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Do you love designers but you can’t afford them? Yeah, me too. I love designers and watch Cassie’s YouTube channel for the designers’ updates. However, the prices of these designers are way above my spending limit now. I know delayed gratification is good. So, I opted to shop designer dupes to save a lot of income. Some fashion brands sell designer alternatives you can shop. One such designer dupes brand is Ego shoes. Ego shoes is a Uk fashion brand that sells quality designer dupe accessories. These dupes are very affordable compared to the original designer brands. So, if you need to shop for cheap designer dupe bags, shoes or hats, shop from Ego shoes. I would recommend Ego shoes as one of the best places to shop designer dupes for your closet.

Ego shoes: Best places to shop designer dupes

As stated earlier, Ego shoes is a UK brand that sells cheap designer dupes alternatives. All the items in stock on this website are 50% off sitewide. They sell the best affordable designer high-quality designer dupes you can get. I recently shopped a Louis Vuitton multi-pochette accessoires. This bag is on-trend this year.

Although we were in panoramic last year, many influencers have this bag. So, I couldn’t help but get mine too. (dupe or not). This bag is a versatile designer dupe bag you need right now.

Ego Shoes: How to shop

Ego shoes website is easy to shop from. So, you can be sure that you can easily get what you want. Also, there is a search box where you can type in what you want.

The website has categories you can access. So, you can just click on bags if that is what you’re interested in. I have always wanted to shop the Louis Vuitton dupe that I got this year. So, I kept it on my wish list until I was able to purchase it. You can also save items you want to shop on your wish list using Shoptagr. (Rebranded now as Karma)

best places to shop designer dupes

Shipping and delivery

Ego shoes ships all their items world wide. So if you’re in Nigeria, you will get your items at the nearest post of office. It took about 3 weeks to 1 month to receive my order. I guess it came to Nigeria earlier. However, due to our postal system there was no notification sent.

I would recommend that you track your international order online to know it status. Ego shoes provides tracking number immediately your order is processed. So, you can easily track it to know where it is. Normally I use Nipost international tracker to check my order status. This will tell me if my order has arrived Nigeria.

All I have to do visit the post office to confirm with the tracking number. Shipping is faster for regions closer to the UK.

Designer dupe Alternatives: Louis Vuitton Multi-pochette accessoires

My best designer dupe bag so far is this LV dupes from Ego shoes. I love it because you can wear it for work or casual outing. Also, you can wear the bag together as a set or separately. I will share some pictures of how I wore this designer dupe bag.

The bag comes in a set of 2 bags. You can wear the 2 bags together. Also, you can opt to wear either of the two bags. I prefer to wear the 2 bags together. This is because the bag is can only contain essentials. So, I can add my essentials in both bags.

I also love this bag because it has two bag handles. So, you can wear it with its coin bag as a cross-body bag. Also, you can take off the large strap and wear it as a shoulder bag with its chain strap.

So, If you’re looking for where to shop designer lookalike or designer inspired accessories, opt to shop from Ego shoes. There are other fast fashion brands you get cheap designer dupes for your clothes. These include Amazon, Etsy, etc. You can also read my post on other places to shop designer alternatives for your closet. I hope you love this type of post on where to get designer dupes. Feel free to comment on other places you want me to check for designer dupes that you know.

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