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Best cheap online clothing store: YesStyle Reviews

YesStyle Reviews: Is it Legit or Scam?

The key to having a great wardrobe is to shop for pieces that will make dressing up easy. You need to shop for classics for your closet. Classics are essentials you need like tee-shirt, button up shirts, Denim pants, Bodysuits , blouses etc. Also, you need to shop for Trendy fashion pieces for your closet. However, you don’t want to shop for fashion pieces at the detriment of your basic needs or bills. Me too. I recently shopped from Yesstyle online clothing stores. This brand is an one of the best cheap online clothing store you need to know. So, if you need brand to shop for basics for your closet, opt to shop from Yesstyle. You can also use my discount code: STYLEZ20 for 5% your order. ( This is at no cost to you) .Here I will be sharing my review and all you need to know about shopping from this online clothing store.

Best cheap online clothing store for Women: YesStyle

YesStyle is a online clothing store based in Asia. They sell online clothing for all categories, men, women, and children. Also, they sell lifestyle product for skincare, as well as home wares.

I love this brand because their clothing section mostly for everyday wears. So, if you’re looking for where you can buy good clothes for cheap prices, opt for YesStyle. Also, it is one of the best cheap online clothing store you need to know.

Their website is quite easy to navigate. You can type into the search box for what you want. Also, you can use the categories to search for what you want. For example you search for clothes for women etc. I love the travel accessories from this brand. You can shop for luggage’s, travel bags, backpack or organizers all on a budget. So, if you’re looking for an online shopping store for Travel essentials. You can also read my post on 15 travel essentials every woman needs.

YesStyle Dresses

I recently shopped for a shirt dress from Yesstyle. I am so in love with this dress. However, the dress was quite over sized for me. (I am size small). Also, I didn’t pay attention to the size chart to order an extra small. So, if you want to shop from Yesstyle read the size chart for your measurement.

I love this shirt dress as it a versatile fashion piece to own. You can wear it as a jacket over a denim or a dress. Also, you wear the shirt dress alone on its own. Another use of a shirt is as an alternative for bikinis. You can wear a shirt as a jacket, bandeau top and shorts as a beach outfit. For other ways on how to wear shirt dress, click here.

You can dress up a shirt dress as a work outfit. Also, you can dress it down with sneakers for a casual day out. If you need an affordable shirt dress, opt to shop it from YesStyle. You can click here to shop my shirt dress from YesStyle. For 5% off your cart, use my discount code: Stylez20.

As a YesStyle Influencer, I also got a red lipstick from for free. All their influencers are frequently gifted products from brands for review. So, if you’re a fashion or Lifestyle influencer, lookout for opportunities to get free items for review. P.S: All free products gotten must be promoted on your social media.

Lipstick from YesStyle
YesStyle Shipping+ Customer Service

YesStyle online clothing store website is very easy to use. You can order product from any categories and check out with Paypal or your debit card. YesStyle ships to all countries except some African countries inclusive of Nigeria. So, if you’re in Nigeria, you can only ship to US or UK. You can read my post on how to shop from US or UK and ship to Nigeria.

Their customer service is okay. They respond promptly to all inquiries. Also, you will get a tracking code to track your order status. Delivery takes about 3-5 working days in USA. So, if you live in USA, you will get your order faster. YesStyle also offers express shipping for all orders. You can enjoy free express shipping of your orders about $59.

Best cheap online clothing store:YesStyle Reviews

Click here to shop from YesStyle.

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