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Guide to buying the most comfortable heels for women perfect for you


Heels are a must-have for your fashion closet. Although, many of us shy away from wearing heels because of comfort. Me too, I’ll rather wear flats or sneakers than opt for heels. How do I buy the most comfortable heels for women in 2023? Where can I buy the best heels for women?

There are several types of heels to choose from depending on your level of comfort from as low as a few inches to sky-high heels. Heels have so much use, you can wear them for work, casual outings, date night or girl’s night out, etc.

This guide to buying the most comfortable heels for women plus a few best picks will come in handy for you. So, if you’re looking to start wearing heels or get back in the game, these tips will help guide you to make the right choice.

Guide to buying the most comfortable heels for women

Heels are a super stylish accessory you need in your closet. However, there are so many things to consider in order to buy the most comfortable heels for women for yourself. Also, there are two ways you can shop for heels for your closet; in-store or online.

In-store shopping for heels may be the most practical especially if you don’t have your shoe size. So, you can have a look at the options available in the store and try them out to see if it fits. You can also measure your feet to know your shoe size at a shoe store.

However, the cons are that you may not find what you want in a particular store. Also, price comparison may be impossible as some stores may sell the same brand higher or cheaper based on their own markup.

The second option which is online shopping for heels is how I do all my shopping for my fashion needs. I love the convenience and the options in terms of price and quality. However, this method is not for anyone who doesn’t know their shoe size.

Also, to shop for shoes you need to read the size chart on the website, return policies, and other customer reviews before you hit the checkout button. To get the best deals/ discount, you can add the honey chrome extension on your desktop or app. You can get discounts to use at check out or save items for later for a price drop.

Tips to note before buying heels

A good buy for heels is when you can’t get enough use of them. So, here are some things to know before you buy heels for your closet.

  1. Do not buy heels in the morning: This may sound funny but our feet’ size changes throughout the day. In the mornings, our feet are slimmer unlike later in the day when it is tired and swollen. So, if you’re looking to shop for heels from a store, go later in the day after some of your activities for the day. This will give the perfect fit heel that is suitable for you.
  2. Height of heels: Comfort is all that matters for heels. If you’re unable to walk in such heels, there is no need shopping it. You can shop for a few inches of heel, or opt for kitten heels or sky-high heels. So, make sure you check for the heel height before purchasing.
  3. Choose the right size and fit: This I can’t over-emphasize. Don’t shop for heels that are too tight or bigger than your feet. A perfect-fitting heel makes it easier for you to walk in and style your outfit. I made the mistake of shopping for heels that is a size up which made my feet wobbly in them. I had to return it, thanks to the free return policy.

Types of heels to shop

There are several types of heels you can shop for in your closet. These heels are classified below based on their height and shape. So, if you looking to shop for heels, you need to choose the type you need as below. Some of these heels are perfect for all occasions while others are for some particular occasions. You need a pair of stiletto heels to party and pumps for work for example. Here are the types of heels you need Asap in your collection.

1. Kitten heels

One of the most comfortable heels for women to buy is a pair of Kitten heels. This type of heel is just a few inches high. It is very stylish and chic. You can wear kitten heels for work, or casual outings or pack them as a travel essential for women.

I love to wear kitten heels with maxi skirts or shirt dresses. Also, kittens are perfect for running errands due to their comfort. I will link below some kitten heels for you to shop for.

Most comfortable heels for women
2. Stiletto heels

These types of heels are sky-high heels. They are stylish and make you look polished. Also, if you are looking for heels to add extra high to you, opt for a stiletto. Although they may not be the most comfortable heels to walk in, they have their purpose in your wardrobe. For a work party or a date, wear heels to dress up your outfit.

Most stilettos are within the range of 3-inch heels or 6-inch heels. However, for starters, I would recommend you go for 3-inch heels as the most comfortable heels for women.

Comfortable heels for women

My tip for wearing stiletto heels is to move around with a pair of slides to switch your heels. I do this always. So, after work or a party, change into slides (slippers) to allow your feet to relax after a long day.

Personally, I love strap stilettos because they are chic. You can also shop for stiletto pumps, sandals, etc.

3. Block heels

One of the most comfortable heels for women you need in your closet is a pair of block heels. Anyone can wear block heels without hassle. So, if you are new to heels, you can start off with block heels. They are easy to walk in and style.

One of my favorite ways to wear block heels is with denim pants, pantsuits, or mini dresses. This look is super chic and fun. However, you can wear block heels with any outfit in your closet.

Cute heels for women
4. Pumps

This type of heel is one of my favorites that I would recommend that you own. Especially, for working professionals to wear to work. This type of heel is very stylish and professional. Also, they are easy to walk in with little effort. Asides from work, you can wear pumps for all occasions, work, parties, dates, etc.

Stylish heels for women
5. Sling back heels

Another very comfortable heels for women that is a classic type to add to your collection are slingback. They are chic, sophisticated, and stylish. You can wear slingback heels for work or play. Also, they are super comfy and easy to walk -in with ease.

There are other types of heels you need to add to your closet; like the classic wedge heels popular in the early 2000s, ankle straps, platform heels, mules, etc.

Best most comfortable heels for women

Where to shop for affordable heels?

Now that we know the tips for buying heels and the types you can own, here are some places you can shop for heels. Like I said earlier, I do all of my shopping online inclusive of shoes. This is because I actually know my size for heels or any type of shoe.

So, if you are looking to shop for affordable heels online for your closet, definitely check out everything5pounds, ego shoes Uk or chicme fashion for any type of shoe style for women.

most comfortable heels for women to buy

Comfortable heels for women to buy below

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