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Best summer swimwear trends for 2021

Summer is that time of the year that we all look forward to. I am super excited that we are able to go out again. ( Thanks to the vaccines, have you taken yours?). There are so many places I want to cross off my bucket list. However, vacations is incomplete without a visit to the beach or a swim in a luxury hotel. It is now time to pull out our swimwear or shop for new ones. If you’re you need to shop for new swimwear, I am sure you would want to go for what’s on trend this year. So, in this post I will be sharing the best summer swimwear options you need in 2021. My best being the Tie-dye bikini options. I know this trend started last year but it is still in for 2021. You can read my post 5 easy beach coverups for a modest look.

Tie-dye Bikini set

Tie-dye bikinis are in for me this year. I love it a lot. There are so many options you can choose from with different patterns. I love tie-dye prints on bikinis because each design is unique. So, if you need a stand out bikini for your beach hangout opt for tie-dye prints.

There are so many options for tie-dye prints to choose from. You can opt for a tie-dye tankini so you can get as much use from your swimwear. Also, you can opt for other variations like the halter tie-dye bikini or high waisted bikinis.


Animal prints Bikini sets

Another of the top best summer swimwear trend you need to add to your closet is animal prints bikini sets. Animal prints bikini sets are in for summer 2021. This option of bikini sets is all over Instagram as the ladies options.

Animal prints are a classic. So, opting for a animal print bikini sets is one the best choice. This style is always on trend. So, if you’re looking for a style that will keep on trend each year, opt for Animal prints bikinis. You can opt for a subtle cheetah prints or Zebra prints for your summer swimwear.

Bandeau top bikini sets

Another the best summer swimwear trends you need to know is the bandeau top bikini sets. Bandeau styles are super fun. I love this unique style for a full coverage of the boobs.

Bandeau tops in a swimwear is modest. This is because it gives your boobs coverage. Also, you can wear the bandeau top with other outfits for summer. You can wear the top with denim shorts and a jacket. Also, you can wear it for a casual outfit on pants and kimonos. So, I love this option for its versatlity.

We all know that I am all about getting as much use for fashion hauls. I am a serial repeater of my outfit. So, naturally I love this option of swimwear.

Cut-out on swimwear

This year’s trend is all about the cut-out. We have all been indoor for the better part of 2020 into the early part of 2021. Finally, we able to go out to have fun again. So, it time to show off some skin. The cut-out on swimwear are subtle like the key hole cut-out. I am also in for cut-out details on one-piece at the sides.

If you’d love to show off some skin in subtle way, opt for this swimwear option. I love this swimwear options for a date at the pool. Also, if you are on vacation and want to get attention, opt for this swimwear trend.


High waisted Bikini sets

High waisted bikini set is a great alternative for the usual thongs that comes with bikini sets. I love this trend because it very comfy at the bottom. The focus of high waisted bikinis is the bottoms.

Also, it gives the bottom full coverage. So, if you can wear it without thinking about showing too much butt cheeks. Although, this is a trends for summer 2021. It is not suitable for everyone. This is because, it draws more attention to your legs & thighs. So, if you are no so confident about those areas of your body, this is not for you.

Of course, I support body positivity. However, you want to wear an outfit that you’re not so confident in. I love the high waisted trend a lot. I would recommend it for you if you want to wear bikinis bottoms that are not thongs. With the high waisted bottoms, I don’t have to worry about beach coverups. You can shop for high waisted bikini bottoms on Zaful.

I love to recommend Zaful a lot. It is an online fashion brand that offers trendy swimwear pieces. So, if you need a brand to shop trendy swimwear, check out Zaful. I also love this brand because the options are very affordable. You cam shop a full swimwear set for as low $11.

Zaful ships to a lot of countries. However, they do not ship to Nigeria. So, if you want to shop for Zaful swimwear from Nigeria, you can ship your orders to US. You can then ship it from US to Nigeria using HOR logistics. I use this brand a lot to ship from US to Nigeria with ease. You can read my post on how to shop from US and ship to Nigeria without hassle. Use my exclusive coupon code: HJDW at check out to get 17% off your order site wide. This code is at no extra charge to you but will save you some cash as a reader on my blog.


Subtle tie detail swimwear

This year, the subtle tie detail swimwear is making hits. I love these bikini sets with extra ropes to allow you tie them to your taste.

I call a subtle tie detail because you get to choose how you want it. This type of swimwear pull the focus on your shape. So, if you’re looking for a flexible style to emphasize your hour glass shape, opt for swimwear with subtle tie details. All you have to do is to wrap the extra ropes around you and tie it as you want. You can shop for this type of swimwear trends for 2021 on Zaful. This is one my best summer swimwear options for 2021.


Multi use tops swimwear

Another best swimwear trends I am so excited about this year is the Multi use top swimwear sets. We all know we have been through trying times. So, the average consumer do not have a lot disposable income for shopping.

The swimwear options is suitable for you if you are seeking for multi use options. Many swimwear brands have made normal tops to go with out bikinis.

This tops are so welcome. Brands like Zaful have options with in 3-piece sets. A bikini bottom, bra and a top. This you can wear together for a modest look to the beach or for a swim. Also, the tops are made like normal outfits. You can wear the tops with your skirts or pants. Like I stated earlier, I am all in for versatile fashion pieces for my closet. So, I recommend this opt if you are looking to shop on a budget for your closet.


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