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Easy color blocking outfit ideas to try out in 2022

Color-blocking outfit ideas are always a thing I wanted to try out. Although this fashion style is quite bold. Also, it is quite new to me yet I love this style. My only challenge is how do you color block without looking frumpy? I have tried my hands on color blocking lately. So, here are some easy color blocking outfit ideas you to try out as a beginner.

These color block ideas are super easy to style. Also, you don’t need to be an expert at this to pull these looks off. All you need is to match colors and do color blocks with outfits from your closet. Also, you check out my post on style hacks every woman needs to know to maximize your closet.

Break up the color block with neutrals

For someone who is new to wearing bold colors, you need to test the waters gradually. One of such ways to wear color blocks without being too bold is to break up the color block with neutrals. It is one of the easy color blocking outfit ideas to pull off effortlessly.

For example, you can wear a neon green top with a grey skirt and complete the color block with pink sneakers. So, you get to color your outfit with your accessories without doing too much.

This method I would recommend for someone who is new to color blocking. So, you get to color block in subtle yet chic ways.

Also, you can color block two colors and complete the looks with neutral accessories like black bags or white sneakers.

Easy Color blocking outfit ideas

Color block with monochrome

Monochrome looks are one of the easiest ways to make a statement without doing so much. For the color block effect wear monochrome colors of the same color in different shades.

For example, you can go for an all-green monochrome look color blocking Neon green top with a dark green skirt and beret. This is also another easy way to color block without being too bold.

Also, you can choose to go with an all-pink color block. You can wear a baby pink bodysuit with a pink print skirt and Coral pink heels. This is a perfect way to pull off monochrome and color block look effortlessly.

Color block matching complementary colors

Back in school, I rarely knew what complementary or supplementary colors were. I never really understood that part. Anyway, the color wheel is sure to rescue you if you’re like me.

The color blocking wheel is very accessible on the internet. Check out this wheel to see colors that are complementary that you can color block. For example, you can color block red and pink. These colors are of the same family. So, you can easily wear them together. Also, you can color block green and blue too.

So, if you’re just trying out your hands on color blocking, do well to check the color wheel for colors that complement each other.

Color blocking outfits for ladies

Style neon colors together

Yes, I know that the craze of Neon may seem like it’s dying. However, with y2k fashion taking the new year by storm, neon colors are still in. You can click here to read my post on how to wear y2k fashion and the best place to shop.

You can color block neon yellow and Neon green together. This goes well together as they complement each other. This is an easy color blocking outfit idea you need to try out.

Easy Color blocking outfit ideas: Opt for color block outfits

One of the easy color blocking outfit ideas is to shop for color-block outfits. You can wear a color block dress and complete the look with a pair of sneakers with colors matching any color from the color block dress.

This is an easy way to color block effortlessly. You can also opt for color block tops or skirts to pull off this look. This method takes less time to pull. You need not refer to the color wheel to pull off this look.

So, if you’re new to color blocking, I would recommend shopping for pieces that are already color block for your closet. Click here to shop the below color block dress from Zaful.

Rainbow Knit Split Hem Midi Slinky Dress -

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