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These Kitchen must haves will definitely make your meal prep easier

One of the things that make my life easier as a mom is meal prepping. I never knew how life-saving this is. Now I am always meal-prepping for the week to make my life easier. This kitchen must haves has been a game changer in my meal prep.

Every lady always struggles with balancing the home with their regular job. So, after the wedding, the next step is being able to tend to the family while taking up a share of the financial responsibilities. My partner and I were prudent to have a frugal wedding. So, we had enough to start off our lives.

Whether you’re working from home or doing a regular job, you need to meal prep. This helps to block off time and stay productive while working from home for example. Also, you can easily take out these meals within the week to take care of your family.

So, Imagine how happy I am to have discovered these kitchen essentials for meal prep. They are made through the process of Silicone overmolding to produce durable Kitchen tools or essentials for home use. Below are the best kitchen must haves you need to make your meal prep a walk in the park.

Kitchen must haves for easy meal prep

When prepping my meals, I always plan for the week. This is because I am always at work during the week and the weekends are my only free time. Also, it basically makes meal-making for the family easy for me. Below are the best kitchen must haves you need right now.

Asides these Silicone containers, this mixer is a life saver, click to shop it for your kitchen.

Silicone storage containers

As stated earlier, I plan my meals weekly. Hence, I cook my meals in bulk and dish them in silicone lunch pack containers. Is silicone meal prep containers safe for use? Yes, they are great.

One of the advantages is that they are heat resistant. So, you can pack the meals as serving per person which you can warm easily in a microwave. How cool is that? Also, it is safe to store your meals and easy to wash with your dishwasher. Silicone storage containers are made from liquid silicone for mold which leaves no odor in your food and is durable.

So, you can meal prep for the week, pack it in silicone meal prep containers, and store it in the freezer for the week.

Kitchen must haves

Food storage bags

Another Kitchen must haves you need for meal prep is food storage bags. This makes it easy for you to store your dry foods. Also, I use them for packing my smoothie recipe as well as salads.

Food storage bags are great because it is hygienic. You can pack your dry foods or salads into food storage bags and store them away for the week.

Storing my smoothie portion in these bags makes it easy for me to take them out and make them without hassle. So, I don’t need to start sorting the types of fruits I need as I have done that during the week. Easy peasy, right?

Best Kitchen must haves

Slushy Cup

You may wonder why I added this as one of the kitchen must-haves you need. This cup is very useful for storing away drinks. Also, you can easily take your drinks directly from this cup.

One of the things I store away in this cup is hot chocolate, Juices, smoothies, etc. For Lazy days, I take out these drinks chilled from my freezer for use without hassle. Now you see why you need a slushy cup in your home. It also comes with a straw for ease of use.

So, if you’re struggling with balancing homemaking with your work, you need these kitchen must haves in your home.

Kitchen must haves for new home

Feel free to leave a comment if you try out any of these Kitchen must haves. How is benefitting your home?

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