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5 Best Handbags for women that are Tiktok viral to buy right now

A handbag is one of my best fashion accessories. There is a myth I heard in my recent travels that women’s clothes rarely have pockets. The idea is to make us buy more handbags. That is not true. Handbags are a very useful accessory to own. So, here are the best handbags for women to buy right now according to Tiktok influencers.

You can wear handbags to work, play, party, beach, etc. Since we are free to around more this year. These handbags for women range from the best tote handbags to designer dupes as well as mini bags you need.

Handbags are a must-have accessory to elevate your looks. You can dress your look with classic or trendy handbags for women. Handbags are my greatest obsession in fashion. I love all types of handbags. My Favorite is Tote handbags. This is because it is the most practical handbag to own.

Another of the best handbags for women is a beach bag. This will go well with your beach outfits. Although, you can wear your regular bags for the beach. However, a beach handbag is perfect for great Instagram pictures. You can also read my post on instagrammable places you can visit on a budget.

Tote Handbags for women

Are tote bags in style in 2022? Tote bags are practical handbags that are always trendy. Of course, you need tote bags in 2022. It is one of my best handbag trends this year.

Tote bags are perfect to wear to work or casual outings. I love tote bags because they can carry a lot of things. So, if you’re like me, shop for tote bags for your closet.

Handbags for women

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Raffia handbags

Another of the 5 best handbag trends in 2021 you need to shop for is raffia handbags. Raffia handbags are always on trend for summer. So, if you need beach bags, opt for raffia handbags.

You can style raffia handbags for the beach or as picnic bags. So, if you’re looking to shop beach bags in 2021, shop raffia bags. You can also wear raffia bags with your casual outing. There are several assortments of raffia bags you can buy.

Viral handbags for women

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Chain link Handbags

A very popular handbag trend common among designer brands is the chain link handbags. Designers like Bottega Veneta made these types of bags since last year. These types of bags are still a hit this year.

I love the chain link handbags. However, I opted for a designer lookalike option. These are designer alternatives that are very affordable.

I love chain-link handbags. You can wear it to work or for a casual outing. Also, you can wear it as a handbag or a cross-body bag. I love the wear such bags as cross-body. It makes my hands free and reduces the risk of theft.

Best handbags for women

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Mini shoulder bags

Another of the handbag trends in 2021 you need in your closet is a shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are so famous. It is like everybody and their grandma own one. Except for me lol. ( I gave us my shoulder bag).

Shoulder bags are super chic and classy. You can style them with casual clothes or work wear. Many popular influencers that I follow love shoulder bags. So, you see why you need one this year. Shoulder bags are super versatile and easy to style.

Can a crossbody bag be used as a shoulder bag? Or how do you turn a cross-body bag into a shoulder bag? Yes, you can wear your crossbody bags as shoulder bags. All you need to do is to reduce the straps. You can reduce the straps as much as you want to achieve a shoulder bag look. So, if you’re not looking to shop for shoulder bags, use this style hack for your crossbody bag. You can also read my post on other style hacks every woman should know in 2021.

Hottest handbags for women 2023

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Pouch handbags

The pouch handbag is another stylish bag inspired by Bottega. His bags are just the latest It girl bags to own. However, not everyone can afford designer bags. Although they can be a great investment and of course statement pieces.

I love this pouch bag. So, I would recommend this bag to anyone. Moreover, it is one of the best handbag trends in 2021.

latest handbags for women 2023

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