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How to shop for fashionable pieces online: pros and cons

Online shopping is a very convenient way to shop for fashionable items these days. You can shop online for anything both locally and internationally. So, no one can rub it in that their outfits are from overseas. Who cares when I can bring the USA or UK to me by a click on the internet. Online shopping for fashionable goods has its own upside and flip side. Sometimes you’re wowed, other times you’re disappointed. So, for those of us who have our reservations on shopping online or don’t know how to go about it. I will be sharing some tips on how to shop for fashionable pieces online. Some of these tips are also applicable to other items that you won’t purchase online.

Read product description

I am always so excited to shop items on my bucket list for the longest time that I spot online. Due to this excitement, I overlook the part that describes the product. This mistake has cost me some penny from online shopping. I have a camera which I am unable to use to date because I didn’t read the product description. You know that situation where you anticipate that you will shoot dope pictures with your new camera. Then the camera turned out to be a set for CCTV. What do I need CCTV camera for as a blogger? I don’t own a shop nor do I want to snoop around my own home. lol.

Always ensure you read the product description when shopping for fashionable items. Sometimes the picture of the clothing number may be a two-piece set but the price quoted is either for the top or bottom only. In the product, the seller will spell it clearly to shoppers. Also, other useful information is stated in the description so as guide shoppers on the item. So, in other to shop online, read product descriptions to be sure that it fits what you want.

Shoppers reviews

Another tip on how to shop fashionable pieces online is to read shoppers’ reviews. Avoid shopping from online fashion brands that do not allow product reviews. Product reviews will help you make good decisions when shopping online. It is important to read shoppers’ feedback on the product especially sites that host, multiple sellers. This will enable you to shop for brands that have good reviews and avoid brands that have bad reviews. Online shopping comes with its own hits and misses for fashionable items. I have shopped a mini bag from shein which got bad a few weeks after usage. This would have been avoided if I had read shoppers’ reviews for that particular product.

Shipping, refund and return policy

For local online website, shipping fee is quite reasonably charge or affordable. On the other hand, It can be quite expensive to ship items from countries aside your home country. It is even more expensive to ship to Nigeria factoring the dollar exchange rate. So, another tip on how to shop online is to look out for sites that offer free shipping. There are an assortment of online fashion brands that offer free shipping on whatever you shop. Some brands offer free shipping when you shop a certain threshold on their site. From my own personal experience, I have paid for shipping fee worth more than the actual price of items on my cart. Some website sell their products at huge discounts but you pay through your nose to ship your purchase to your country. So, a brand may sell cheap items but it doesn’t mean shopping will be cheap.

Always read the brand’s refund and return policies before proceeding to shop on a site. There are times you may need to return items shopped for several reasons. It could be because the product Some website make it difficult or impossible to get a refund. I have heard stories of online shoppers who are unable to get refunds because they didn’t meet the deadline get refunds. So, being conversant of the policies guiding refunds and return is of essence before shopping on any site.

Review the Size chart

There is nothing more painful than shopping for the wrong size of clothing or shoe. This is one mistake that shoppers make while shopping online. Unlike in-store, you can actually try on the clothes or shoes for fit. I had once made a purchase of a dress that was 4X my size. Like really. I wasn’t familiar with size charts on websites or the difference between a US or UK size chart. I had to give out the dress to a friend who can wear the outfit. So, one tip to put in mind when shopping for clothes or shoes is to familiarize yourself with the size charts. This will enable to know if that outfit will turn out to be just right for you. This also applies to other items you want to shop online.

The above tips on how to shop fashionable items will enable you to shop online like a pro. This is not to say that there will be not hit or miss. If you’re looking for where to shop for the affordable fashionable products, here are 5 fashion brands to shop affordable fashion pieces for your closet.

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  1. jay

    Online shopping has many advantages like we can buy anything from our comfort, Select the design, Color. In online we can buy exact items even after months.
    The main pros of offline shopping are that We can touch the product, We can feel it, We can try it. We got real feeling that we buy something.

  2. wapholiday

    this article is wonderful, the writter blowed my mind honestly. keep up nice work

  3. Cam

    Reviews are huge for me. Half the time I pick my size based off of reviews versus the size chart.

    1. enimhienomo

      Reviews are very important because it helps you get the best items especially on site with multiple sellers like Ali express, Shein, etc

  4. Serena Cooper

    So many people don’t remember these things – thanks for the reminders!

  5. Elora Lipio

    This article is beautiful. Thank you for sharing x

  6. Kennedy

    Great tips for shopping! Reading product reviews is the biggest thing for me, especially when there are customer photos and I can see the product!

    1. enimhienomo

      sure. Customers photos help know if the seller is a good one

  7. Becky

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I love reading reviews as well – makes the biggest difference!

  8. Faye

    I’m definitely more of an in-store shopper but I do love online shopping when there are sales on. Checking the product description is so important – I feel like you can get a really great sense for the quality of the piece when you read it 🙂 x

  9. rasi gupta

    Great post!
    I am ABSOLUTELY an online shopper! I am a fan of how comfortable and easy it is! I always go for free and easy returns sites to make it smooth and seamless.

  10. Sandra Joseph

    I love shopping online and all these tips help make my experience worth it!!!

  11. Whereas a benefit, online shopping gives us the flexibility to go through a vast collection of products, which helps us to focus only on our area of interest for real. Where on the other hand, a big con for me personally is when it comes to online shopping for fashion-related products, we miss out the chance to feel the quality of produce, product size can also differ from the shown chart size, as well as refund or return policy is not so friendly for all online shopping sites, so my final verdict would be, do online shopping, but be sured of the site you are purchasing from and product quality by checking out reviews or after getting proper references from whoever purchased the product earlier.

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