mindful of my water intake so that I won’t need the bathroom. It would have been a nightmare!. In order to avoid a horrid situation at the airport, here are 5 common airport wardrobe mistakes to avoid when flying.

5 common airport wardrobe mistakes

Uncomfortable clothing

It is okay to want to be fashionable on a flight. It is preferable you go for clothes that are very comfortable. Avoid tight clothes or risque outfits like mini skirts. Tight outfits may give in while you’re moving your luggage around. Moreover, you will feel so uncomfortable and too conscious of your outfit. There are horrid cases of wardrobe malfunction while reaching for luggage compartment on the air plane. Also, another outfit you must avoid wearing is a jumpsuit. Jumpsuit are very stylish to wear but uncomfortable for a bath room break. So, for comfort, you can wear track suits or shirt with loose fitting denim pants.

Putting on heavy metal Jewelry

Jewelry has a way of elevating your looks. It is a simple way you can look expensive. Also, you may set off alarms at security checks if you wear large metal jewelry or bracelets. So, if you must wear such jewelry keep it in a bag to be worn after check-in. Although, not all jewelry is going set off the security alarms. Jewelry like necklaces, chokers or rings is okay for the airport. The rule is that the jewelry should not be heavy like a statement piece or made of heavy metals. This will allow your seamless check-in at the airport.

Wearing high heels

Heels are perfect for board room meetings or after parties. But for airports, it is advisable to avoid heels altogether. You will have a long distance in the airport as well as stand on a queue through security. This can be quite uncomfortable with heels. Although, some of us can’t do without our heels, go for low heels or kitten heels for comfort. Your legs will thank you.


Opt for uncomplicated shoes

Another common airport wardrobe mistake you should avoid is wearing shoes with too much lace or without a zipper. We all know that you need to pull off your shoes through security. So, you may hold up the line while struggling to unstrap or pull off your shoes. For ease, opt for shoes that are easy to pull off like slip-on slippers, or loafers or sneakers.


Sweaters or cardigan

Another common airport wardrobe mistake to avoid is putting on a sweater. There is nothing wrong with preparing for the weather. At times, it can be cold also around your take off the environment. Sweaters are a bad outfit option to wear to the airport. This is because the airplane can be stuffy sometimes. So, you will be warm in your outfit. The best option is to layer your outfit to the airport. This will enable you to easily shed the layers as needed when onboard a plane. For me, a tank top layered with a jacket on denim pants is a perfect airport outfit.

11 thoughts on “5 common airport wardrobe mistakes to avoid”

  1. These are all great tips! I would never wear jewellery to the airport, it would be a nightmare having to take it off for security. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must especially ones which are easy to slip on and off for security too.

  2. These are great tips! I always try to wear something comfy, layers and no jewelry. I like to bring a scarf with me to use as a blanket and just wrap myself in it when I am cold. Also warm socks are a must for me on planes.

  3. This is a great post! I learned to be wise with my clothing everytime I travel but I learn little by little. Your post is very useful for me and will be my go-to for my airport wardrobe as soon as we can all travel again.

  4. I totally agree with layering! I find that it can be hot in one part of the airport, cold in another part, hot then cold on the plane, and you can start your destination in one temperature and land in another. I’m constantly putting on and taking off my layers when I travel long distances. It always cracks me up (or annoys me) when I see people going through security and they have ALL of this metal jewelry they have to take off, and then the belt, and then they forget things in their pockets. I’m thinking… you stood here for 20 minutes WATCHING all of these other people do this and now you act like you don’t know how it works?! ? Thanks for sharing useful tips!

  5. These are pro-tips Magdalene. I agree with your points especially with the high heels now that average check-in time has gone up because of the pandemic. I also think its necessary to be courteous about wearing flowing dresses. Not all will work in an airport setting.

  6. First time traveling I went in comfortable clothing and shoes, but I did not think to take off my seven copper/silver bracelets, a copper ring, and earrings. The metal detector hated me and it caused a fine fuss! I did not make the same mistake the second time; I still wore my jewelry, but I took it off passing through security. 🙂

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