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Nigerian fashion brands to know: Allsheneeds

Mimi Dress from All She Needs

As a lady, there are times where you look into your closet and feel like you need some new items to be added. In other to do this, you can choose to check out some stores to pick up new finds or like me opt for online shopping. For someone like me who loves shopping online-due to my 9-5 job, discovering new affordable fashion sites always gladdens my heart. This especially if the items are trendy, versatile and a Nigerian owned brand. Sometimes, made in Nigerian fashion brands are high-end as well as too pricey. On another hand, shopping from overseas sites is even more frustrating. (the long wait for your item, expensive shipping fee, exchange rate, etc.). One such affordable Nigerian fashion brand i recently shopped from is All she needs.

All She Needs is an online fashion brand with well-curated stylish items. The brand is a one-stop-shop that caters for feminine needs; clothing, accessories, jewelry, etc. Their website is simple to navigate with items all to die for. I picked up two items from their website which i will review in this post as well as share my experience shopping with this brand.

Shopping with All She Needs

I first came across this brand on the Instagram page of Fashion blogger, thisthingcalledfashion. So I checked out their site, All she needs and I was totally floored. Their fashion items are amazingly beautiful. Navigating through the site was quite easy and well sectioned. As someone who loved to save and plan my shopping, I added two lovely items to my cart as soon as I was ready; A bag and a dress.

Customer Service

Their customer service is very good. One of the items, a mini bag- Eva Bag which I chose in brown went out of stock. The brand gave me a call to pre-inform me and also to know if i would love it in another color which was in stock at the time. This customer service was quite thrilling because some online brands will have switched the color to the available without your consent. (I am living proof of such switches).

Delivery time

The delivery was also fast. I made my order like a day before and i got it the next day as Lagos shopper. The delivery fee is also quite reasonable as i was charged 1,000 naira for both items. You can also get your items delivered free for orders of 30,000 naira and above.

Payment Options

Also, there are two payment options available: pay on their site and on delivery of your items. The payment on delivery is good for those who prefer to see their shopped items. (especially if you want to be sure it fits for clothing before making a payment). I opted for pay on delivery and i wasn’t impressed with the way my bill was issued to me. My bill was written in paper instead of an invoice. For me, the brand can do better than that. But the way they packaged my items was quite beautiful. ( I really love the shopping bag that came with my cart.). So basically my shopping experience with All She needs was good.

Mini Bag (Eva Bag)

Nigerian fashion brands to shop
Shop Eva Mini Bag from All She Needs

I have always wanted to own a mini bag. Because they are chic and lightweight. So I shopped the Eva mini bag from All She needs a site. This bag comes in two sizes; large for those who love space to carry enough stuff in your bag and mini bag-just for the essentials. It is also a very lovely eye-catchy chic handbag – I always get nice compliments rocking it. It goes well all outfits so I don’t have to bother about matching my outfit with my bag.

This bag checks the list of all I look out for in a bag. It is fun or work bag, durable/waterproof i.e. it doesn’t soak up water especially when caught in the rain & quite affordable. It also fits my basic needs; lipstick, pen, note pad, make up, etc. It is a bag suitable for days when you want to carry your basic needs for the day- leaving out the extras.

My review of mini Dress (Mimi Dress) from All she needs

I added a mini dress- Mimi Dress, to my cart from All She Needs. This mini dress is classy and really beautiful. The dress is made from a shiny material. Just every mini dress, it easy to throw as well as style. This dress gives me a whole range of ideas on places to rock it to; a dinner outing with boo, girl’s night out or to an event- to slay the red carpet. The two items I shopped from All She needs makes me gets value for my penny. If I am looking to add new pieces of fashion items to my closet, I will look to All She needs.

Shop Mimi Dress from All she needs

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