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MyUS shipping company: My terrible experience and honest review


Most of us love to shop from online shops or brands that are outside our region. I had put off shopping some lovely designer dupes for so long because of issues with shipping. So, I stumbled upon MyUS Shipping company. Although some brands like CHICME, SHEIN, amazon, etc., ships to any where in the world. On the other hand the shipping to Nigeria from Amazon or shein (for some selected items) can be so expensive.

So, in other to reduce the cost of shipping to Nigeria, I had to use this alternative. MyUS shipping promote their brand as a solution provider for your shopping for international brands and offer the cheapest rate there is. I was happy to try them out. This will be allow me shop from anywhere to USA then Nigeria with little hassle. So, here is my personal experience or review of MyUS shipping company.

Honest review of MyUS shipping

What you need know before using MyUS shipping company

MyUS shipping is a US based shipping and logistics company. You can ship from US to any country of your choice. So, for Nigerians you can shop from US stores using their US shipping address. To register, you need to sign up and choose a plan. Since I have no experience their service, I opted for the free plan.

I was assigned a suite number, US shipping address and US mobile to use for check out on stores. So, to my dismay on receipt of my first order, I was charged about $20 as penalty because my suite number was not indicated on my parcel. Like what? How is that my own fault? .

The sad part was the customer service agent that spoke to me was insisting that it was my fault. They went ahead to advise me to get the refund of this charge from the seller for the error. I was so surprised. How do you go back to a seller for refund for an error in package label?

Shipping cost to Nigeria

The essence of using another shipping company like MyUs shipping was to reduce the cost of shipping. So, instead of paying so much to shop online on international site, you opt to ship to US then Nigeria. Also, most international fashion brands offer free shipping to US.

All you have to do is to bear the cost of shipping to Nigeria. So, I chose standard shipping which is the cheapest available option. The total items that i shipped from them was 5 mini bags weighing 4 lbs. I paid about $25 to ship these bags to Nigeria. This is fare charge if I wasn’t charged for error in parcel label.

Custom duties and taxes

I have always shopped from international brands but i have never paid for custom duty or taxes. MyUS shipping value my items that $87 for customs duty. Initially, i felt it was just for documentation purposes until my parcel arrived in Nigeria.

I got a mail from a brand Fortune global shipping issuing another invoice for customs duty and taxes. This is to cost me another $45 to plus a handling fee of N2500 to be paid to get my package. First, I wondered how my parcel got into their hands. Also, why do I have to be charged another fee added to my shipping fees?

MyUS Shipping Alternatives

MyUS shipping only ships your packages to Nigeria and any other charges like customs duties and taxes are borne by the individual? Like OMG!, why didn’t they inform me as a first time user? The total amount paid to ship my item worth $66 was $70.

The cost of shipping in total was above the actual cost of item. This totally defeats my aim of opting for cheap shipping option with MyUS shipping. So, in my opinion MyUS shipping is very expensive even if you opt for the lowest shipping option.

Moreover, they charge custom duty for almost items like textile , bags , etc. So, if you love to shop for fashion items from international brands, I would not recommend MyUS shipping. If you’re new to online shopping, check out my post on how to shop for fashionable pieces online: pros and cons.

An alternative to MyUS shipping that will not cost an arm and a leg is HOR logistics. This is perfect for Nigerians to ship their items from abroad. I would recommend this brand as it is my go to brand.

What other shipping brands have you used to ship items from an international brand to your country? Feel free to recommend in the comment.

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