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How to wear Y2K fashion and best place to shop it|Rinsta

How to wear y2k fashion in 2022

Each year there is are new trends that you really need to try out. One of such 2022 fashion trends that you need to try out is y2k fashion trends. I really love these trendy yet retro vibes a lot. So, in this post, I will be talking about how to wear y2k fashion trends and the best place to shop. Rinsta is an online fashion brand where you can shop for all your y2k fashion needs on a budget. I am all in for shopping for trendy clothes for my wardrobe on a budget. So, I will recommend these brands for you to shop affordable fashion pieces for your closet. Below are some of my Rinsta clothing haul and my review.

How to wear Y2K fashion

Although it may seem like y2k fashion is more of shiny colors and super cropped outfits. Yet, this 2022 fashion trend is something you should jump on. I love the girly dresses and cropped bits. However, you can never catch me in any outfit that is so bright except sequins. Also, I love the bold colors and summery prints too. These fashion trends are super easy to style. Plus you can shop for versatile pieces for your closet too.

Asides, the y2k fashion trends, there are other 2022 fashion trends that I love too. The subtle peekaboo dresses and cut-outs. This type of dress I also shopped from Rinsta.

Rinsta Haul

Typically when I shop online, I look out for ease of shopping and navigating their website. I am not a fan of a very complicated fashion website. Rinsta is an online fashion brand where you can shop for women’s clothes on a budget. Plus if you’re fashion-forward, you can shop for trendy fashion clothes too.

Rinsta’s website is easy to access and navigate. You can easily shop by searching the categories for what you want. For example, if you want to shop for dresses, search from the dresses category. However, you can also use the search box to search for any item you want to shop for.

Does Rinsta offer free shipping?

Rinsta is another site like shein to shop from. They offer free shipping for orders over $69.99. Also, you can choose to opt for standard or express shipping.

Rinsta Stores does not ship to all countries. However, if you can ship your items to US or UK and then to your preferred country. So, you can shop from this brand to your destination without any hassle.

Rinsta haul Review

So, this brand kindly gifted some items to me which I am so in love with. I picked up four clothes that I cannot get over. Below is my review of the items I got and how I styled them.

Cropped vest top

One of my favorite Items I got is these cropped tops. It is super comfy. Plus it is versatile too. You can wear the crop sweat vest with a white shirt and dress pants as workwear. If you’re a working professional, this will be perfect for work. You can read my post 9 work outfit ideas for newbie professionals.

Also, you can wear the vest as a crop top with denim pants or skirts for a more casual look. I prefer to wear this vest as casual wear for running errands or for vacation trips like I did. Click here to shop the below sweater vest crop top from Rinsta.

Rinsta Clothing haul

Peekaboo Dress

One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the subtle cut-outs on the mid-riff and the hips. I prefer cut-outs on the mid-riff than the sides. So, I got a summery lace peekaboo dress from Rinsta.

This dress is super fun and chic. I love the dress fit and style. However, it doesn’t really fit on the shoulder. I wish I have a broader shoulder so it would have been perfect. Also, if your girl is big, it will barely fit in the cups. Thankfully, my girls were just perfect for the cups of the dress.

You can dress up the dress with a pair of heels for a date night outfit idea. Also, this dress is a great option for holiday outfit ideas this season. So, I would recommend this dress for you if you have smaller boobs and broad shoulders for the holidays. Click here to shop this peekaboo dress for holiday parties and dinner dates.

Printed patchwork dress

This dress is my best of the Rinsta haul. I cannot wear get enough wear from it. I wore it on my recent trip. And I got so many stares and compliments.

Also, this dress is super versatile. You can dress it up with heels or down with a pair of sneakers. I love this dress with sneakers. You can a baguette bag for a date night or a tote bag for a casual stroll or running errands. Click here to shop print patchwork mini dress from Rinsta.

Brown Zip dress

So, what really drew me to this dress is the zip details of the dress. It is super chic. You can wear it with a turtle neck top, a shirt, or a bikini as a cover-up. Click here to shop the below zip dress.

I prefer to wear this dress as a coverup for bikinis. Plus I love to go to the beach a lot. So, it is perfect ad a beach outfit too. For more style options for the beach, you can read my post on 5 easy beach coverup outfit ideas. All the items will be linked so you can shop them for your closet. Also, you can click here to watch my vlog of each piece gifted to me from Rinsta.

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